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A note from Cathy Have you ever seen cocoa pods growing on trees and tasted the beans directly from the pods? Have you ever milked a cow on the green slopes of the Andes Mountains, walked across a hand-made bamboo bridge or eaten a fresh banana right off the tree? Perhaps you’ve raked drying cocoa beans with a new Ecuadorian friend. Thanks to Republica Del Cacao, my husband, Tim, and I were able to experience these things, and much more, on a recent trip to Ecuador. To pass that experience on to you, we have created a limited edition line of chocolates, the Latin American Collection. You can literally taste the undertones of green grass in the Peru Milk Chocolate with finishing notes of smooth butterscotch. The 71% Dark Chocolate reveals hints of yellow fruits and cool spices. This Easter Season, I hope you can take the time to experience the beauty of nature and truly appreciate the magnificent artwork that surrounds us every day on the largest canvas possible...landscapes, sunsets, cloud formations, flowers, seascapes and cocoa farms, to name a few. All are one-time works of art, created just for you, just for that moment, from only your perspective, before the scene evolves into something new.

2 |

$9.75 each

Cathy Brand-Beere President/Founder

Mini BUNNIES & ROCKY ROAD EGGS Mini Bunnies (Milk or Dark Chocolate), Package of 10 (2.3 oz) - $7.50

Rocky Road Egg (Milk or Dark Chocolate), See uncut Rocky Road Egg on page 31 Set of 2 - $27.00, Individual (5.4 oz) - $13.50 |


4 |


Watch videos and peek inside each piece

The ideal gift for the person who appreciates quality and tradition. Timeless favorites make up our most popular collection, which contains luscious caramels, pure fruit creams bursting with wonderfully intense flavors, as well as many other unusual and traditional varieties.


Soft, nearly liquid caramel center with a hint of rose water, smooth and silky in milk chocolate


Smooth chocolate-coffee cream surrounded by dark chocolate



Pure, smooth raspberry cream and tart raspberry juice, covered in dark or milk chocolate


Smooth peanut butter with berry & cherry juices in milk chocolate


Pure, luxurious orange cream covered with dark chocolate

STRAWBERRY RHUBARB CARAMEL A tart rhubarb caramel with a sprinkling of strawberries, covered in dark chocolate


Soft, rich caramel blended with sweet coconut, covered in dark chocolate


Crunchy hazelnuts encased in a milk chocolate hazelnut gianduja


Pure maple cream on top of a roasted pecan, and milk chocolate


Pure milk chocolate blended with finely ground hazelnuts to make a silky smooth consistency with a nutty taste


Soft, ultra-silky dark chocolate center surrounded by dark chocolate


Creamy, rich vanilla butter cream in milk chocolate

(1 layer) 28 pc. Box (1 lb) $49.00 (2 layers) 56 pc. Box (2 lb) $98.00

14 pc. Box (1/2 lb) $24.50

8 pc. Box $17.00 (4.57 oz)

Creamy peanut butter with sea salt encased in milk chocolate

DEBRAND CARAMEL Rich, buttery caramel in milk or dark chocolate |


TRUFFLE COLLECTION The perfect gift for the ultimate chocolate lover!

Watch videos and peek inside each piece

These twelve incredible variations seem almost too beautiful to eat‌almost. Each oversized piece is individually and artistically designed, but their true beauty lies within. Each silky, rich truffle is like a petite, luxurious chocolate dessert.


Milk chocolate truffle in a dark chocolate shell topped with roasted almonds


Rich, creamy dark chocolate truffle in a dark chocolate shell


Milk chocolate truffle blended with pure raspberry juice in a milk chocolate shell with a raspberry garnish


Dark chocolate truffle blended with coffee covered in milk chocolate and topped with a coffee bean


Milk chocolate truffle in a milk chocolate shell topped with deluxe nuts


Moist, sweetened coconut in a dark chocolate truffle surrounded by dark chocolate and topped with coconut


Layers of dark chocolate truffle and white chocolate truffle in a dark and white chocolate shell


White chocolate key lime truffle with a twist of lemon covered in white chocolate topped with pecans


Intense peanut butter truffle with a touch of sea salt covered in milk chocolate


Milk chocolate truffle and soft, liquid caramel covered in milk chocolate


Milk chocolate hazelnut truffle topped with macadamia nuts and covered in milk and dark chocolate


Rich, creamy milk chocolate truffle in a milk chocolate shell

12 pc. Box (15 oz) - $39.00

6 pc. Box (7.5 oz) - $19.50

6 |

24 pc. Box (30 oz) $78.00 |




Watch videos and peek inside each piece

An exotic gift for the chocolate connoisseur. Created for those who have an appreciation for diverse flavor, texture and taste combinations, this artisan collection will seduce your senses. By pairing unique spices, rare ingredients and chocolates imported from around the world, this extraordinary palate of chocolates will take you to a new level of chocolate appreciation! (Box weight will vary upon piece selection.)



