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Summer           2012  

Summer Break

Do you  know  that  summer  vacation   lasts  for  almost  3  months  this  year?   That’s  ¼  of  the  calendar  year  and  way   too  long  to  stop  learning!  How  can  you   keep  your  brain  growing?  Ask   questions!  Really,  asking  a  question   means  you  want  to  know  more  about   something,  which  means  you  want  to   learn.  Yeah  you,  you  want  to  learn!  So,   next  time  you  ask  a  question,  take  a   few  minutes  to  think  about  it;  it  may  be   the  start  of  a  new  interest  and  a  new   reason  to  learn!      

Summer Connection Ideas

Attached is  your  Summer  Connections   Game  Board,  filled  with  ideas  for  staying   connected  to  learning  throughout  the   summer.  Accomplish  40  of  the  45   squares  (the  blanks  are  for  your  ideas),   bring  in  your  parent  signed  sheet,  and   take  part  in  our  September  Celebration   with  a  bagel  breakfast  in  the  library!  

Summer Reading Suggestions

     Truthfully,  it’s  not  easy  putting  together    a  suggested  summer  reading  list.  There   are  way  too  many  great  books  out  there   and  way  too  many  differing  tastes  and     opinions.  Plus,  summer  reading  is  all     about  free  choice.  I  think  that  the  best   way  to  find  out  about  a  good  book  is  to   ask  a  friend  who  likes  to  read,  so  with   that  thought  in  mind,  we  put  together  a   list  of  books  suggested  by  Lounsberry   students.  I  hope  one  of  the  books  listed   on  the  back  of  this  page  or  any  book  that   you  choose  to  read  this  summer  allows   you  to  feel  the  way  you  feel  like  feeling!   Phew,  that’s  a  mouthful!  

Summer Book Borrowing A book  sitting  on  a  shelf  isn’t  being  read,  which  isn’t  helping   anyone!  So,  we  decided  to  get  those  books  off  the  shelves  and   into  your  hands,  by  extending  your  borrowing  privileges   throughout  the  summer.    Please  find  a  form  for  summer  book   borrowing  attached.    Return  ASAP  since  the  end  of  the  school   year  is  any  day  now!

Summer Connections Game Board FAQ Where are  Brain  Games?  Find  these  on  the  Brain  Games  Page   on  Lounsberry  Library’s  website  (   What  is  Drop  Everything  and  Read?  A  time  set  aside  where  a   group  of  people  stop  whatever  they  are  doing  and  read  for  an   established  period  of  time.   What  is  the  Summer  Reading/Writing  Edmodo  Page  and  how   do  I  access  it?  Edmodo  is  a  private  sharing  platform.  Follow   the  link  on  the  front  page  of  the  Lounsberry  Library  website.   Enter  your  ID  and  password  and  Join  group  code  w40qwm.   Make  sure  to  read  directions!   Why  have  someone  take  my  picture  reading  and  what  should  I   do  with  the  picture?  We  will  be  decorating  the  front  bulletin   board  in  September  with  your  pictures!  So,  print  out  a  large   color  copy,  regular  printer  paper  is  fine,  and  bring  it  in  during   the  first  week  of  school!     Where  do  I  find  a  “Great  Book”  bookmark?    One  is  attached  to   this  packet  and  more  can  be  printed  from  the  Summer   Connections  Page  on  Lounsberry  Library’s  website.    These   bookmarks  will  be  placed  in  the  corresponding  books  so  that   others  can  read  your  recommendation.   Where  do  I  find  Country  Reports?  On  Lounsberry’s  Library   website  under  the  Resources  tab  on  the  Databases  page.  The   sign  In  for  Country  Reports  is  User  Name:  lhms  PW:  vernon   What  are  the  blanks  for?  These  are  for  you  to  fill  in  with  your   own  personal  Summer  Learning  Connections!   What’s  the  Uncommon  Blog?  It’s  a  library  blog  meant  to   engage  discussion.  It  can  be  linked  to  from  the  front  page  of   the  library’s  website.  Blog  commenting  rules  and  suggestions   can  be  found  here   Where  do  I  find  Summer  Reading  Programs?  On  the  back  of   this  page!   What’s  Tumblereadables?  E-­‐books  that  read  to  you,  accessed   from  a  link  on  the  library  website’s  homepage.       Other  Questions?  E-­‐mail  Mrs.  Schiano  at      

Student Reading Suggestions To find  detailed  book  information  go  to  Lounsberry’s  Library  Website,  click  on  Destiny,  Click  on  Lounsberry   Hollow,  enter  book  or  series  title  in  Find  box,  click  on  book  title,  click  on  TitlePeek.    

Favorite Series  Books   Hunger  Games  Trilogy,  Suzanne  Collins  (May  be  best  for  6th  graders,  Distopian)     Inheritance,  Christopher  Paolini   The  Secrets  of  the  Immortal  Nicholas  Flamel,  Michael  Scott   Percy  Jackson,  Rick  Riordan   Ranger’s  Apprentice  John  Flanagan  (Fantasy)   Fablehaven,  Brandon  Mull  (Fantasy)     Lounsberry’s  e-­‐books  are  available   39  Clues,  various  authors   all  summer!  Click  on  above  Icon  on   The  Books  of  Ember,  Jeanne  DuPrau  (Fantasy)   Library  website’s  home  page.  Enter   Last  Survivor’s  Trilogy,  Susan  Beth  Pfeffer  (Science  Fiction)   ID  Number  &  Birthday  to  sign  in.  If   Alex  Rider,  Anthony  Horowitz  (Adventure)   you’d  like  to  read  book,  Check  out   Warriors,  Erin  Hunter     Online.  Remember  to  close  book   General  Fiction   when  finished  reading!   The  Summer  of  May,  Cecelia  Galante     Wednesday  Wars,  Gary  Schmidt     Slob,  Ellen  Potter     Out  of  My  Mind,  Sharon  Draper     Other Ideas for Finding Great Because  of  Mr.  Terupt,  Rob  Buyea   Summer Reads 11  Birthdays,  Finally  and  13  Gifts,  Wendy  Mass   Close  to  Famous,  Joan  Bauer   • Destiny  Book  Recommendations   Wonder,  R.  J.  Palacio     (Log  in:  ID  Number,  PW:  Birthday)   Tall  Story,  Candy  Gourlay   • The  Summer  Reading  Edmodo  Page   Wonderstruck,  Brian  Selznick   • Reader’s  Advisory  on  Lounsberry   Flipped,  Wendelin  Van  Draanen  (Romance)   Library’s  Website   Masterpiece,  Elise  Broach  (Mystery)   • Visit  the  Local  Public  Library:  Ask  a   Savvy  &  Scumble,  Ingrid  Law  (w/fantasy  element)   Librarian!     • Browse  the  shelves  of  a  local  book  store   Historical   (Try  Sparta  Books!)   The  Boy  Who  Dared,  Susan  Campbell  Bartoletti   • Share  recommendations  with  friends!   An  Elephant  in  the  Garden,  Michael  Morpurgo     War  Horse,  Michael  Morpurgo         Favorite  Authors   Rick  Riordan,  James  Paterson,  Kate  DiCamillo,  Sharon  Creech,  David  Lubar,  Patricia  Reilly  Giff,  Mike  Lupica   Magaret  Peterson  Haddix           Summer Reading Promotions     See  linked  websites  for  details     Sussex   County  Library  System     Pizza   H ut   Summer  Reading  Challenge     PBS     Kids  Summer  Reading   Scholastic   Summer  Challenge     Barnes   a nd   Noble  Summer  Reading­‐reading/379003570                

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