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New York

A zine for the memories by Debs

Our first meal was at Stromboli pizza nyc we both got one slice and it was suprisingly small but filling

There’s a picture of the beastie boys in front of the pizzeria that i found on the internet after the fact.This place is in East Village

We ended our trip in lower east side, my favorite neigborhood in nyc we got some chinese food at Lan Zhou

I ended up getting what i usually get shrimp with broccoli, for some reason i’m not super adventurous when it comes to food.I think Taylor got ramen

Everyone in new york seemed so put together but i’m pretty sure it just seemed that way and that’s the real apeal for me.I love the hustle bustle and I like that a lot of people feel the need to be well dressed.This man had a really nice camera and hat so i had to get a pic

Pictured here is Taylor, my fellow intellectual in the small alabaster bookshop in East village.The final purchase was howl by allen ginsberg, suggested by me altough i knew nothing about it,however Taylor had already read it.Interstingly enough ginsberg died in east village new york.

We visited the highline a place that i had never heard of that taylor suggested.

I was similar to the beltline in Atlanta but you cant bike on it and theres bunch of interesting architecture and probably not the best for commuting

some of what i saw on the highline i couldn’t imagine living in any of theese buildings

We rode the train everywhere ,halsey street was the stop nearby

We stayed in Bushwick so we took the L train into the city everyday .The funny thing is I had only ever heard bad things about bushwick from my mom who lived there in the early 90’s

She’d be suprised to see what it looks like today.I was suprised by how quiet and uneventful the neighborhood was but it served as a great place to sleep everynight -thanks to ignacio

I would go to the metrograph everyday if i could ,we went on our last day and watched filmworker


We went to the met on our second day because it was supposed to rain and we knew we had to do something indoors.The met was incredible .My favorite was the wegman videos and the photography. When we left it was pouring out so we walked to the closest cafe called nectar cafe.

I asked Taylor to take this pic of me because i thought i was in a cool position and that the moment needed to be captured.This is me at 20.

This was the street we took to the train.There were great bikes on this street

We had to checkout out of our airbnb by 9 am on our last day,Here Taylor is resting before we head out and find ways to loiter in Nyc before getting on the bus to atl at 6:30

Sweet Taylor

We went to the bean after checkout and we stayed there until L train vintage opened up at 12 ,while we were there I asked taylor to take this pic of me.

Taylor at the bean

A very handsome chair touched so kindly by the sun I spotted on the way to someplace i can’t remember but this was taken on our last day i believe and we were in three places that day,Bushwick ,East Village ,and Lower eastside so it had to be one of those neighborhoods.



The Day before we left newyork i realized that all the color pictures that i took on my first roll of portra would turn out blank and this was the first time i would use my canon ae-1 so i baically had a day to use the cannon and i only had a b&w roll to use.

All my las day pictures are in b&w and I think it adds to the nostalgia.I’ll always remember how we were young and in new york just roaming around and how simple our trip was but also extremely fun .It was a dream .I loved it.

At some point i’ll exist

in the place i love most

New York  

Zine for the memories .I want to look back at this when I'm 30 lol

New York  

Zine for the memories .I want to look back at this when I'm 30 lol