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LETTER FROM THE EDITOR Community newspapers are vital in today’s society. Getting a brief in the paper about an upcoming event or fundraiser is a critical part of success. Having a journalist/photographer cover an event is a way to ensure the group’s visibility, to let people know what your group is doing and why. And using the letters to the editor section to thank those who attended, sponsored and contributed to the event is a way to make sure they’ll come back and participate next time. Although there is no meaningful media competition for local newspapers, the challenge is from Facebook and other social media sites. You may have heard that newspapers are dead, but that’s not the case, at least not locally. We face a challenge in how to change the business model so it will make economic sense so the paper will be sustainable. The good news is our online subscribers are increasing weekly, and we've doubled our print circulation. We’re counting on you, our readers, to keep reading The Hobsonville Flyer, either in print, which will continue to expand or online, which isn't going away anytime soon. Thank you for your ongoing support and enjoy our March issue. If you have a product or service that would benefit our community, contact us to see what options we can offer you in both print and online. We also have custom packages to help you grow your business on your website and social media platforms! For more information email Debra is a Canadian writer/ editor who now calls New Zealand home. She goes by the pen name D.L.Heather and has worked as a music journalist, writer, researcher and editor Disclaimer: All articles in The Hobsonville Flyer are Strictly written by contributors and the editor. Any publication that would like to republish these articles or photographs need to obtain consent from the editor or the individual contributor


The Block: True or False Recently someone told me that the next season of The Block was going to be filmed here in our lovely community. How Exciting! Does anyone know if this is true or is it just a rumour at this point? (no pun intended). If it is true, I'd love to know whereabouts in Hobby that it will be filmed.

- Aaron

Reaching Out! I'm a keen sewer and would love to connect with other sewing enthusiasts in the area. If there's enough of us out there I'd love to start up a sewing group! Don't be shy, give me a ring Sue 021 039 2007


Speeding Through the Point!


Is it just me or has the reckless driving increased in the point lately? In the past month, my partner and I have witnessed nearly two hit-and-runs and both were tradies driving. They were going so fast that I failed to get a plate number. I reckon we need speed bumps on The Hobsonville Flyer would like to thank the following establishments for stocking the paper every month: • Coffee Club Hobsonville • Hobsonville Point Pharmacy • Hobs Point Convenience • Whenuapai Milk Bar • Harcourts Cooper & Co Hobsonville • 160 Hobsonville Point Cafe • Crusty’s • Catalina Cafe • Indian Summer • Hobsonville Point Medical • Kofte Kofte

Hobsonville Point Road... What do you think? What can we do about this issue before it's too late?

• Hobsonville Kitchen • The Mortgage Supply Company • House of Travel Hobsonville

Classes in Greenhithe and Whenuapai 2018 Pre-School Ballet/Jazz ISTD Ballet ISTD Tap ISTD Jazz Technique Class Acro Dance Come and have a trial class and see how much fun it is! Contact Rebecca Reid on 02102224245


COMMUNITY CHATTER HISTORY BASE BY AARON NELSON History of Cold War RNZAF Hobsonville Part 3: The Zero Hobsonville during the early cold war played host to the current AM63 Model 22 Zero that is currently on display at Auckland’s Museum. This aircraft had been rebuilt at Kara Airstrip on Southern Bougainville by the Japanese after it had suffered damage from bombing by American aircraft in November 1943 during the landings at Empress Augusta Bay. Apparently according to different sources, several airframes were used to affect the repairs, carried out as a morale-boosting exercise for the Japanese troops cut off in the area by the US landings further to the North. A young Imperial Navy pilot had even been flown out from Rabaul during July 1945 to fly the now airworthy aircraft and was to ferry it back to Rabaul. Due to

circumstances, this was never to happen, and the plane was hidden in the Jungle off the side of the strip. After the Airfield was captured the RNZAF Intelligence became aware of its existence, and after several recce trips, Wing Commander Bill Kofoed and Engineer Officer C.D. Kingsford borrowed a 5 Squadron Wirraway and flew in to inspect it for airworthiness. A decision had been made to return the aircraft to New Zealand, and on October 15th, the Zero was loaded onto the Union Steamship Companies' interisland ferry Wahine which had been chartered to repatriate servicemen back home. The tailplane and prop being removed for

ease of stowage as deck cargo. On October 20th, on arrival in Auckland, the aircraft was off-


