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Upcoming Webinar: Mobile Applications Porting and Testing Date & Time 21st July, 2010 at 11 am PST (2 pm EST)

Abstract The popularity of mobile applications has risen tremendously. With the proliferation of high speed networks and smart phones coupled with the fact that information needs to be available on-the- go, a mobile application becomes a must to complete your product offering. The Smartphone market is fragmented with the major players being Apple (iPhone), Google (Android), Microsoft (Windows Mobile) and Research in Motion (BlackBerry). The need to reach to a wider customer base along with the need to extend their usage makes it imperative to create these mobile applications on most of these platforms. That’s where comes the process of porting your mobile application across different platforms and then ensuring that they are tested well on all the platforms before releasing it to the world. This webinar will cover the challenges involved in Porting and Testing your Mobile application across different mobile operating systems available today.

Webinar will be covering the following: Mobile Porting o Key Areas to look for o Our experience in porting and lessons learnt Mobile Application Testing o How does one test a Mobile Application? o Tools and Services available today to perform Mobile Application testing

Presenter - Romin Irani – Principal Architect at Xoriant Romin Irani is a Principal Architect at Xoriant where he works for various project implementations. He has over 15 years of experience and has hands on experience in architecting solutions on various platforms. His recent focus has been on mobilizing Enterprise applications using multiple Mobile Operating Systems. He has earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Engineering from Mumbai University, India.

Upcoming Webinar: Mobile Applications Porting and Testing