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Why Facebook Native ads are Important for Business Growth?

Native ads are one of the best formats for the ad. This ad is highly flexible and less like traditional ads and more like an engaging piece of content. This format is best for app publishers.

Why Native ads are more integrated by app publishers?

Native ads can help you get higher CPMs:Native ads help you to build maximum ad revenue and provide you the imperishable business. Native ads provide you better engagement and provide you the highest CPMs. According to statics, the native ads can provide you the CPM rate from 18%200% which is higher than the standard banner ad. The native ads also help you to explore new inventory which is not available in banner ads.

Native ads are less disruptive to the user experience than banners:-

Banner ads are not more suitable for mobile ads because they were not made for mobile ads. As compare to banner ads native ads are designed for the mobile environment. This ads design are more effective and catchy at one look. Therefore by the design of native ads, they are more effective for monetization and good for an advertiser to use. This ad is less disruptive and user-friendly than banner ads. With using Native ads you can get better ad performance than banner ads.

Native formats can positively affect user how much users want to engage with the ads...and your app:As Banner ad format is basically made for desktop advertising and it is not suitable for mobile screen. Therefore if you are using Banner ad for targeting Mobile user audience than it can't able to provide you the better result of CPM and lower your click rates also. If you talk about native ads then according to statics native ads generate a 2X increase in user engagement over other formats. User has also experienced more engaging rate with native ads than banner ads according to data the rate increases between 20%60%. Native ads are the best fit for the content space also.

Native ads can help improve user retention with your app.

People don't like the obtrusive ad. This is due to the reason that the users are not using the proper ads format. But if you use native ad format then you not only get the better engagement you also get the best retention.

Native is the future of advertising. Without native, your app is missing out on revenue opportunities:Banner ads can be good for desktop but they can't create the opportunity for Mobile. Due to this advertisers are using more native ads and it is also estimated that by 2020 63.2% of the mobile advertising display will be native ad and it will create the $53.4 billion revenue in Facebook ad advertising.

Conclusion:The native ad can be the best option to choose for an ad in today's times. It is the best suit for mobile ads and in the upcoming time, most user will on mobile only. Due to this, using native ads can be the most advantages for the marketer to grow their business on Facebook.

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Native Ads  

This PDF will provide the best guidance regarding Facebook native ads and also provide the information that Native ads are more integrated b...

Native Ads  

This PDF will provide the best guidance regarding Facebook native ads and also provide the information that Native ads are more integrated b...