We’re awaiting final council sign off on the water connection and then the good folk at Classic Builders will finish off initial border planting and paths. In the meantime, we’re getting the administration side ready and taking registrations of interest in a range of roles from committee membership, general volunteer membership and a host of other roles. In addition, there are over 20 possible small plots that are available by ballot. Applications will remain open until the garden is officially ready for use. We are likely to be oversubscribed this year, however, there are expansion plans

loaded to a barge and delivered to RNZAF base Hobsonville where the instructions were to make it serviceable for a program of demonstration flights. The RNZAF serial NZ6000 was allocated to the aircraft. As a War Prize, it was offered to t h e A u c k l a n d Wa r Memorial Museum, but due to their lack of space to store it, it was agreed that the Air Force would retain it until the Museum could take up the offer. It was then stored out in the open at Hobsonville, along with several other surplus aircraft, a S e a f i r e X V, t h e Sunderland III's and some Catalinas. Va n d a l s , s o u v e n i r hunters and the weather took a heavy toll, and in April 1953, the Government Stores

Board once again decided to dispose of these aircraft.

with more beds to be built in the coming years. People can also volunteer in other roles that don’t have an allocated plot. We will be encouraging people to share their plots with friends, neighbours or family, and looking at setting up a table/box for harvest that is free for anyone to take. By registering your interest through the application form we can keep you updated on the final ballot cutoff date. Email : catalinacommunitygarden@gmail.c om to apply! We look forward to gardening with you.

L u c k i l y, s o m e o n e remembered the offer made earlier to the museum, but they were still unable to take possession until the completion of the new wing being added to their building. After further outdoor storage at Hobsonville, and display at the Auckland Easter Show in 1954 and 1957. In November 1959 it was returned to Hobsonville for further work, and then in December taken to the War Memorial Museum and reassembled in the upstairs floor of the newly finished addition. it was of course in a far worse state than when first offered to the museum twelve years earlier, and still retaining the spurious Green and Grey colour scheme in which it has remained until it's repaint in 1999. And that is the story of the Hobsonville Zero, you can visit it a t A u c k l a n d Wa r Memorial Museum on the top floor.

COMMUNITY EVENTS Catalina Bay Farmers Market Come down to the market located at Catalina Bay every Friday from 11am to 7pm Saturday and Sunday from 8:30 to 2

Free Community Sunday Funday Boot Camp sessions every Sunday at 9.15am by the Catalina Bay Farmers Market

Pipis Playgroup When: Mondays 930-1130 Where: Hobsonville Hall Cost: $2/family What: A chance to join your child for an active morning of learning through play. Socialise with members of your community and make some lifetime friends for you and your child.

Catalina Bay Night Market All your favourite stallholders plus special guest food trucks, Little Creatures Brewery and live music!

MAY 17th 4pm to 9pm

2018 AUCKLAND ARCHITECTURE AWARDSHOUSING MULTI UNITWINNER Sunderland 6: This project’s strength is the clear typology of distinctive building units within the suburban block, each relating to a particular site aspect. All three housing types have been well detailed, and are consistent, clear and nicely proportioned. The distinctive whare form of one typology and reduced material palette throughout set up clear rhythms and, overall, give a refreshing feel to the development. Congratulations Stevens Lawson Architects!




Massey Library is starting the Hell’s Pizza Reading Challenge during the school holidays and it will continue to run unti December 3, 2018.

When we first sat down with Justin and Joy I was a bit flat from our downturn so their enthusiasm was noticeable straight away. Justin just said, “It will be busy before you know it, Geoff”. After nearly closing the RSA we were open to anything. After I secured some flexibility from the bank, who have been excellent, we hung in there for 3 weeks until the soft reopening of Tarmacs Restaurant at the Hobsonville RSA. WOW! I had a feeling the community wanted a good value meal and night out, the support has been incredible. Social media has been busy with good wishes, great reviews and the feedback overwhelmingly positive.

