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Greater Orlando SGNA The professional Newsletter for Greater Orlando’s Society of Gastroenterology Nurses and Associates | February 2012

December Meeting Report & GOSGNA Update The December meeting took place at the Holiday Inn in Titusville and was hosted by Space Coast Endoscopy and Wuesthoff Hospital Rockledge. The 31 attendees enjoyed an excellent dinner, festive dĂŠcor and a very interesting and informative talk by Dr Hasen on EUS. Thank you Cook Medical for making this dinner meeting possible. During the short business meeting that followed Jackie expressed her thanks to everyone for the support they have given her during her presidency. Plans continue for SIE 2012. All members were encouraged to help with our major yearly event. Each facility is encouraged to donate an item for the raffle. A lap top was available at the meeting to assist members to vote for their choice in the National SGNA election. Election of President Elect took place with Don Cooper taking the position. Raffle drawing winners included Sally Newman, Selma Daniels, Candy Penda, and the 50/50 went to Kathy Kaus.

Mark Your Calendar! Tuesday, February 14, 2012 6:30 PM Host:

Celebration Health Hospital


Celebration Health Hospital 400 Celebration Place Celebration, FL 34747


Dr. Shams Tabrez


ERCP: A GI Nurse Needs to Know



Dinner and one CEU (must have License # to get CEU) Members free; non-members $10; non-member techs $5 RSVP by February 10, 2012 to: or 407-303-4493

The The Professional Professional Newsletter Newsletter forfor Greater Greater Orlando’s Orlando’s Society Society of of Gastroenterology Gastroenterology Nurses Nurses and and Associates Associates | |February June 2010 2012

GOSGNA NEWS 2012 Officers for 2012:

President: Leslie McRae-Matthews MSN, CGRN VA Clinic Orlando (H) 407-884-6684 President Elect: Don Cooper MBA BSN RN CGRN LNC Florida Hospital Heartland (W) 863-402-3279 Past President: Jackie Mahoney RN, CGRN Surgery Center of Mount Dora (W) 352-383-1268 (H) 352-250-6899

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Thought to Ponder “Trust yourself. You know more than you think you do.” ~ Benjamin Spock

Secretary/Newsletter Editor/Website Director: Nancy Hamlin RN,CGRN Wuesthoff Hospital- Rockledge (H) 321-383-0868 Treasurer: Monica Kirkpatrick RN CGRN Creation’s Own (W) 321-259-7111 (H) 321-327-7528

Tired of

Additional Board Members

for your


CEU Coordinator: Mary Wagner RN Florida Hospital Altamonte (W) 407-303-2251 (H) 407-365-1232 Vendor Coordinator: Kim Rodriguez RN, CGRN Melbourne GI Center (W) 321-434-1919 (H) 321-956-0751 SIE Coordinator: Donna McKinley RN,CGRN Cape Canaveral Hospital (W) 321-868-7230 (H) 321-453-0153


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2012 The TheProfessional ProfessionalNewsletter NewsletterforforGreater Greater Orlando’s Orlando’s Society Society of of Gastroenterology Gastroenterology Nurses Nurses and and Associates Associates | February | June 2010

Letter from the President Happy New Year to everyone! I hope that everyone had a great holiday with their family and friends. Well, it’s a new year and I am proud to be able to serve as the GOSGNA regional president for 2012-2013.

While we are a very busy and successful region, there are some things that I would like to improve, such as increasing membership, promoting and increasing certified members and increasing our voting compliance. I would also like to see us receive the national “Outstanding Region” award; so there are some things that we need to work on: Increase our legislative involvement, have members present a poster or be a presenter for one of the sessions at national.

With much anticipation and anxiety, I plan to continue the leadership that all of the previous GOSGNA presidents have created. I have a wealth of experience and support from the board members, but our organization is more than just the board. I invite all of our members to get more involved, so that we will have successful individuals to succeed us. You can get involved by hosting a regional meeting, assisting at Spring into Endoscopy or volunteering to be on the planning committee.

