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Publication of the DeBordieu Colony Community Association “DCCA”

December/ January 2014 Issue

Looking Back At 2013 As 2013 winds down, it is appropriate to reflect back on the many blessings we have enjoyed during the year. Certainly some of us have experienced difficult times as well and I trust the holidays will bring comfort and some joy to those so affected. Our community is beginning to get its winter “coat” and we will feel some chillier temps, but it is still as unique and beautiful as ever.

• Several different meetings with local, state and national legislators

• Online voting for community votes

I believe strongly that next year will be fruitful for us and that we will find solutions for many of our issues. I ask that everyone try not to speculate too much on what may or may not be happening and simply contact the appropriate person at DCCA or the board if you have some question about a rumor or event.

• Relations and communications with the Club continue to progress positively

As is always the case, we continue to have challenges. Our various committees are working on their respective areas of responsibility. We have some very capable and We had some good achievements during the year as the dedicated board members and we certainly get good input DCCA staff worked to meet objectives set for them. A few and suggestions from any number of property owners. things that were implemented include: • Significant savings on landscaping costs and real fine looking results • New entry gate software implemented and a new security chief on board • Our budget has been met and even outperformed in some segments • The website and newsletter have been upgraded

Meanwhile, enjoy the season! Dick Rose

AR UND THE COLONY DeBordieu Colony Grounds Operations Department The DeBordieu Colony Grounds Operations Department provides yard debris pickup for owners of improved properties on Monday and Thursday as follows: • Yard debris includes grass clippings, leaves, small branches and limbs a max. of 6” in diameter and not longer than 10’. • Consolidate small piles of debris into larger piles. • Consolidate debris piles with your neighbors. • Place limbs with the large end toward the street. • Place debris piles within 5’ of road. • Place debris piles away from fire hydrants, water meters or valves, drains and trees. • Do not place debris piles under power lines or low hanging limbs. • Debris from underbrushing vacant lots is excluded from roadside pickup and requires a permit from the ARB. • The DCCA does not remove solid waste, household furniture or ‘brown’ goods.

Firewise Underbrushing Continues Another section of the underbrushing work recommended to the DCCA by the South Carolina Forestry Commission (SCFC) and Firewise USA Communities for a reduction in fuels mitigation, has recently been completed. This project is funded by a state grant from the SC Forestry Commission. The areas of concentration during this effort have been portions of the wooded areas adjacent to the old carriage road (cart path) between S. Wallace Pate Drive, the Tennis Club and a small section of Wallace Pate Drive extending from Firehouse Road to the east.

DeBordieu Colony Community Safety Here are some helpful tips and precautions to encourage a safe and happy new year. Some of these are specific to the holiday season when we tend to be busy and distracted, but many are applicable year round. All of these tips are well worth considering and will help make DeBordieu Colony a safer place for you, your family, your neighbors, and your guests.

• Help watch for suspicious or unusual activity around your house, as well as your neighbor’s house. Report anything out of the ordinary to the DeBordieu Community Gatehouse. Please note, this service does not apply to new homes while under construction or to the debris from clearing an unimproved lot. Safety Tips for your home in DeBordieu Colony All debris for homes under construction or from clearing a • Whether traveling or staying in, keep all entry points lot must be hauled off DeBordieu property and disposed of at into your home secured. the County landfill. • Drain your exterior spigot and irrigation system. • Depending upon the length of your planned absence, Please keep in mind that our community debris site is to be used consider draining your hot water heater. for yard debris only. Appliances, flowering pots and building • Keep the Officers informed of your travel plans. If you materials are not allowed to be disposed of in this area. Please wish to have your home checked while you are away, you remember to utilize our community debris site only for grass will have to complete and sign the DeBordieu Community Safety Property and Premises Check Form. In case clippings, tree limbs and other yard debris. we have to check the interior of the house in the event of an emergency, have an extra key placed at the DeBordieu Community Gatehouse. Commercial Decals to Expire • Ask a neighbor along with the DeBordieu Community Safety Officers to watch your house. Put vacation holds on December 31 your mail and newspaper deliveries, or have someone pick it As part of a systematic process to validate commercial entry into up daily. the community the current purple contractor windshield decal • When returning to your home, look around the outside will expire December 31, 2013. The DeBordieu Community before entering. If you see something suspicious, call the DeBordieu Community Safety Gatehouse immediately for Safety and Security Department will begin the process of issuing officers to check the premises. new red decals on January 1. A more vibrant color on the windshield will increase visibility for the gate Officers as contractors are entering the property.