The signature meal seems to be the carvery and very well priced at $18 it gives you the opportunity to refill on the salads and the vegetables as you need to. There is an a la carte menu as well as some yummy looking desserts. Sunday night buffet is $23 which

MESSAGE FROM POLICE: Police have received numerous calls this week reporting a phone scam, specifically in the southern districts of NZ. The automated message is in an NZ accent and asks the caller for their name and IRD number. It states: “This is the Police, you owe money to Inland Revenue. If you don’t pay you will be arrested. Please call 04 889 0505.” This is not NZ Police.

The HELL Reading Challenge is free, and it is so easy! Children pick up a pizza wheel from the library then receive a stamp on the wheel for each book they read. Once seven books have been read they can redeem their pizza wheel for a free 333 kids’ pizza at HELL. We encourage children to bring one or two books to the library at a time to show us their reading.

covers, soup, bread, entrée, main (Carvery) and dessert! Unreal value.

This is a very motivational programme to get children reading books and then discussing them with the librarians. We are very grateful to Hell’s Pizza for recognising the importance of reading and sponsoring this programme. Massey Library Cnr Don Buck Rd and Westgate Drive Phone 09 377 0209. Here’s a link to the Hell’s Pizza Reading Programme website, with more information

We have adjusted the prices in the bar down a bit to support the great value we can offer now. The most common question we get is, “Do I need to be a member to come to have dinner?”

LOCAL BUSINESS NETWORKING GROUP – BNI In Hobsonville Point there appears to be a large number of selfemployed people, many operating small businesses within the local area.

The simple answer is No. The RSA is a chartered club and as such has a Club Licence. This means by the letter of the law we serve our members, their guests and visitors (accompanied by a member). All we do is we get you to complete a short form and join as a temporary or what we call a Provisional Member, gives you access for 30 days and it is free. You can then come and go, move freely about the RSA and enjoy the facilities for a month. Maybe you will enjoy it and join as an Associate member after that.

Business networking groups provide support to small businesses. They suit those people that want to grow their business and understand the value of getting referrals. BNI is a structured weekly networking breakfast which focuses on learning and with a collaborative approach we actively support each other’s businesses. The group meets each week, and this helps members

If in doubt, ask the bar people. They will assist. Many thanks to our community for the wonderful support of the RSA, both for Poppy Week and ANZAC day, but also the ongoing attendance at the RSA. We should be here for a while yet!

Please remember that government agencies will never call you to ask for your bank account or credit card details. If you receive a call like this and have any doubts about its legitimacy, double check their details or simply hang up the phone. If they claim to be a bank or organisation, call them back on the number on their official website and ask to confirm the call.We recommend you look after your

personal details in the same way you would with your wallet and personal possessions. Anyone who believes they are a victim of any crime, in person or online, should report the matter to their local Police. Netsafe also provides helpful information on scams - https://



Commitment to clients

Ongoing training

Exceptional Marketing

It all comes together when you work with Harcourts. We are proud recipients of the Reader’s Digest Quality Service Award 2018. Hobsonville Office P: 416 8176 Westgate Office P: 833 5588

Cooper & Co Real Estate Ltd Licensed Agent REAA 2008



 MAY 18 POLLY’S PROPERTY REPORT Steady as she goes! That’s the best way to describe the local real estate market. The REINZ average sales stats supports this with a position about 2/3 of the highest boom time in 2016. It is also the peak of the market, probably a bit later than normal after the daylight savings change to be fair. Easter being early and the election pause I think has had some significance. Where was the overseas buyer rush for the property buying before the rule changes? Well, much of the reporting from our listings on Hougarden are showing it’s local interest from that sector that is looking. There is a lot of normality in putting agreements together “subject to sale of purchaser’s property”. One of the Point’s best features is the ability to sidle up the property ladder from axis to el rancho (relative term here) whilst staying in

