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The Six 2013 Volkswagen Cars That Are Changing the World If you love Volkswagen cars, here’s an overview of six models from the 2013 line. Volkswagen Passat: Made in America since the 2012 model year, the Passat has been a hit with buyers ever since. The Passat is wider and long and big but not bulky. The cabin has a horizontal layout (similar to the Volkswagen cars of the 1980s), and is about the size of a Nissan Altima or Subaru Legacy. Its five-cylinder engine delivers 170 horsepower. Volkswagen Beetle: New this year is a convertible option, as well as the choice to choose gas or diesel, manual or automatic, as well as an optional navigation system. The 2013 model showcases some retro design influences and has good diesel fuel economy. One flaw is the fact that the folded backseat doesn’t lie flat with the cargo floor. Volkswagen Jetta: The 2013 line offers a hybrid model. In addition, this year’s Jetta offers more room for passengers in the back seat. The compact has a clean look but the cabin is trimmed in hard plastic in most versions. The base model offers a four-cylinder engine with 115 horsepower, while the 170 horsepower five-cylinder model has competitive acceleration. Gas mileage, however, is below what it could be for its class. The trunk has large interior storage, as well. Volkswagen CC: This year’s model is pretty much unchanged since its debut in 2009, although the 2013 CC is slightly more modern than in years past. It has a new three-bar chrome grille (similar to the Passat’s) and has bixenon headlights, as well as standard LED daytime running lights (on all but the base Sport models). The CC’s rear has been restyled and now includes standard LED taillights that illuminate in the “CC” shape. There also is a center-seating position in the rear seat, complete with seatbelt. The CC offers four- or sixcylinder engines. Volkswagen Golf: The popular hatchback still sells well (it debuted in 1974). Its dashboard offers a well-proportioned steering wheel, very easy-to-see instruments, soft-touch plastic surfaces and damped switchgear. There’s an optional eight-inch color monitor that holds VW’s most recent entertainment and navigation system, including the latest in Internet connectivity. The 2013 model also has an improved multi-collision brake system, one that automatically brakes the car when it’s involved in an accident. Volkswagen GTI: This year’s GTI has a strong engine and sharp handling, with spacious seats in both the front and back and a good amount of cargo room. The GTI comes in twoand four-door models with a turbocharged four-cylinder engine. A manual transmission is standard (although a dual-clutch automatic transmission is available). A navigation system and touch-screen stereo are available as upgrades.

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The Six 2013 Volkswagen Cars That Are Changing the World  

If you love Volkswagen cars, here’s an overview of...

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