Wherever you are, always call 911 to report life-threatening emergencies involving criminal activity, vehicle accidents, medical problems, etc. Otherwise, contact the DeBordieu Gatehouse at (843) 546-8520.

DCCA 2014 Budget to Increase Contributions to Reserves After months of reviewing considerable input from the Finance Committee and staff, the DCCA Board approved the 2014 budget in its December 6, 2013 meeting. Contributions to the Reserve fund lead the increase for next year’s budget. The 2014 budget is built on an annual assessment of $2,205 per property. Of that amount, 20%, or $559,992 is budgeted for a contribution to the reserve. For 2013, DCCA budgeted $430,000 for the reserve; however, actual contributions for this year are expected to outpace the budget due to a positive year-to-date variance in operating expenditures. As stated in our covenants, the DCCA is charged with preserving the natural beauty of DeBordieu Colony and to protect and promote the value of property. Maintaining a sufficient reserve fund balance to meet the ongoing needs of replacing and repairing critical infrastructure such as roads, ponds, stormwater drainage and community equipment is critical to preserving our property values and quality of life. Other key components to the budget include an average 3.5% increase in employee related costs. As a service related operation, the budget allows for performance related payroll increases to those whose serve our community on a daily basis. Expenses related to maintaining beach access are expected to increase until the beach can be nourished as an eroding beach leads to ongoing weather related damages to the bulkhead, walkways and beach stairs. Other general operational and administrative costs are budgeted to increase albeit relatively minor. Thanks to all of the hard work of the committee, board members and staff in preparing the 2014 budget.




a Safe and Happy Holiday Season!


COMMUNITY BOARD BRIEFS The following are highlights from the DCCA October and December Board Meetings:

Approved: -Bob Kearns, Pat Lowery, Don McLaurin and Dick Schwab appointed to the Grievance Committee. -Homeowner’s ARB request for a variance to install a 30 foot flag pole. -Recommendation to adopt the 2014 Budget. -A lease to DCI to construct a storage shed on community property near the golf maintenance building and to amend the existing DCI playground lease terms to coincide with shed lease. -Recommendation to continue the coyote control in 2014. -DCCA to purchase sufficient steel sheet piling to build a 48’ coffer dam. -Grievance Committee’s recommendation to deny a property owner’s appeal to keep a temporary construction access road leading to their property.

Reported: -DeBordieu residents contributed over $13,500 to the Front Street Fire Relief Fund. -New Contractor decal color for 2014. -Security is using a new system called “Proxy Guard” to assist officers with property check detail using a GPS program. -White Paper on Section 22 Progress Report will be available to the community on the website. -Note: The December 6 meeting minutes are subject to change, as they have not yet been approved. Approved Board minutes are available online at

Beach Renourishment News The Beach Committee has been working diligently these last few months to assure we make an informed recommendation and you can make an informed decision. We have been talking with various governmental, environmental, engineering, academic, etc. organizations. The Coastal Conservation League (CCL) has also created a nice working dialog with the Beach Committee. While we might not agree on everything and our objectives are slightly different (CCL is focused on broad public policies that may or may not be in the interest of DeBordieu), CCL has provided good insights into our situation.


