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Decatur Jaycees

The Decatur Jaycees were chartered in August 1946 with 110 members, all men. Over the years, the Jaycees have operated under the motto of “Leadership Training Through Community Development.” An integral part of our operation has long been the principle of raising money through various projects and putting that money back into our community. Though our organization focuses mainly on supporting local charities, if you look back to our roots you’ll see signs of the Decatur Jaycees’ accomplishments all over the city of Decatur.

•1956 - The Jaycees were

•Sponsoring youth football

•Partner with Habitat for

instrumental in the

and baseball teams


•Purchasing shoes for needy

•Easter party for Families


and Children Experiencing

construction of Ogle Stadium and raised money to build the East stands by selling 5-year season tickets. •1963 - Decatur Jaycees pledged $15,000 to help construct the Chamber of Commerce building.

Separation and volunteer •Sponsoring School Safety Patrols in all Decatur schools •Morgan County Fair

•1971 - A Jaycee pledge of

•Annual golf tournament and

$10,000 was made to build the

haunted house

Decatur Public Library (Wheeler Basin Library).

•Christmas Tree Sale with

support for FACES functions •Cajunfest •Annual Wet Dog Triathlon to benefit Big Brothers Big Sisters •Rock the Vote (planned for August 2010)

proceeds designated to •1975 - With the help of a

provide baskets of food and

$5,000 pledge from the

toys for needy families at

Jaycees, the Salvation Army


building was built on 14th St.

•Riverfest •Decatur Christmas Parade

“I am not bound to win, but I am bound to be true. I am not bound to succeed, but I am bound to live by the light that I have. I must stand with anybody that stands right and stand with him while he is right, and part with him when he goes wrong.” - Abraham Lincoln

In 2009, the Decatur-

for the Chamber to focus

called stagnant at best.

Morgan County Chamber

on for the future. One of

And it was the Chamber’s

of Commerce began a

the areas identified for

task to help identify ways

study in partnership with

Decatur-Morgan County

in which Decatur-Morgan

the City of Decatur and

was the need to attract and

County could be more

the Morgan County

retain employees and

successful in retention

Commission. The hopes

residents under the age of

and recruiting efforts. A

for this study were that it

40. Population growth in

committee was formed

would identify key areas

the under-40 group can be

called “Keeping Our Best

The group grabbed seats in a skybox to watch the Huntsville Stars take on the Birmingham Barons during our May social. Thanks to group transportation from an MCATS bus and great planning by vice president Brian Cook, a good time was had by all in attendance! Our summer socials are already planned, so mark your calendar for June 12 from 10am to 2pm (softball game and family picnic at Decatur High’s softball

Pictured above (front L-R):

(back L-R): Packaging),

please email



party at Andy Thomas’s house in of our socials or to RSVP for an event,



field and Delano Park) and July 10 (pool Decatur). For more information on any

(Big Bob (BPI

Gibson BBQ),

(National (Cook’s Pest Control), (Congressman Aderholt’s Office), (Ala. Dept. Of Rehab Services), (Chamber of Commerce), (Holiday Inn & Suites),

(Cook’s Pest Control) and (Henry Tile)

And Brightest.” Led by Tom

development topics and speakers at no

Counts of 3-GIS, many Decatur

charge. The first event was held May 25

Jaycees were at the table for the

at Calhoun’s Aerospace Training

first meeting. One objective of the

Center with speaker Dr. Larry Little.

group was to form or identify a

More than 20 people attended to learn

group that served the 21-40 de-

more about cultivating relationships at

mographic. After some discus-

home, through friendships and in the

sion, it was decided unanimously

workplace. The next session will

that there was no need to create a

feature Dr. Ron Dulek of the University

group - there was already on in

of Alabama. Dr. Dulek has co-authored

place that served the civic and social needs of our area. The group overwhelmingly decided to support the Decatur Jaycees in our efforts. While the Jaycees meet the civic and social criteria, there seemed to be a need for more professional development within our organization. So with the help of the committee and the Chamber’s resources, we were able to help plan and host 2010 Summer Sympo-

“May’s Symposium with Dr. Larry Little was the perfect launch for the summer professional development and networking series. I thoroughly enjoyed learning how your personality type affects relationships with others, as well as the great food and the opportunity to get to know other young adults in our community. What better event for the Jaycees to co-host than this? - Brian Cook

sium - a series of

six books and published more than 40 journal articles. One of his books, The Elements of Business Writing, was on the Executive Bestseller lists of Houghton-Mifflin, Macmillan, and PrenticeHall publishing companies. A forthcoming seventh book, Who Killed Keyboard?, is scheduled for publication this September. In 2006, the Association for Business Communication selected Ron for its highest research honor, the Kitty O. Locker Award for

three sessions spanning May

Outstanding Research in Business

through July offering professional


Daniel has served as a District Field

the Morgan County District Attorney’s Office.

Representative for Congressman Robert

While there, he tried over 70 cases in district

Aderholt, in the 4th Congressional District,

and juvenile court.

since 2007. He is responsible for handling military related case-work as well as

Daniel is a 1998 graduate of Cornerstone

representing Congressman Aderholt at

Christian School in Decatur. He received his

numerous meetings, hearing, congressional

law degree from the University of Alabama

briefings, and seminars on local, state and

and a Bachelor of Arts degree in history from

federal levels of government.

Birmingham-Southern College.

Before joining Aderholt’s staff, Daniel worked as an Assistant District Attorney in

Jaycees have long been known for going

have to be a parent to volunteer for this

above and beyond the call of duty to help

yearly event - all you need is a little

out in the smallest of ways - to make a

patience and a comfortable pair of

difference in the everyday lives of


others. One of the ways Decatur Jaycees recently made an impact was through

“This was my second year to help out

babysitting. Yes, babysitting.

and it was more rewarding this year than last. You get a chance to see the positive

Families and Children Experiencing

impact Morgan County’s foster parents

Erica is a 2004 graduate of

Separation (FACES) serves foster

have on these kids. They work so hard to

Athens State University and

families in Morgan County. Each year

provide the children with safe and loving

they host a dinner at Burningtree

homes and they deserve every minute of

Country Club in honor of the foster

their special night out,” said Jaycees

2006 to 2008 and held the

parents as a way to give them a night out

president Tiffany Brightwell.

office of secretary in 2007.

without the children. So where do the

Erica is the graphic designer

children stay? In the capable hands of

To learn more about FACES, please visit

volunteers like Jaycees Tiffany

them online at

Brightwell, Stacey Puckett, Christy

joined the Jaycees in 2005. She served as the children’s area chairperson for Riverfest from

for Southern Printing. She will marry fiance Josh Byars this month and they will reside in Moulton with their daughter

Richardson and Juli Sivley! You don’t


Decatur Jaycees P.O. Box 1026 Decatur, AL 35602

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3029 Highway 31 SE • Decatur, Alabama 35603 Phone: 341-5858 • Fax: 341-5810 Bring this newsletter in for 10% OFF your next order!


•Rock the Vote (planned for August 2010) •1956 - The Jaycees were instrumental in the construction of Ogle Stadium and raised money to build...

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