A sweet delicate blend of White Cheddar, Romano and Blue Cheeses covered in creamy dark chocolate

A complex fusion of Balsamic Vinegar, sweet basil and tart raspberries encased in white chocolate


A milk chocolate fresh crème blended with pure, sweet honey dipped in milk chocolate on top of a spicy cassia cinnamon base



A refreshing white chocolatepassion fruit ganache surrounded by milk chocolate

A dark chocolate fresh crème infused with a traditional chai tea of India and a touch of sweet honey, dipped in dark chocolate



A citrus caramel blend of grapefruit, orange, lemon and rosemary surrounded by dark chocolate and topped with citron sea salt


Creamy pistachio with a touch of almond dipped in dark chocolate and topped with chopped pistachios


A crushed pecan brittle with pecan gianduja dipped in milk chocolate and garnished with finely ground chili peppers


Delicate orange marzipan combined with glacé orange peel and tart apricots, dipped in white chocolate and topped with a slice of ginger

(2 layers) 32 pc. Box (11-14 oz) $80.00

(1 layer) 16 pc. Box (5-7 oz) $40.00

A milk chocolate ganache infused with exotic jasmine tea then covered in milk chocolate and garnished with a candied violet petal

9 pc. Box (3-4 oz) $25.00


Chopped, sweetened Brazil nuts, almonds and macadamia nuts with a sprinkling of orange peel, covered in dark chocolate


A blend of sesame seed and poppy seed brittle, tahini and chocolate covered in milk chocolate and crushed peppercorns |


Celebration-Wedding Truffles Elegant Milk Chocolate Hazelnut cake-shaped truffles perfect for weddings, birthdays, and more! (1.45oz) Individual with customization - $4.00 Individual without customization - $3.50 (25 pc. minimum for customization)

10 |

SPECIAL OCCASION FAVORS Please allow 2-3 weeks after payment and artwork approval is received for your custom order to be processed (does not include shipping time).

Custom Chocolate Thoughts™ Bars

"Tying the Knot"

Sleek gold or silver metallic packages can be stamped with your custom saying or graphic. Available with milk or dark chocolate bars inside (1.1 oz). Onetime tooling fee for custom package with DeBrand Bar inside - $150.00. (150 piece minimum) $3.75 with custom card inserted on back $3.50 without custom card

Customization Options: Please send your artwork in vector format (.ai or .eps files accepted).

1. Choose Package Color gold or silver

2. Choose Graphic Color


black, red, gold, silver, bronze, green, cream, brown, blue, purple, pink or white

Create your own design. Business card size note card fits on the back!

4 pc. Truffle Box

4 pc. Classic Box (2.3 oz)

(5 oz)



25 piece minimum for customization

1. Choose Font

(Box hang-tags and Celebration Truffles)

Arial Georgia Overlock

Customized: $9.25 No customization: $8.75

Classic/Connoisseur Boxes

2. Choose Font Color (Box hang-tags and Celebration Truffles)

1 pc. Truffle Box (1.25 oz)

(1.14 oz Classic) (1.3 - 1.8 oz Conn.)