The Heinz paper (Coastal Hazards and Economic Externality: Implications for Beach Management Policies in the American Southeast: A Heinz Center Discussion Paper) referenced by Western Carolina University and other community members cannot be used to draw any conclusion about DeBordieu according to the study and one of the principal authors (Kriesel). CHART #1


3) Call it what you want - The ocean is rising: a. NOAA (SEA LEVEL VARIATIONS OF THE UNITED STATES 1854-1999 and other publications – on our community website) 1) Our entire beach is eroding: indicate that the mean sea level in our area a. Some areas faster than others - Table #1 (check (Charleston, SC) has risen on 3.05mm +/- the website for additional information). .27mm annually from 1950 to 1999 – some b. By design, our previous nourishment projects years it decreases and some years it is greater. resulted in accretion to the north and south– see Chart 1: Average Annual Change in MHW from There are other groups that produce similar numbers (see Figure #1). 2006 Base Line. b. So if the current trends hold, expect a rise in c. Picture #2 (1986) shows what happens to our sea level of about 7.25 inches over the next 50 entire beach over time. years. It could be more or less – there is not d. Our erosion is largely caused by the transport clear cut science to predict sea level rise with of sand north to south parallel to the beach certainty. rather than perpendicular to the beach (from the beach straight out into the ocean). 4) Named storms are inevitable: a. While NOAA has gotten more sophisticated, no 2) The quality of our beach affects the value of one is willing to bet the farm on the accuracy of a everyone’s property: prediction for exactly when a future hurricane a. Robert F. Salvino, PhD (Beach Stabilization will hit our coast. However, … Hedonic Valuation and Assessment Formulation b. …from 1901-2009, 27 cyclones have made Model Analysis for DeBordieu Colony, landfall on the South Carolina coast. Of these, Georgetown, SC) indicates there is an only eight were of Category 2 to Category 4 approximate $38K beach amenity premium intensity. There have been two Category 4 associated with a basic lot. The study can be hurricanes (Hazel, 1954, and Hugo, 1989) and found online for more information on how this two Category 3 hurricanes (1945, and 1959). premium increases the closer you are to the beach.

Beach Renourishment News (Continued...) 5) Without sand in front of the bulkhead, it will fail – it’s just a matter of time: See Picture #1 a. We have a bulkhead not a seawall. Seawalls are built to withstand the direct pounding of the sea, while bulkheads are not. Our bulkhead is being asked to do something it was not designed to do which is why you find bits and pieces of it along our beach.



b. Although homeowners along the bulkhead continue to spend considerable funds to maintain it, recent studies indicate that the wall is old and in need of repair. c. Current state laws do not allow us to convert the bulkhead to a seawall, build a new wall or repair the bulkhead if greater than 50% of the bulkhead is damaged (on a lot by lot basis). d. The bulkhead acts as a “groin” by slowing erosion northward. With the loss of the bulkhead expect the erosion rates to increase across our entire beach. FIGURE #1

6) Retreat means allowing the ocean to take homes and club property forever– only the rate at which it happens is debatable. See Picture #3 a. According to the surveys, many of the people who voted “no” explicitly opted for this solution. b. To understand what retreat really means to the community, I will provide more information in the next article. 7) Options to maintain the beach (e.g., nourishment) are very limited because of SC law and the type of erosion we experience – more on this in later articles. Our intent is to hold a conference call to address any questions about its content the beginning of January. If you have any questions or comments, please contact me at By: Carter Utzig PICTURE #3 BEACH CLUB, NOV. 2013

DeBorDieu Colony 181 Luvan Boulevard Georgetown, SC 29440

DCCA ADMINISTRATION DIRECTORY Phone: 843.527.4436 Fax: 843.546.8704

Blanche AMS, CMCA General Manager

Stephanie Johnson Executive Administrator

Brooke Phillips ...................... Administrative Assistant

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Grounds Maintenance ...................................... 843.436.3333 David Sapp......................... Grounds Maintenance Manager

Community Safety “Safety & Security� ................ 843.527.4931 Mike Grabarz ....................... Chief of Community Safety

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GATEHOUSE Phone: 843.546.8520 Fax 843.546.8532

2013-2014 DeBorDieu Colony BoarD anD Committee assignments

Dick President Glynn Alexander Vice President David Kossove Secretary Marianne Mackey Treasurer / Finance Jim Director Jim Cooper Architectural Review Board Mason Hogue .......... Legal & Regulatory Bill Owen ................................ Infrastructure Bill Rentz Grievance Dick Schwab Director Carter Utzig Beach Claire Yarborough Director

2014 January edition of The Blue Heron  
2014 January edition of The Blue Heron