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June 2014 Issue

Publication of the DeBordieu Colony Community Association “DCCA”

Message From the DCCA President

June is here and that means summer is “officially” beginning at DeBordieu. We saw a great Memorial Day weekend and now that school is out, we’ll begin to see more families vacationing at our beautiful place. Let’s enjoy. The big vote for beach restoration is over and the results showed that an overwhelming number of owners understand the need to protect our most important asset. Thanks to all who worked to explain the reasons for moving forward with our project. It was a very well done campaign. I also want to recognize the owners who voiced their dissenting views. We have heard your positions and will take them into consideration as we move ahead with a long term strategy for the beach. Thank you for your zeal. Now we need to unite in our purpose to keep DeBordieu special. Allow me to share two quotes attributed to President Lincoln: “We are not enemies, but friends. We must not be enemies. Though passion may have strained, it must not break our bonds of affection….” And: “A house divided will not

stand.” Let’s try to keep those two principles in mind. All of us have our ideas about what is right for the community but we must remember that compromise will be necessary. We are addressing the imminent danger we face with the beach and must develop a long term plan that mitigates the periodic crisis events we’ve experienced. Appropriate members on our board will be reaching out to owners for input and help in this effort. An example of some good upcoming strategic work is the new Public Affairs Committee chaired by Emerson Gower. The first meeting held on May 27 illustrated to me what an outstanding group he has assembled in order to promote DeBordieu’s image and needs. Meanwhile, get out the suntan lotion and wave to your neighbors when you pass them on the roads or the beach.

Respectfully, Dick Rose

FOURTH OF JULY, 2014 DeBordieu Colony is busy year-round with many activities for our members and guests to enjoy, however July 4th is by far the day that stands out as having more community social activities than any other; the parade, beach, club carnival and the wonderful fireworks display. The parade is a tradition at DeBordieu which is enjoyed by members young and “older” alike. Everyone enjoys participating in the parade as a participant or as a bystander. However, at times participants and bystanders alike engage in extreme water fights which can lead to unwanted injuries, spoiling this fun event for everyone. If you choose to participate in the parade, or just watch it, please for the benefit of everyone, obey the following: • DO NOT throw water balloons – they hurt and can injure someone. • DO NOT use high-powered hoses – they also hurt and can injure someone. • DO NOT spray water on those not carrying water guns. They don’t want to get wet, yet they want to enjoy the event. • WATCH for floats with young children and DO NOT spray them. Parents please watch your children during this event and stop them from aggressively spraying those who want to participate in the fun without getting soaked.

Community Safety Corner DeBordieu as well as the entire Waccamaw Neck explodes with visitors during the warmer spring and summer months. Our goal of DeBordieu Community Safety is to provide a safe environment for property owners and guests. This can only be possible with your cooperation and participation. If you see or hear something that is out of the ordinary, call the gate at 843546-8520 any time, day or night, and an Officer will respond, evaluate the situation, and take the appropriate action. Don’t let the sight of something out of the ordinary slip by. DeBordieu Safety and Security officers need your eyes and ears out there. We encourage your calls! During the past few months we have experienced some vandalism inside the community as well as theft of items from unlocked vehicles. It is important to remember that even though we are a gated community, it is important to maintain the security of your home and vehicles. We recommend that vehicles left out in the driveway or parking area be locked, especially at night when most thefts occur. We invite you to complete a Dark House Form if you plan to leave your house for an extended amount of time. Officers will then watch your home during that time. When you return home, please advise the officer at the gate that you are home and your name will be taken off the watch list.

Golf Cart Rules and Safety Please keep in mind that there are children and adults jogging, bicycling and riding golf carts on the same roads with vehicles. We will need your help in promoting a safe environment in DeBordieu Colony. Please take these rules seriously and for the safety of everyone, please follow them. • To operate a golf cart you must carry a valid driver’s license. Underage operators must not drive golf carts, violators will be issued citations. • All golf carts must be parked in the designated areas for golf carts, either at the Beach Club / Pool parking area or at areas where the Beach walkway can be accessed. • You must be a Club member and have the proper decal to use the Club facilities and parking area, violators will be issued citations. Non Club members can park and use the other beach walkways to access the beach. Golf carts may not be parked in beach access walkways. • Please observe all posted speed limits on DeBordieu roadways and make this summer a safe and enjoyable one for the residents and guests.

