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CITROテ起 DS3 ACCESSORIES 5263 DS3 Online Access Brochure.indd 1

2010/11/15 12:40 PM

Customization stickers

White with leather graining – Ref: 9423 02

Chrome door side strips

A QUESTION OF STYLE Multiple accessories for an ever more singular vehicle! Interior and exterior accessories created by CITROĂ‹N stylists provide a unique creative space for you to express your personality as you wish.

Ref: 9425 AZ

A multitude of style options and as many opportunities to mark your vehicle with an original signature, yours.

Chrome wing mirror shells Ref: 9425 AY


5263 DS3 Online Access Brochure.indd 2

2010/11/15 12:40 PM

Customization stickers

Black carbon look – Ref: 9423 03

Chrome number plate surround Ref: 9424 F9

Lower headlight chrome trim Ref: 9424 F6

Rear screen chrome trim Ref: 9424 F8

Chrome rear light trim Ref: 9424 F7

Chrome grille half-surround Ref: 9424 F5

Chrome fog light trim Ref: 9482 68


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2010/11/15 12:40 PM

THE ATTITUDE Your CITROテ起 DS3 is an essential source of well-being. The pleasure of driving in comfort and feeling the ergonomic qualities of the accessories imagined for your well-being.

Vanity mirror Ref: 9453 15

Hanger on headrest Ref: 9414 93

Isotherm module 16l/21l Ref: 9456 03/9645 59

Front central armrest with storage Ref: 9440 18


5263 DS3 Online Access Brochure.indd 4

2010/11/15 12:40 PM

Smokers’ kit: specific ashtray Ref: 9425 C9

Sun blind for rear side windows Ref: 9459 G8

Sun blind for rear window

Wind deflectors Ref: 9421 A9

Ref: 9459 G9

Parking aid sensors

Front, 4 sensors: Ref: 9690 01 Rear, 4 sensors: Ref: 9452 95 Rear with aerial: Ref: 9452 71


5263 DS3 Online Access Brochure.indd 5

2010/11/15 12:40 PM

NOTE: CITROテ起 DS3 Genuine Accessories are specifically designed for the CITROテ起 DS3 model, guaranteeing conformity and performance. With these competitive priced accessories, we offer quality that assures your vehicle's reliability and durability. Current photographic and reproduction techniques do not produce accurate colours on printed media, therefore this brochure is for general information only. Visit or any CITROEN Dealer for more information or call our Customer Care line.

CITROテ起 CUSTOMER CARE: 0860 211 112


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2010/11/15 12:40 PM

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