the area. A few clients have moved out and taking the Hobby Point equity and getting good upgrades using it outside the area. The primary school zone being so small really does add some premium to values. However, I think we have seen the top of values here for established homes. Our new general manager Robert Carter said recently in our monthly blog. “A recent analysis of over 450 sales completed between January & March 2018 by Harcourts Cooper & Co showed an increase in activity from first home buyers and investors, with these two groups making up 46% of buyers. A further 38% was made up by those ‘trading up or trading down". I’ll continue to promote auctions in this market for the main benefit that we are often surprised by sales values. Not often as anticipated, with vendors comfortable with the outcome, or at least well advised in

feedback after an auction if it remains on the market and we put a price on it. I’d like to take the opportunity with my other hat on to pass my thanks as President of the RSA for the community support in the last few weeks. We have had a real roller coaster ride since February and we now have a full dining room most nights, great poppy collection and finances are much better. ANZAC Day turnout was fantastic. So thank you all for the positive feedback and support. Next month I will tidy up the autumn stats for you. If you want any sales data or advice just drop me a line and I’m happy to help out. See you next month if not before! Polly



Combine the strength of local knowledge & multi-lingual negotiation to get SOLD!


nicole: 021 610 638 | geoff: 027 487 4663 e: &

Cooper & Co Real Estate Ltd Licensed Agent REAA 2008


GOOD HEALTH A N T I B I O T I C S … L I T E R A L LY YOUR ACHILLES HEEL! You might not think a drug you take to treat a sinus problem or that pesky mozzy bite that you scratched that one time too many would have anything to do with your running. However, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has issued a warning about a class of antibiotics called fluoroquinolones and side effects that could prove rather annoying to runners. What are these drugs, and why would you get a prescription? Fluoroquinolones known as Ciprofloxacin or levofloxacin in New Zealand is an antibiotic which is used when other bouts of a different antibiotic have failed to kill an infection. They are powerful antibiotics not widely used in New Zealand due to their potency! However, they can be used for a number of issues such as kidney infections, respiratory infections, urinary tract infections, and sinus infections. What are the risks, and what does the new warning advise? These medications disrupt and weaken the underlying structure of tendons i.e. that niggling Achilles that get hammered every time you run, perhaps by boosting levels of enzymes that damage soft-tissue cells. Another theory holds that they interfere with the way your body replicates DNA, a process essential to repairing minor damage running might cause. Combine that with the force runners place on their

SNIFFLE SEASON Clean everything that gets touched by lots of STRATEGIES people—microwaves, You've got to act fast to f a x - m a c h i n e k e y s , fight off colds and flu. doorknobs, elevator U s e t h e f o l l o w i n g buttons, the armrests on strategies to win the my chair—with a good war against germs this disinfectant at least once a week, even if it winter. looks clean. It's just basic hygiene. Sip tea Rhinoviruses can live Drink hot black or on surfaces for up to 48 green tea with lemon hours! and honey. Drinking the tea and breathing in Pamper your nose steam stimulates the cilia—the hair follicles Do a daily nasal rinse in the nose—to move with a bulb syringe to o u t g e r m s m o r e flush out viruses and efficiently. Lemon thins help clear secretions. mucus, and honey is You can buy nasal saline irrigation at the antibacterial. drugstore or make your own: Mix 3 teaspoons Get a protein fix iodide-free salt and 1 Research shows that teaspoon baking soda. diets that are too low in Add 1 teaspoon of this protein can deplete the m i x t u r e t o 1 c u p immune system. So distilled or cooled m a k e s u r e t o g e t boiled water. protein-rich foods throughout the day, Start Juicing especially fish, eggs During cold and flu and yoghurt. season, start our day by Sanitise your office making and drinking juice. space

tendons, particularly the Achilles, over the miles, and boom; Houston we have a problem! What should runners do? You should always weigh the benefits and risks of any medication, including how it might affect your running. That's one good reason to have a doctor who understands athletes and knows about your training. In general, active people may need to avoid these drugs if at all possible. Ask your doctor if another antibiotic will work instead. Proactive runners can also take steps to ward off the types of infections that require antibiotics in the first place. Promptly changing out of sweaty running clothes can decrease your chances of developing urinary-tract infections Balancing running with rest days and recovery time keeps your immune system strong, reducing your risk of all types of infections and avoiding a dose of antibiotics! Happy Running!!! Hobsonville Physiotherapy 09 4164455

 2 William Pitcher Place, Greenhithe ● 09 413 9392 ●

Going On Holiday?

