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Staɱers reminisce over childhood Halloween disguises Jackie Trujillo

Madeline Peña

You probably remember the weird girl from elementary school. My favorite Halloween costume was when I was four. I re- Her dark brown hair was so frizzy that she wore it in French braids member that the entire year I had or a braided ponytail. You probably thought, “Wow she would make a perfect Dorothy from The Wizard wanted to do my own thing and of Oz.” be independent. Well, it became Yeah that weird girl was me. I such a task that I ended up putwas obsessed with the Wizard of ting together a pretty nifty cosOz and I could quote and sing evtume. And yes, it was all by myery line of the movie. I even had self- I figured I could piece items a birthday party dedicated to this together and present it as a big classic. surprise on Halloween. For two different years I dressed It was a mix between R&B and up as Dorothy for Halloween, once a retro look. It consisted of one when I was three and another time of my mother’s tank tops, my when I was eight. My costume inclothes underneath and a pair of cluded the braids, ruby red slippers sunglasses. I topped off the look and a stuffed Toto dog in a yellow with fluffy, messy hair! As a 90s basket. child, I recall looking into the mirror and thinking I was the coolest The Wizard of Oz is an Amerikid on the block. can Classic. In the past 72 years, Honestly now I think back to it I must’ve looked pretty ridicuvarious children watch this timelous. It’s funny how times changed from then to now. And as I remiless tale. Every girl wants to cart a nisce about that one particular day, the more I’m now tempted to dog in a basket and wear ruby red dress up again with originality. Hey, maybe I’ll restore that costume slippers, I was fortunate enough to idea to its former glory and dress up even crazier this year! With portray her for two years. this holiday in context, anything is possible.

Christy Mahaɲey

Dancing and twirling- isn’t that what every little girl does anyways? Every little girl spins and twirls pretending to be a fairy princess. For me, I wanted to do this every single day. When I was five years old, the ballet studio where I was taking dance put on a production of Alice in Wonderland. That same year, when Halloween came along, I wanted to be a lady bug. However none of the costume stores had a lady bug costume. So naturally, we provided our own which happened to be my ballet costume. As black paper was taped to my back, excitement for trickor-treating grew. But something else grew too. The wind. That just annoyed me. Watching my black paper sweep down the street, I ripped of the rest of the paper, sat down, and cried, right there in the street. When my dad approached me, he just told me to be what I was in the ballet production. With that, I danced down the sidewalks enjoying the rest of the Halloween night.

Paris Walther

The best Halloween costumes are the ones worth repeating two or three years in a row. Among these notable costumes are the omnipresent Disney princesses, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and the classic bed sheet ghost. My timeless costume came complete with a ketchup red cowboy hat that fit snug over my chili bowl haircut. The very worn but beloved black cowboy boots may have endured a little wear and tear over the years, but what was a cowgirl without her dependable boots? As I grew out of diapers, the fabric part of the costume evolved from a toddler jumpsuit to the traditional high waisted jeans and collared shirt. Though the costume was altered over the years, it was my trusty hat and boots that never abandoned me. Sticking it out through the chocolate stains, the sticky fingers, and the mud and grime couldn’t have been easy, but like good friends, they hung in with me until the end. Some Halloween costumes are just worth repeating, ketchup red cowboy hat and all.


Sta ers reminisce over childhood Halloween disguises Jackie Trujillo Madeline Peña TheJournal October2011

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