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Tips on how to fix bad credit If you have bad credit it will take considerable discipline and determination on your part to change your credit for that better. Once you have fixed your credit score in the eyes of lenders, you'll find that a lot of doors open for you. Did you know that its not just banks and lenders that look at your credit. But insurance companies, utilities, and even your employer looks at your credit. Been at your company along time and keep getting passed over for that management position, even though you know you are the right person for the job? Even thoughits not fair, there are a lot of reasons a person can have bad credit. From losing a job, or having health issues. To of course mis-management of funds. But many employers don’t take the time to talk to you or ask why your credit score is so low. Maybe they are embarrassed to ask you such a deeply personal question. But instead of learning the truth, they promote your co-worker with the great credit score! Well you do know you don’t have to keep suffering with having bad credit. Fix my credit rating might be as easy as sending a series of dispute letters to the credit bureaus or so complicated that you need to hire a professional credit repair services like the one that can be found at

The team at always encourage their readers if they have the time and the organizational skills, to first try fixing their credit on their own before they hire a professional service. If they need help fast they always suggest working with a credit repair service that will analyze your credit with you and start repairing your credit a bit faster than what you can do on your own. But if you have the time and skills the first thing you want to do is analyze your credit report for inaccurate information. Should you find inaccuracies contact the credit institution and work with them to get them adjusted

and off of your credit report.

For others, fixing or repairing their credit history might be challenging and a much more involved. Start by getting your personal budget balanced. You may need to negotiate settlement payments with your creditors! Also by creating a budget you know how much you need to send to your creditors each month and you can put yourself on auto pay so that you don’t’ miss a payment. This is VERY important because while you are focused on credit restoration, you should also focus on credit building! Once you start making on time payments you should start to see your credit score increase. So the main things to remember when you are trying to fix your credit are: • Monitor your credit report. Check it often for inaccuracies. At, their credit repair service includes free credit monitoring and Life lock to protect your credit! •

Analyze your credit. Do you feel like you can fix it yourself or should you hire a professional service.

• If you are fixing it yourself start by writing a personal credit dispute letter. Do NOT download one from the internet! •

Work on your budget. You may need to pay off some of your old debts

• Make it a habit to pay all your debts on time. Set yourself up on auto pay so that you don’t miss a payment. A missed payment means that you are once more haring your credit score. • Start building credit. Take on new debt wisely. The purpose of doing this is to show that you are now a responsible payer. • Focus on paying off all outstanding debt. Remember that being maxed out on your credit cards means having a lower credit score! Focus. And be patient. Fixing your credit on your own can be a time consuming process. But its well worth the effort!

Tips on how to fix bad credit If you have bad credit it will take considerable discipline and determination on your p...