Your cat can go on holiday too! SEMI-COMMUNAL PRIVATE ROOM

$16 per day $23 per day

While you’re on holiday, your cat can go on holiday too! Spacious private room’s Large semi-communal area with plenty of light and space Open-air deck area

Catsablanca Boarding Cattery Visit our Facebook and website for more information and photos of our lovely guests enjoying their stay with us!



Hong Kong Disneyland, and local school cultural trips to Fiji.

Thank you Hobsonville!!

We have arranged expedition small ship cruises to Antarctica, Alaska, Galapagos and the Amazon and multiple ocean cruises to all corners of the globe. We were also excited to set up exotic, tailor-made Asian itineraries, packages to the Japan Rugby World Cup, European tours and river cruises. We enjoyed organising family holidays to many sunny and sandy destinations and a tiger safari in India. The list goes on and on. Wow, what a dynamic and exciting neighbourhood we live and work in!

I just wanted to start this week's article with a huge thank you for all the support our branch has received from the local community since opening. It's been clear to us that Hobsonville and the North-West love booking with a locally owned and operated New Zealand travel agency. This support was confirmed when Air New Zealand informed us we had the best launch month they had seen of any travel agency over the last 5 years! Hobsonville sure is full of travellers planning amazing journeys. We have been fortunate to book some fantastic and inspiring trips. So far these have included some super excited young couples on their first big European adventure, a multi-generational holiday to

and river. With Bev, our experience extends to 55 years in the travel industry. If you would like to talk to Bev or any of us about your upcoming plans please don’t hesitate in contacting us. House of Travel Hobsonville 09 416 0700 Corner of Hobsonville point Road and De Havilland Road. Call us on 09 416 0700 or email Mike (Buzz) Thomson

Due to our huge enquiry levels, I am thrilled to be able to announce that our team is expanding, with the new addition of Beverley Mitchell, another wonderful, experienced travel consultant. Bev has worked in Australia and New Zealand as a consultant and Wholesale cruise specialist both ocean

Affordable Accounting, No Hidden Costs SBA Te Atatu can provide an easy and affordable way to get your accounting and GST done for you. Our Services: Monthly and annual accounting GST returns and tax returns Rental properties


We may be new to the area but we have almost 55 years of combined travel industry experience and have won multiple awards for our sales and service. Wherever, whenever and however you are planning your next trip, we would like the opportunity to work with you. Please don't hesitate to contact us. Call us on 09 416 0700 or email

Competitive fixed price and annual fees We use BankLink and Xero software Business advice and peace of mind


SBA Te Atatu 611 Te Atatu Rd Mon - Fri 9:30 to 5:30pm



ORIGINS OF LAW - BY JENNIFER GEORGE Wills: Wives, senior wives, mistresses and your children

required, along with legal expenses to prove such things. The shortest ever proven holographic will was “Everything to wife” written on the husband’s bedroom wall as he was dying. Then there was the man who

Historically, social custom ruled in disposing of property when someone

was trapped under his tractor and carved his will onto his tractor fender,

died. Way back in Roman times, the written will was only in the

“In case I die in this mess I leave all to the wife. Cecil Geo Harris.”

situation when a man did not have an heir. For Maori in pre-colonial times leadership, land and resource rights

Our modern will in New Zealand is a signed and witnessed document that details how that person wants to distribute all they own on their death and how

One of the world’s more unusual will requests…

they would like

London banker Harold West couldn’t shake the fear of being buried alive. He included in his will that “my coffin shall not be screwed down and that a surgeon be instructed to pierce my heart with a steel or other instrument to make certain death has occurred. West passed on at the age of 90 in 1972 and his family physician reluctantly carried out his request.