2 pc. Classic: $5.00 4 pc. Connoisseur: $10.50 Customized hang-tag add 50 cents


Customized: $13.50 No customization: $13.00

black brown grey green blue red pink orange purple

3. Choose Hang Tag Customized: $3.75 No customization: $3.25

(For box hang-tags)

gold or silver |



Not just for ice cream! See our website for more delicious ideas. Toppings must be refrigerated upon receiving. Creamy Caramel (16.2 oz), Crispy Peanut Butter (13.2 oz), Dark Chocolate (14.4 oz), Milk Chocolate (14.4 oz), Tart Raspberry (7.1 oz), Roasted Pecan Halves (7.6 oz), Whole Roasted Almonds (9.5 oz) Individual Jar or Bag - $12.00 | Ice Cream Topping Tray - $84.00





We strive to impress! If you have any problems or concerns, please email or call 260.969.8333 (ask for Customer Service) Weekdays, 9 -9 Eastern.

per recipient

Online: - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week Phone: 260.969.8343 - Eastern Time, Weekdays 9-9, Saturday 10-10, Sunday Noon-6 Mail (with money order only): DeBrand Mail Order Dept, 10105 Auburn Park Drive, Fort Wayne, IN 46825

Shipping is $10.95 per recipient on all retail orders under $1,000 in the US, excluding Alaska and Hawaii. Depending on destination, most packages will be delivered within 1-3 business days from ship date. Warm Weather Shipping- additional $5 required per ice brick, as deemed necessary Saturday Delivery - additional $20 may be required; please call for details Overnight - $49.95 Overnight Saturday - $69.95 Alaska and Hawaii - Flat Rate Shipping price plus $20, to most areas Canada - Flat Rate Shipping price plus $30 International - Shipping quotes or other questions call or email For additional shipping rates not listed above, visit and click on “Shipping Information�. For a quote, call or email We make every attempt to ensure that your order arrives on or before the requested date. Orders placed later in the week are normally held and shipped the following Monday to prevent the chocolates from waiting in a shipping hub over the weekend.

Flat Rate




14 |



GIFT CARDS Not sure what to send? Our E-Gift Cards are perfect for any occasion or last minute gift!


Prices supersede all previous DeBrand literature. Prices are subject to change. Although every effort is made to ensure accuracy of catalog information, in the unlikely event an error is printed, we reserve the right to make corrections.


The following discounts are available on individual orders. Discounts apply to chocolates only. Custom tooling fees, shipping and tax excluded. Discounts are not applicable when redeeming gift cards or with any DeBrand promotion.

5% $1,000-$2,499 15% $5,000-$9,999


10% $2,500-$4,999 20% $10,000+

DeBrand products are not for resale except by approved wholesale clients. For more information, email

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ALLERGY WARNING Any DeBrand product may contain traces of dairy, wheat, eggs, soy, peanuts, tree nuts and/or shell fragments. |


CARAMEL COLLECTION Rich, chewy caramel with a touch of Fleur de Sel sea salt available in four different varieties. 4 pc. Box (3.8 oz) - $12.00 Gift Tower - $48.00

16 |

Gift Tower

CARAMEL PECAN PATTIES Creamy milk or dark chocolate surrounding a soft, nearly liquid caramel and pecan halves 6 pc. Box (9 oz) - $21.00 | Individual Box (1.5 oz) - $3.50 6 pc. - 2 Box Set (Milk & Dark Chocolate) - $42.00 |



Individual (3.3 oz) - $7.25

Very Cherry

Hazelnut Coffee

Sweet Potato Pie

Natural, tart cherry pieces with a creamy blend of milk and dark chocolate

A blend of milk and dark chocolate with ground espresso beans and crushed hazelnuts

Sweet potatoes cooked into a made-from-scratch pecan brittle, crushed and blended with milk and white chocolate

Hazelnut Sea Salt Crisp

12 pc. Gift Tower - $87.00 5 pc. Gift Tower - $36.25 18 |

Creamy milk chocolate and smooth hazelnut butter blended with crispy wafers and sea salt

82% Dark Chocolate Very intense dark chocolate

72% Dark Chocolate Rich, decadent dark chocolate


Sea Salt Splash

Sweet Heat

A rich, creamy dark chocolate with a sprinkling of crispies and a splash of sea salt

A spicy, sweet mixture of chili powder, cinnamon and a touch of cumin blended with a deep milk chocolate

Piña Colada

Tart Red Raspberry

A medley of pineapple and shredded coconut with milk chocolate

Rich dark chocolate combined with real raspberry pieces

Milk Chocolate

White Chocolate

Ultra creamy, rich milk chocolate

Rich, sweet, creamy white chocolate |



Tower of 5 (1 each Chocolate Indulgence) - $67.50 Tower of 3 (Peanut Butter Cups, Toffee & Almonds, Dark Chocolate Deluxe Nuts) - $40.50

