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Deborah Madera Texas A&M University Undergraduate Portfolio

“Architecture should speak of its time and place, but yearn for timelessness�

-Frank Gehry

Deborah Madera





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ENDS 105 FALL 2012 Professor Rodney Hill


PERSONAL LOGO This is my personal logo designed to be a representation of myself in all my works. Versions of it appear in my micro dwelling, lake house, releif models, and parti.


Micro Dwelling Due to exponential growth in population and lack of space to grow into there is now an importance of small yet functional spaces. The goal was to create a single person dwelling fully equipped with all the daily life necessities but using the least possible square footage.

This is a ‘ x 10’ home with a covered patio to block the heat from sun rays. my logo is used as a window and is also represented in the facade


FURNITURE DESIGN Due to rising cost of lumber and limited supply, only one 4’ x 8’ sheet of birch plywood was used. All the joints are held together by friction and interlocking parts which allows this piece to be taken apart and stored inside of a large suitcase for easy transportation. This muli-purpose piece serves as a coffee table, book shelf, and chair.


ENDS 115 FALL 2012 Professor Erica Quinones


SKETCHES Various sketches done through out my first semester. Barcelona Pavilion

Abstract Logo

Academic Building Texas A&M University

Isometric of relief model


ENDS 106 SPRING 2013 Professor Erica Quinones


HL23 STUDY MODEL The purpose of this model was to study existing buildings by their design and structure. High Line 23 is located in New York desinged by Neil Denari Architects. It is a 14 story building with ground floor galleries and 12 condo-lofts, one on each floor, next to the High Line. This structure is precisely shaped by a junxtion of forces that are a combination of both found and implanted ecologies.

The model showed how designs get transformed into true structure. The reverse approach showed how structure needs to be a early thought. Fall glass walls can be very appealing but if the structure is not fully thought through the design can fail. My model was featured on “SuperArchitects” a global digital platform that exhibits student works. Comments were “Model looks professionally done, great work.”


PORTAL This project started as an abstract representation of two characters from a book or movie and their relationship then transformed into a portal representing a journey through characteristics and relationships that can be experienced. I chose Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase from The Lightning Theif. Percy is confused and unorganized on the outside but through out the book his inner structured self comes out. Annabeth is sheltered and serious girl with a fun outgoing personality waiting to come out. They bring out the good in each The study models were combined to one other and help the other evolve through final portal. The portal is a journey that out their journey. someone takes to get from one side to the

other but the journey is more important than the destination.


The person choosing to take the journey has two options to enter and two options to exit. The journey can be taken in four different ways. This gives the person freedom to choose their paths and get a different experience every time. The option with the stairs alternates between dark and light. The straight flat option provides full green filtered light with direct shadows and views of the shadows casted on the wall. The middle of the portal gives the person a time to pause in a dark room. The windows represent not only the path but also the organized caotic personality of Percy Jackson. The mix of light in dark represents the battle of serious and relaxed personality of Annabeth Chase.



The purpose of this project was to create a hidden room out of the other four rooms. Each room has to have access to either two other rooms or a room and outside. The fith room has to be hidden and has to be able to be accessed by going through all of the rooms and outside.

Floor Plan Level 1

Floor Plan Level 2


The concept behind the hidden room is that the room is hidden so simply within the complexity. The faceted exterior allows the hidden room to be hidden in plain sight. The room is located in the space created by the stepping up of the rooms. The interior creates a big contrast from the outside by appearing simple but the windows add unique lighting through the frosted glass. Section cut A

Section cut B



ENDS 116 SPRING 2013 Professor Russell Reid


MARKER RENDERINGS Life-like renderings done with Prismacolor Markers.

Theme: Masonry

Theme: Wood


Theme: Reflection

Theme: Light and Shadow

Theme: Water


ENDS 205 FALL 2013 Professor Ray Holiday


DOG HOUSE Design Partner: Mariela Flores Building Assistants: Taylor Smith and Amneh Al-Sholi The “Woof-chitects� was a submission to the Brazos Bark & Build at the Weiner Fest. The purpose of the assignment was to not only design buildings but be able to apply design ideas to anything. This project put construction details into perspective rather than just design ideas.


Our house is a representation of the transition of the dog coming from wild wolf roaming free in nature to becoming a domesticated pet. Our design draws from the environment its ancestors lived in such as a water fall, rocks, and trees, but converts them into modern uses. We combined modern design with natural features to create a balanced environment for a lucky dog to enjoy. It can feel tied to its past but enjoy its new lifestyle. We got our inspiration from Frank Lloyd Wright’s Falling Water because we felt it was a perfect example of modern architecture interacting with nature. Our house includes an indoor area, an outdoor shaded area, a sun bathing balcony, waterfall falling into a water bowl, and a food bowl. The optimal orientation would be the door facing south due to the different sun intensities. About 75% of the materials used were recycled from old wood pallets. Built by all girls, this luxurious house provides a very special dog with shelter with style.


Our dog house got the first bid of the day and ended up out selling all of the 20+ submissions. The house sold for $175. All of the money went to the Brazos Animal Shelter. We recieved the “High Roller� award.


FIRE STATION The assignment was to design a sustainable My fire station was designed with the idea or separation of function and also availability to the public. I wanted to keep the different aspects of the fire station, such as administration and fireman, separate while also making the community feel welcomed in and safe. South Padre is a small island full of free spirited close people therefore I wanted my fire station to reflect that.



REST AREA The assignment was to follow all the rules and guidelines, set by the Texas Department of Transportation, for a Safety Rest Area located on I-35. My concept for the safety rest area was the four elements, earth, fire, water, and air. I wanted to bring all of the elements together and create a place where travelers can relax. Along the rest of the land are walkways, short and long, for people to go on a walk and stretch out their legs.

The main building has all four elements represented. The materials used are stone, timber, and slate to emphasize on the earthly aspect of the design. The roof is uniquely shaped to represent wind and along the sides and inside of the building is water and fire features. The main purpose of the water fall and river is to relax the visitors with the calming noise. The center part of the main building has a frosted glass roof, with a slight slope, protected by a curved metal shade.



Along the site there is 8 covered picnic areas that resemble the roof of the main building.

A outside restroom is required for afterhour visiters to be able to have access. It resembles the sides of the main building.

This covered picnic area covers 5 picnic tables and provides a lot of shade. It resembles the sunshade at the entrance of the building.


Selected Works


DRAWINGS Drawings made with pencil, pen, and or marker.


COMPUTER PROGRAMS Various works done on various programs with in the past three years.



2013 Undergrad Portfolio  

Texas A&M first year Architecture portfolio.