I look forward to serving as your president for the next two years, but I cannot do it alone. Hope to see you all at our first meeting in February. —Leslie McRae-Matthews, MSN, CGRN GOSGNA Regional President

Mindfulness Meditation Relieves IBS Severity According to research presented at the 2011 Digestive

on thoughts of past and future.” A growing body of

Disease Week meeting, mindfulness meditation is as

evidence shows the approach reduces symptom severity

much as four times more effective than group support in

and improves the quality of life in patients with a spectrum

relieving the severity of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)

of conditions and diseases, ranging from fibromyalgia to

symptoms. Patients with IBS who participated in eight

anxiety. To investigate the therapy’s efficacy, Dr. Gaylord

weekly meditation sessions and meditated daily at home

and colleagues randomly assigned 34 women with IBS

experienced residual symptom relief three months after

to participate in eight weekly sessions of a mindfulness

ending treatment.

program and another 32 women with IBS to attend eight

The most significant feature of IBS is that the pain and

weekly support groups. Patients were a mean age of 43 years. The researchers measured the severity of IBS

symptoms can be all-consuming. According to Lucinda

symptoms using the IBS Severity Scale, the IBS Quality of

A. Harris, MD, “Mindfulness therapy provides a way to

Life scale, the Brief Symptom Inventory-18, and the Visceral

break the cycle. It’s not ‘the answer,’ but it seems like

Sensitivity Index prior to and following treatment as well as

a promising adjunctive therapy that can really benefit IBS patients without side effects.” The study’s primary

three months after the study ended.

investigator Susan Gaylord, PhD, director of the Program

The team found IBS-SS scores among mindfulness program

on Integrative Medicine, University of North Carolina

participants dropped by a mean 25.4% at the end of the

at Chapel Hill, described mindfulness meditation as a

two-month treatment period, compared with a mean 6.2%

behavioral technique that teaches patients to “attend to

reduction in IBS-SS scores among support group attendees.

present-moment experience and nonjudgmental awareness

Moreover, symptom severity continued to drop three

of sensations and emotions, as well as to let go of fixations

months after formal treatment ended, with a 38.2% and continued on back

Stercoral, or stercoraceous, ulcers result from pressure necrosis caused by hard and firm stools.

Answer to can you identify this?


EVENTS & CALENDAR Calendar: February 14, 2012 Regional Meeting – Celebration March 31, 2012 Spring into Endo April 10, 2012 Regional Meeting-Southlake

May 18-23, 2012 SGNA 39th Annual Course Phoenix , Arizona June 12, 2012 Regional Meeting-South Seminole August 14, 2012 Regional Meeting – Florida Hospital Altamonte

September 2012 FLSGNA State Meeting October 9, 2012 Regional Meeting- Endoscopy Surgical Center of Florida December 4, 2012 Regional Meeting Florida Hospital

Visit our web site: SGNA Newsletter Nancy Hamlin, Editor 3650 Wood Duck Drive Mims FL 32754


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11.8% reduction in IBS-SS scores in the mindfulness and

treatment option for IBS patients.

support groups, respectively. Scores on the IBS-QOL, the

“Mindfulness-based stress management programs are

BSI-18 anxiety subscale and the VSI all were significantly better among mindfulness subjects than support group attendees three months after treatment cessation. Dr. Gaylord believes her study provides enough evidence to justify recommending mindfulness meditation as a

widely accessible through medical and health institutions in the United States, and physicians can safely refer their patients to these programs,” Dr. Gaylord concluded. (Adapted from an article in Gastroenterology News)


Congratulations to...

We need donations for the Spring into Endo raffles.

Don Cooper elected GOSGNA President Elect at the December meeting.

GOSGNA February 2012 Newsletter  

The professional Newsletter for Greater Orlando’s Society of Gastroenterology Nurses and Associates

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