their dependents looked after if they die. But if

could be inherited. Tribal chiefs inherited mana (authority) over land

someone dies

and people. This mana was passed by the chief to the chosen heir who

without a will then all they own will be distributed according to our law

was usually the eldest son of the senior wife - but a different successor

– this may be different from how they would have liked. It then takes

could be verbally named on the deathbed of the chief. The ancestral

more time, more stress and more money. The New Zealand courts have

land was passed down through generations by continuous occupation.

very strict rules about drafting, signing and witnessing a will as well as

But an individual could inherit separate rights to use particular

how it should look when it is sent to the court for probate. When

resources on that land such as bird-trapping trees and fishing spots.

preparing a handwritten or using a will kit it is very easy to get some of these things wrong. Having seen first-hand the deep stress that can be

For New Zealanders who have a Chinese cultural background and make up an important part of North West Auckland, talking about death is often taboo and making a will is like putting a curse on yourself. This

caused when someone dies we have 2 messages – make a will or your “note of happiness” and keep it updated to reflect your changing circumstances.

leads to problems such as the coal baron in Shanxi. In 2015 he died at age 71 leaving his estranged wife, long-term mistress and 6 children to fight over his assets. At one point the conflict between the family members became so toxic that the company stopped paying wages and local officials tried to broker a peace deal for the sake of the local workers. This is an extreme example and more recently in New Zealand, a will is regarded as a “note of happiness” for the family, showing their love and care for their children and their descendants. The stories about holographic wills (handwritten and only signed by the person making the will in extreme circumstances) make entertaining reading. These are usually made in emergency situations such as when the testator is alone, trapped and near death but can also be made by military personnel serving in the armed forces and seagoing people. There are clear tests around these and to be treated equally with a witnessed will there have to be evidence that the person actually created the will, that they were mentally capable, and they clearly expressed a wish to distribute their estate to beneficiaries. So, the evidence is

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• Prior experience operating a press • Read technical drawings

PET SERVICES 100% NZ MADE ALL NATURAL PET TREATS For more information contact Jackie or Debbie at 02108738683

• Reliable, ready to work and eager • Legally entitled to work in NZ Send C.V. to receptionns@advancedpersonnel.c


NEED A BABYSITTER? Now accepting all ages experienced-reliable professional services.Call Serena Hendry 02041401276

EMPLOYMENT PRESS OPERATOR NEEDED $20-$25 depending on experience, Albany area. Must have:

Looking for 2 full-time car groomers (40+hours/week). Full training provided. Must have FULL drivers license. Email

GET NOTICED IN CLASSIFIEDS Post your yard sale, home rentals, repair service, job opportunity and more. For more information contact:





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y wa d tor tR o oin M eP ur vill n o s b o o H arb rH pe p 124 Hobsonville Road U Cr




Sin ton R

Now taking booking for the holidays message wagsnwhiskersnz

e Rd vill on bs Ho






Yolanda and Wolfe Coffee Caravan Review

It doesn’t get any more local than your own home when you’re pressed for space. If you would like to get those cars back in the garage for winter consider unused storage spaces at your place. Attic stairs are an option if you have a big ceiling cavity but ceiling storage racks are cheaper and your gear is much more accessible. Suspended garage storage is also warm and dry, and out of reach of the kiddies.

Most of the cafes in the community are clustered around the side, around the new suburban areas. It is very rare for one to open in the opposite direction. Tucked away in the small drive of the new industrial area across the road from Hobsonville Primary, Yolanda and Wolf Coffee Caravan most certainly stands out. I picked a pretty good time to visit. It was their second day since the grand opening and most people haven't discovered it yet. The owner greeted me with a bright smile almost as soon as I got out of the car (I was fortunate to park right outside the cafe as most of the shops in the area haven't even been occupied). Their signature pastel colour caravan was visible as I walked in. It was then it dawned on me that it would be used as a major theme decoration inside the cafe and not just one of those drive-throughs by the road.