Peanut Butter Cups

Dark Chocolate Deluxe Nuts

DeBrand Mints

Smooth, yet crispy peanut butter surrounded by milk chocolate Box of 4 (5.6 oz) - $12.00

Deluxe nuts surrounded by rich dark chocolate (5 oz) - $15.00

Ultra creamy milk and dark chocolate with mint Box of 10 (6.3 oz) - $12.00


Milk Chocolate Deluxe Nuts


20 |







Deluxe nuts surrounded by creamy milk chocolate (5 oz) - $15.00

Toffee & Almonds Rich, buttery toffee with chopped almonds, covered in creamy milk chocolate (4.9 oz) - $13.50

CARAMEL PRETZEL BAR Creamy milk chocolate surrounding chewy caramel and salted pretzels. Caramel Pretzel Bar (2.7 oz)- $6.25 | Bundle of 6 Boxes - $37.50

Chocolate Race Cars Solid milk chocolate Bag of 4 (8.4 oz) - $18.00 Individual (2.1 oz) - $4.50

Pennies from Heaven Solid milk chocolate Bag of 4 (5.6 oz) - $22.00 Individual (1.4 oz) - $5.50

The Classics Popular pieces from the Classic Collection Individual Box of 5 (2.86 oz) - $10.00



Individual Hot Chocolate on a Spoon $4.25

22 | www.

HOT CHOCOLATE & MORE Hot Chocolate Bundle 4 Hot Chocolate on a Spoon $17.00

Hot Chocolate Tower 6 Original or Dark Hot Chocolate on a Spoon, 1 pkg. Marshmallows $39.00

Gourmet S'more Kit 4 Milk Chocolate Butter Cookies, 4 Plain Butter Cookies, and 4 Vanilla Marshmallows $14.75

DeBrand Glass Mugs

16 oz - $14.75 | 8 oz - $12.25

Vanilla Marshmallows Box of 12 - $13.50

Milk Chocolate Butter Cookies Bag of 12 (11.8 oz) - $15.00 |



Price includes all U.S. shipping and handling costs (excluding Alaska and Hawaii). Additional charges will be applied when shipping to Alaska, Hawaii or anywhere outside of the U.S. 3 months - $150.00 | 6 months - $295.00 | 12 months - $575.00 (Months must be consecutive)

Classic Hot Chocolate Tower


14 pc. Valentine Heart Box


5 pc. Variety Tasting Bar Tower


Easter Chocolates as shown


3 Ice Cream Toppings 3 Indulgence Tower

Caramel Collection Tower



24 22 | www.

Caramel Pecan Patties 2 box set

Milk Chocolate Caramel Apple with Nuts



Raspberry Caramel Dark Chocolate

16 pc. Connoisseur Collection



3 Gourmet S'more Kits


12 pc. Truffle Collection DECEMBER


Hand-crafted, exceptional and unique gifts! Each box can hold approximately twelve truffles (page 6) or twenty-three Classic Collection pieces (page 5). Filled - $175.00 | Unfilled - $135.00

Black Rose Box

Seashell Box

Flower Power Box

Approximate Sizes: Round 8“ diameter x 2 1/2” height, Square 6 1/2” x 6 1/2” x 2 1/2” height Because all Chocolate Art Boxes are handmade, all weights may vary. No two boxes are identical. May need to be ordered two days in advance. (Weights range from approx. 2.2 lb - 3.3 lb, unfilled.)

Polka Dot Box |


CORPORATE GIFTING We can place any of our Chocolate Thoughts Bars on any towe r! (page 30)

Luxury Tower - $210.50 24 pc. Truffle Collection, 28 pc. Classic Collection, 32 pc. Connoisseur Collection, 1 Chocolate Thoughtsâ„¢ Bar

26 | www.