DCCA Board Welcomes New Directors On Saturday May 3, 2014, over 100 community members attended the DCCA Annual Members’ meeting. Congratulations to the newly elected Board Directors; Bill Bowles, Jim Cooper, Pat Flinn and Dan Roach. The newly elected Directors will serve a three-year term. The Board also held an organizational meeting to elect the executive officers of the Association. The Executive Officers of the Association for the 2014 year are: President - Dick Rose, Vice President - Jim Christian, Treasurer - Dan Roach and Secretary - Marianne Mackey. Bill Bowles is a native of Lynchburg, Virginia. He graduated from Hampden Sydney and received his MBA from William and Mary. Bill lived in Columbia and Mt. Pleasant during the early part of his career with Abbott Laboratories. Eventually Bill and his family moved to Chicago where they lived for 30 years. Vowing to return to the warmth of South Carolina, Bill and his wife Tanis (of Charlotte) bought their DeBordieu home in 2005. While at Abbott, Bill held senior marketing and business unit leadership positions in the International Division and the Domestic Hospital Products Division. He was the Vice President of National Accounts when he retired from Hospira, an Abbott spinoff that is the largest hospital products company in the world. Bill and Tanis have 3 adult children. Bill enjoys golf and pretty much everything outdoors that DeBordieu and great weather have to offer. Jim Cooper was raised in Philadelphia and has lived and worked in Boston, New York, Atlanta and California. He moved to DeBordieu full time in August of 2008 when he retired. He and his wife Jane, who is a Nurse Practitioner, live full time on Lantana Circle. He has 4 children

and 5 grandchildren. He went to graduate school at Yale and Boston University and has an advanced degree in Philosophy, Theology and Literature. He spent 26 years in the technology industry; the majority of which were at Apple where he held positions in Operations, Technical and Support Services, and Sales. Jim has served for 2 years on the ARB. Pat Flinn was born in Washington. D.C. He was raised as a son of a U.S. Foreign Service Officer and lived in Sweden, Australia and Germany until attending college. In 1964, Patrick earned his B.A. degree at the University of Illinois. He joined the Army-Infantry as 1st Lieutenant from 19641966. In 1972 he attended Georgia State University where he received his MBA and in 1974 received his PMD from Harvard Business School. Patrick retired in January of 1996, as Chairman and CEO of BankSouth Corporation. He and his wife Susan have three children and four grandchildren. Dan Roach is a Director – Wealth Management at Morgan Stanley who has been employed with the firm in Columbia, SC for the past 32 years. He was the Treasurer of the Columbia YMCA for 15 years and is on the Investment Committee of the Upper Diocese of South Carolina of the Episcopal Church. Dan is also currently a board member of Brookgreen Gardens. Dan graduated in 1977 from the University of South Carolina. Dan and his wife Sharon, a retired attorney, have two daughters. The Roach’s built their house in DeBordieu in 2000, he has served on the Finance Committee and enjoys playing golf.

4th of July PARADE Beach Club Area

**Please NO Water Balloons or High-powered Water Hoses**

IT’S GOING TO BE A BLAST! Please Note: Luvan Blvd. traffic will be redirected to Wallace Pate Drive at 8:30pm. Parking is available at the Playground, the green space on Luvan Blvd. and the Golf Clubhouse parking area. Reminder: State law prohibits driving a golf cart at night and the use of fireworks elsewhere in DeBordieu Colony is prohibited.

9:00 am • Parade Line Up 10:30 am - 12:30 pm • Carnival at Pavilion 1:00 pm at the Beach • Military Flyover 6:30 pm – 9:00 pm Complimentary Carnival Rides 9:00 pm • Teal/Bridge Pond Fireworks Extravaganza

Fireworks Display Sponsored by DeBordieu Club and Community Association

Beach Restoration: The Next Phase Most of you are aware that the community voted decisively last month to renourish our beach. Beach restoration is scheduled to start in the November/December timeframe. The community’s participation rate on this vote was the highest in our history. We believe that this vote reflects our community members’ desire to protect our environment, property values and what surveys have indicated is our most highly valued asset. Over the past year the Board and members of the Beach Committee have worked diligently to disseminate information about all aspects of beach restoration. During this process, many asked a valid question, “What is the long range plan for our beach?” The reply was that the basis of any long range beach plan has to be adding sand to the beach because our beach is eroding rapidly. Therefore, primary focus has been to get approval from the community to restore sand to the beach to protect infrastructure, properties, and the enjoyment of this valuable asset to our community. Now that the community has approved moving forward to solve this short term problem, we are now developing a longer range plan to preserve our beach and dune system.

Over the next several months the Board will be engaging outside firms and conducting research to provide a comprehensive long range plan for your consideration in the Fall. This will involve reaching out to all property owners to get input on the direction that we should pursue. We will once again be communicating through the Blue Heron Newsletter, conference calls, webinars, email, surveys and face-to-face meetings. Above all, we want everyone to get the information that they need to make their decision. At this point, the overarching question is whether we do nothing after this renourishment, move forward with a sand only or a sand plus groins approach for future beach and dune system restoration. We will also be considering associated funding requirements for the most cost effective path to achieve our goals. The Beach Committee will continue to assess technologies and provide information about those that are feasible in helping us achieve community beach restoration goals. I want thank everyone that participated in this process. We look forward to communicating with you and getting your input and constructive suggestions as we move forward. Bill Bowles

ARB Reminders Summer is here and the growing season is in full bloom. If you own an undeveloped property this is a good time to consider underbrushing both to remove unsightly weeds, vines, and brush. Underbrushing also reduces the danger of wildfire from lightning strikes and other sources and helps to deter unwanted pests such as snakes, coyotes, raccoons, etc. DeBordieu has been recognized as a “Firewise Community” as part of the national Firewise program. This program recognizes the importance of working toward the goal of reducing loss of life, property and resources to wildland fire. If you have any questions or would like a list of contractors, please contact Meg Wilcox, ARB Administrator.

