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NEON zPrime™


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Reduce workload on expensive central processors Reduce the cost of software Reduce peak-period MIPS usage Rebalance the IT budget and infrastructure Maximize your System z mainframe investment Reduce sub-capacity pricing costs Postpone or eliminate costly upgrades ISPF interface allows you to specify the workloads you wish to make eligible for specialty processors

Supercharge Your Savings and Mainframe Performance Specialty processors were introduced by IBM as a way to lower the cost of mainframe computing, but most organizations have not been able to move significant workloads off the central processors. There are many legacy applications that cannot take advantage of specialty processors. NEON zPrime makes this happen. zPrime™ creates an environment that allows work from the System z central processors (CP) to be handled by specialty processors, reducing usage-based costs. The reduction in CPU cycles allows you to save on both hardware and software budgets. If you currently use specialty processors, you already understand the concept of no-cost processing. zPrime extends that concept, earning additional savings for mainframe operations.

What is zPrime? zPrime is an innovative product that allows you to better leverage specialty processors by creating an environment that makes IMS, DB2, CICS, TSO/ISPF and batch application workloads eligible for processing on zIIPs or zAAPs. In customer tests, zPrime has demonstrated the ability to enable your largest business and operational workloads to run on specialty processors, resulting in significantly lower software costs. With zPrime, users have experienced a reduction of CP workloads by as much as 90% for specific types of work. With the advent of variable pricing models such as IBM's subcapacity pricing, cost is based on peak usage periods. Using zPrime, you can reduce mainframe costs by redirecting processing of IMS, DB2, CICS, TSO/ISPF and batch

Use zPrime™ to inc iincrease incr ncrease the types typ of u workloads that are eligible to use specialty processors.

Central Processor

Specialty Processors

application workloads to specialty processors, reducing mainframe costs by as much as 20% or more. With software costs being the most expensive component of an upgrade, zPrime makes upgrading more affordable. With the ability to maximize the use of specialty processors, central processors can be minimized, reducing the feebased capacity of the hardware and lowering the cost of the software. With specialty processors handling a larger portion of the workload, processor resources are more efficiently utilized, reducing overall processing time for long-running batch applications. Some application charges are based on peakperiod CP usage. By utilizing 100 percent of the capacity of your specialty processors, you can increase the capacity needed for peak period processing without paying temporary usage fees or rescheduling work.

NEON zPrime

Drop it in and Relax zPrime has an ease of implementation that is rare among mainframe products. With a simple installation and configuration process, you specify which types of mainframe workload will be made eligible to run on specialty processors. No other intervention is required. The zPrime Enablement Console gives you complete control over what zPrime does and does not enable. You can easily identify specific applications and programs, using criterial such as system name, job name, or executing program name. The NEON IMS utilities use NEON zPrime so

they can run on specialty processors. When you use zPrime in conjunction with high-performance NEON products, you maximize both your savings for database utility processing and your database operations as well.

TAKE CONTROL. Product Requirements n IBM System z10, IBM System z9, IBM eServer zSeries 990 (z990) or IBM eServer zSeries 890 (z890) system n n

An IBM-supported version of z/OS At least one specialty processor (zIIP or zAAP)

Plan Now, Save Immediately Mainframes continue to play an important role in IT infrastructure. zPrime allows you to concentrate on the success of current and future mainframe initiatives without worrying about the budget constraints that may be impacting your efforts. With the ability to process more work for less money, you can easily optimize past and future investments in your mainframe hardware, software and resources.


Maximize usage of low-cost specialty processors Reduces the cost of MIPS-priced software Easy, low-impact implementation and configuration No application changes required. Works with established Workload Management policies Works automatically, without manual intervention Customize the workloads or applications made eligible for specialty processors.

About NEON Enterprise Software NEON Enterprise Software is the mainframe expert for mission-critical business data around the world. NEON solutions substantially lower the cost of mainframe computing, enabling organizations to gain control of IT resources vital to business success. NEON was founded in 1995 and serves customers worldwide with its dedicated team of mainframe experts. For more information about NEON Enterprise Software, visit or call 281.491.6366 or 888.338.6366. Copyright Š2009 NEON Enterprise Software. All rights reserved. NEON zPrime and zPrime are trademarks of NEON Enterprise Software. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. 10/09

Workloads Supported n IMS n n n n

CICS TSO/ISPF DB2 batch jobs

For more information, visit or call 888.338.6366 or 281.491.6366.

Supercharge your savings and mainframe performance  
Supercharge your savings and mainframe performance  

Specialty processors were introduced by IBM as a way to lower the cost of mainframe computing, but most organizations have not been able to...