Without note card (1.1 oz) - $3.50 | With customized note card (1.1 oz) - $3.75

DETAILS • Minimum order: 150 bars • Package color: gold or silver • Graphic color: black, red, gold, silver, bronze, cream, green, brown, blue, purple, pink or white • Chocolate: milk or dark chocolate • One-time tooling fee: $150.00 • Artwork: send your artwork in vector format (.ai or .eps files accepted) Please allow 2-3 weeks after payment and artwork approval is received for your custom order to be processed (does not include shipping time). Reorders may have a shorter lead time. Artwork time is included at no charge unless no artwork is available or modifications are needed. Shipping charges are additional. Custom colors are available upon request; $50.00 per color (call for details, 260.969.8335, 9-5 Eastern, or email

We ca n print pe rsona liz a nd a t e d note ta ch th ca rds em to e a ch ba r |



Extravagant Tower

24 pc. Truffle Collection 6 pc. Milk Caramel Pecan Patties 28 pc. Classic Collection 32 pc. Connoisseur Collection 1 box Toffee & Almonds 1 box Peanut Butter Cups 1 box DeBrand Mints 1 box Dark Chocolate Deluxe Nuts 2 Caramel Pretzel Bars 3 Chocolate Tasting Bars 1 box Milk Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels 1 box Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels 1 box Dark Caramel Pecan Patty 1 Chocolate Thoughtsâ„¢ Bar $345.75

28 |

Abundant Gift Tray - $258.50 9 pc. Connoisseur Collection, 12 pc. Truffle Collection, 28 pc. Classic Collection, 1 box Peanut Butter Cups, 1 box Dark Chocolate Deluxe Nuts, 1 box Toffee & Almonds, 1 box Mints, 2 Caramel Pretzel Bars, 4 Chocolate Tasting Bars, 1 box each of Sea Salt Caramel Collection, 1 Chocolate Thoughts™ Bar

Luxury Tower - $210.50 24 pc. Truffle Collection, 28 pc. Classic Collection, 32 pc. Connoisseur Collection, 1 Chocolate Thoughts™ Bar

Eclectic Tower - $143.75 12 pc. Truffle Collection, 2 Chocolate Tasting Bars, 14 pc. Classic Collection, 9 pc. Connoisseur Collection, 1 box Peanut Butter Cups, 1 Caramel Pretzel Bar, 1 box Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels, 1 each Milk and Dark Caramel Pecan Patty, 1 Chocolate Thoughts™ Bar

Charming Tower - $90.50

28 pc. Classic Collection, 9 pc. Connoisseur Collection, 4 pc. Truffle Collection, 1 Chocolate Thoughts™ Bar |


™BARS CHOCOLATE THOUGHTS Add the perfect touch to your gift! Solid DeBrand chocolate bars are available in milk

chocolate (gold) and dark chocolate (silver). Also great as individual handouts for both business and personal use. Each package is made with slots on the back so a business card, special note card or gift card can be inserted. For information on customized Chocolate Thoughts™ Bars, see page 27. Box of 8 - $28.00 | Individual Bar (1.1 oz) - $3.50 va ila ble in Any ba r a la nk ca rds box of 8. B ba rs for ba ck of . ed ud incl

All package varieties are available in gold (milk chocolate) and silver (dark chocolate).

Back of bar


Peanut Butter Truffle (peach), Dark Chocolate Truffle (violet) , Raspberry Truffle (pink), Caramel Truffle (gold) 12 pc. (15 oz)- $39.00 | 6 pc. (7.5 oz) - $19.50

30 |

EASTER GIFT TRAYS The ultimate Easter “basket”! Large Easter Gift Tray includes 2 Rocky Road Eggs, 1 pkg. each Milk Chocolate and Dark Chocolate Mini Bunnies, 14 pc. Classic Collection, 6 pc. box Easter Truffles, 2 Tasting Bars (Pina Colada and Tart Red Raspberry), 1 Milk Chocolate DeBrand Bunny and 1 “Happy Easter” Chocolate Thoughts™ Bar $116.00

Small Easter Gift Tray includes 1 pkg. Dark Chocolate Mini Bunnies, 1 Milk Rocky Road Egg, 6 pc. box Easter Truffles, 4 pc. Classic Collection, 1 Milk Chocolate DeBrand Bunny and 1 “Happy Easter” Chocolate Thoughts™ Bar $64.75 |




Mail Order Dept. 260.969.8343 | 10105 Auburn Park Drive Fort Wayne, IN 46825 260.969.8333 878 Harrison Street Fort Wayne, IN 46804 260.969.8353 5608 Coldwater Road Fort Wayne, IN 46825 260.482.4373 Jefferson Pointe Shopping Ctr. 4110 W. Jefferson Blvd. Suite #D1 Fort Wayne, IN 46804 260.432.5050

DeBrand Fine Chocolates, established in 1987

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DEBRAND BUNNY Milk, White or Dark Chocolate Individual (6.9 oz) - $12.00

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