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00 // ABOUT ME


born and raised on great keppel island


first job: sold coconuts on the beach


Found an interest in architecture


applied for architecture school


won a $20k scholarship & commenced undergrad@QUT / started first job in a studio


graduated bach. Architecture+ Construction management


started masters of arch / Full time work


came 2nd and 3rd place in my first Architecture competition


moved to Melbourne for change of scenery and to complete masters at RMIT


Gosford Aquatics Centre; Sports & Rec Thomsonadsett

At Thomsonadsett I had the opportunity to put together a concept package and be design lead for a new Aquatics centre and Olympic pool precinct in Gosford, NSW. As the site is located right on the waterfront near the CBD, there is massive potential to completely transform this area into an active hub for the city of Gosford. The overall concept of the aquatics centre is based on the movement of swimming - the form flows in a way that it makes it effortless to navigate the site, and encourages pedestrian circulation through and around the perimeter of the building. This ‘flow’ extends out from building to the water, where we have proposed a new waterfront walkway to connect to the existing path that leads to the city, encouraging visitors to walk. Scope of works delivered to the client included concept drawings, town planning application, and concept presentation images including mood boards for material selection.

Bayview Sports Centre Sports & Recreation


At Thomsonadsett I played a major role in creating an architectural concept package and be design lead for a new multi-sports (basketball/netball courts, gymnastics, and AFL/soccer) centre in Clarendon Vale, Tasmania. The proposed building is adjoined to the existing Bayview Secondary college and will be the first of its kind in Tasmania. Throughout this process I helped develop the concept right from the hand drawn sketch stage to the final CD package and presentation for council. As this project is essentially extending an existing school facility, the spatial planning and form of the building is crucial to the outcome of pedestrian flow and use of the new facility. The form is shaped in a way that makes the transition from old to new seamless and effortless.


Doutta Galla aged care; Interiors


At Thomsonadsett I had the opportunity to put together an interiors package and be design lead for a refurbishment of an existing aged care facility; Lynch’s Bridge. The theme used throughout the refurbishment scope reflected the nature of the peppercorn tree, which is prevalent throughout the suburb this aged care facility is located. Through the use of this natural palette with a dash of pomegranate, existing spaces will be reinvigorated and bring some life to these spaces that the elderly inhabit on a daily basis. Throughout this process I liased with the client on the scope of works, what they envisioned for each space, technical requirements of the facility, and seamlessly designed each space to correlate with each other and create a flow within the facility that is currently not present. Scope of works delivered to the client included concept drawings, town planning application, and interiors presentation including mood boards for material selection. During the time of this project I had little to no supervision and I was the first point of contact for our office.


4000 ideas conceptual diagrams - human and traffic movement

The Portal is a place to meet; a central hub; a landmark; a building Brisbane can be proud of.

4000ideas architecture competition Awarded 2nd + 3rd place (peoples choice)

Brief: To create a transit centre in the heart of Southbank’s cultural centre to connect people to the new metro rail and bus system. The Portal’s main conceptual driver is the nature of human movement, the act of being in transit. The effortless geometry of this structure aims to change the influential day-to-day human experience of transitioning from one place to the other whether it would be commuting or leisurely travel. Commuting takes up a large amount of time in our lives; and is often a time of the day where people tune out and turn on autopilot on their way to work or home. They are often not engaged in their surroundings while transiting, as their current surroundings lack creativity, and are often quite bleak. Most people who commute by train or bus rarely get to experience an abundance of nature on the way to their destination, especially within the CBD. It is proven that being exposed to nature is good for human mentality and health - why not experience this everyday and not just on the weekend?

grey st - artists impression

ground floor plan

grey st - artists impression

level one floor plan

birds e

level two floor plan

level three floor plan

birds eye - artists impression

grey st - artists impression

floating gardens waiting lounges community gardens

creative spaces/dining

existing railway ground floor creative marketspace

metro bus station


Alluvion; Art gallery + Visitors centre QUT Bachelor of Design (Arch)

This project is located in Rockhampton; a highly flood prone area within Queensland. The Brief that I had been given was to create a building of flood resiliency and value; to bring together the local community and visitors; to create space that provokes positivity and creativity.

I responded to this brief by creating a building that incorporates an aesthetic that leaves an impression of lightness and buoyancy. All gallery and visitor spaces are elevated off the ground by 4 metres with open space below the structure for markets during the time of no flood. The appearance of the building “floating� off the surface is designed to lure people in to explore the formation and circulate through the building, increasing pedestrian flow within the surrounding streets in Rockhampton CBD.

hall of democracy


Hall of Democracy; Government Building QUT Bachelor of Design (Arch)

In my final semester of Architecture at QUT we were to design, check code compliance and document a “Hall of democracy” in Brisbane, where the current government building is located on the corner of Alice and George Street. This buildings intent was to break the usual “government building” aesthetic into a completely new approach - one that reaches out and invites people in, rather than keeping people out. The building contained interactive gallery spaces, a debating room for people to voice their opinion on current issues, collaborative study spaces and private meeting rooms.

site connection

sun control

centralised atrium

As I designed a quite complex building in regards to form and layout, this was a great challenge and learning curve for me. As part of the brief we had to deliver a construction set consisting of floor plans, elevations, sections, section details, stair and ramp details.


Harbourfront Redevelopment - Fiji Competition - Thomsonadsett

Brief: to retain the existing heritage retail/commercial building and expand it to create a new meeting place for the local community, new cafes/bars, and provide more GFA for commercial + retail. The main design objective in this competition was to create work and leisure spaces orientated around a main atrium to let in an abundance of natural light - in result, creating a pleasant central space that would marry the old and the new seamlessly with nature weaving the two structures into each other. The roof covering the atrium space provides the transparency for natural lighting but also creates interest from the street elevation - providing people with a subtle hint that something lies behind the front facade. The repetitive language of the heritage structure is carried on through the new build while still providing ample shop front for the retail spaces on street level.



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Deborah Morris - Portfolio of works - 2020  

Deborah Morris - Portfolio of works - 2020