Most residents understand that new construction or significant renovations require ARB approval before the activity can begin; members may not be aware of other outside projects that also require ARB approval. The list includes vegetable gardens, fire pits, and yard ornaments, children’s play equipment, jungle gyms and basketball hoops, among others. If you are contemplating building or purchasing any of the items above or are simply not sure if your plans require ARB approval please contact Meg Wilcox either by email at, or 843-527-4436.


Betsy Brabson & Robin Baughn The 2014 loggerhead nesting season is off to a slow start. Volunteers, under the direction of the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources, began their sunrise walks on May 15 looking for the turtle tracks. Although there are over 100 nests south of North Inlet to Hilton Head Island, the 60 mile S.C.U.T.E. stretch from North Inlet to North Carolina has no nests as of May 27. This has not discouraged our volunteers here at DeBordieu & Hobcaw who hit the beach in the early dawn hours anticipating the first nest. The ‘13 season began slowly and we ended up having our best season with 108 nests!

Please do your part to help loggerheads and preserve their nesting habitat. Remove all your beach items at night and do not leave anything on the dunes. Turn off oceanfront lights by 10:00 p.m. May through October. If you dig holes on the beach, please do so below the high tide line so the ocean naturally fills them in at night. Pick up any trash and help keep our beautiful beach clean.

North Inlet Alert

Waccamaw Branch Library Auditorium Will Be Named For DeBordieu Community

Fishermen and boaters should be aware of the presence of sharks in the creeks of North Inlet. Numerous fishermen have reported losing fish to sharks as they were playing them. The picture below is all that remained of a hooked 30” redfish after a shark attacked it prior to boating. When releasing a fish, you are also cautioned not to hold a fish in the water with your hand. A safer practice is either to leave the fish in the landing net and slowly pull the net back and forth in the water to resuscitate the fish or to drop the fish head first back into the water thereby forcing water back through the gills of the fish. While there have been no reports of any incidents with boaters, you may not want to dangle fingers and toes in the water while riding in the creeks.

To keep up with daily nesting activity visit:

The large public meeting room at the new Waccamaw Neck Branch Library will be known as the DeBordieu Auditorium in recognition of residents’ contributions of more than $50,000 toward the facility. The name for the auditorium was approved by the Georgetown County Library Board last month. Jean Cross, co-chair of the library fundraising committee and a resident of DeBordieu, approached her neighbors last year with the idea of acquiring the naming rights to the 175 capacity meeting room. A number of people stepped forward to help with the campaign and by early 2014, total donations had exceeded the $50,000 goal. The donations included a “matching gift” donation that one resident was able to obtain from his previous employer. The new Waccamaw Neck Branch Library has been 12 years in the planning and fundraising stages, and now, things are moving forward quickly. Coastal Structures began work on the new facility in early February. Barring serious weather delays, the new library will be open by the end of 2014.

DeBorDieu Colony 181 Luvan Boulevard Georgetown, SC 29440

DCCA ADMINISTRATION DIRECTORY Phone: 843.527.4436 Fax: 843.546.8704

Blanche AMS, CMCA General Manager

Stephanie Johnson Executive Administrator

Brooke Phillips ...................... Administrative Assistant

Danielle Pope Member & Commercial Services

Architectural Review Board............................... 843.527.5033 Meg Wilcox ARB Administrator

Grounds Maintenance ...................................... 843.436.3333 David Sapp......................... Grounds Maintenance Manager

Community Safety “Safety & Security� ................ 843.527.4931 Mike Grabarz ....................... Chief of Community Safety

Amanda Elliott Administrative Assistant

GATEHOUSE Phone: 843-546-8520 Fax: 843-546-8532

2014-2015 DeBorDieu Colony BoarD anD Committee assignments

Dick Rose....................................... President Jim Christian................................... Vice President Marianne Mackey Secretary Dan Roach ................ Treasurer / Finance Jim Cooper ............................ Architectural Review Board Glynn Alexander ........................... Grievance Bill Bowles ............................. Long Range Planning Pat Flinn Director Mason Hogue Legal & Regulatory Wilson Lowery Infrastructure Bill Owen .................................. Director Carter Utzig .................. Beach

2014 June Edition of The Blue Heron  
2014 June Edition of The Blue Heron