Stealing Spaces has ceiling storage racks designed for NZ homes and we’re celebrating our first birthday this month. Take a look at the options on our website and use the code ‘Birthday’ for 10% off any racks at

IS YOUR LITTLE ONE’S BIRTHDAY PARTY COMING UP SOON? Are you wondering what to do to keep the kids captivated during the party? We can help! We’ll come to your home (or chosen venue) for 1 or 2 hours and keep the kids absolutely captivated with our magical games, flying lessons, treasure hunts, magic bubbles, enchanting stories, wishing dust and fun craft activities. We have 3 different packages and prices to suit your budget, lots of different party themes, plus our parties & events are suitable for boys and girls of any age. Let us weave a wondrous spell of happiness & joy to make your child’s party an unforgettable experience. Your child will be made to feel so special and have a party that they will always remember. WE TRAVEL AUCKLAND-WIDE Phone or text us on 022 312 5116 / Book or enquire online: / Email:


Oh wow. They use organic fair trade coffee beans, plus their milk and sugar are both organic, too. Their coffee is rich with spiced-tones. That, combined with the sweet taste of chocolate, the aftershock of the first sip will literally knock you senseless for a few seconds. I was pleasantly surprised how beautiful it was. The owner was very friendly and informed me what they planned to do with the cafe and their menu (vegan options coming up). This is one cafe that is going to be here to stay. Can't wait.

your one stop shop for all mechanical and tyre service We offer a full automotive service shop, repairs, WOF , servicing, tyres, transmissions, electrical and everything else! No car is a problem, we do all makes and models Loan car free of charge, pick up from customers houses and dropped back Friendly, clean, tidy and reliable service.   13 unit  3 workspacedrive hobsonville


CROSSWORD ACROSS 1. Clutch 6. Knife 10. Alert 14. Formula 1 driver 15. Component of urine 16. Chills and fever 17. Foreword 18. Life stories 19. Bronzes 20. Bad luck 22. Send forth 23. Ranch 24. Words to a song 26. All excited 30. Vaporize 31. Swerve 32. Two times two 33. Reflected sound 35. Bridge-like card game 39. Even 41. The combining power of atoms 43. Ascended 44. Stair 46. French for "State" 47. Black bird 49. Mistake 50. Old stories 51. Manly 54. God of love 56. Weightlifters pump this 57. Bullets, etc. 63. Debauchee 64. Head covering 65. Slight color 66. Picnic insects 67. Feudal worker 68. Building addition 69. Caustics 70. Tatters 71. Adjust again

BUSINESS LISTINGS Coffee Club Hobsonville 09 416 0126 Indian Summer 09 9724957 DOWN 1. Gruesome 2. Hindu princess 3. Does something 4. Slave 5. Evidence 6. Deducts 7. Victory 8. Era 9. In an ignoble manner 10. Noria 11. A long-legged S. American bird 12. Anagram of "Incur"

13. Homes for birds 21. Demolishes 25. Wail 26. Remote 27. Mongolian desert 28. Not yours 29. Excessive desire for wealth 34. Overturns 36. Within 37. Stigma 38. French for "Head" 40. A Freudian stage

42. A cook might wear one 45. Swarming 48. Cloth maker 51. Like the flu 52. Sarcasm 53. Way to go 55. Indian instrument 58. Plateau 59. Prong 60. Hotels 61. Curved molding 62. Following

Catalina Cafe 09 950 6551 Hobsonville Point Medical Centre 09 222 0381 Hobsonville Point Primary School 09 557 0810 Hobsonville Point Secondary School 09 975 7400 Geoff Polglase Harcourts Real Estate 027 487 4663 Hobs Convenience 09 280 1829 The Mortgage Supply Company 09 416 2073


Fraser Dental 09 416 5050 Hobsonville Point Pharmacy 09 222 0319 For more business listings visit:

You could say we’re backyard printers but we’re definitely not backward! We can print just about anything – all your promo material flyers I banners I posters I plastic cards I calendars

We know what we’re doing, after over 32 years in business telephone 416 9670

Give us a go!