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Deborah Hunter-Harvill Received Distinguished Alumni Award From Marygrove College

About Deborah Hunter-Harvill Deborah Hunter-Harvill is the founder and CEO of Hunter-Harvill Educational Associates Inc, a company which is developed to share experiences, best practices and expertise for better educating youth and creating confidence, team approach and passion within parents and colleagues.

Deborah Hunter- Harvill is an experienced educator who received many awards and grants throughout her career.

Deborah Hunter­Harvill's Experience  with  Marygrove College Hunter-Harvill says, “Marygrove College taught me to stay focused in order to excel or become successful. My spirituality really grew while living in the dorm at Marygrove. There was a connection with the community. The connection anchored my soul, heart, mind and body to make the best decisions.”

Alumni Award received by Deborah Hunter-Harvill From Marygrove College, she received the Distinguished Alumni Award for the best-quality education she gave to many students and engaged in mentorships for aspiring administrators.

She says, “It was at Marygrove College that I

learned how to learn and how to give back to the community.”

Deborah Hunter-Harvill dedicated her life to educating students, who will lead and give back to their communities one day. She is committed to prepare her students to be the best that they can be. She is passionate about moving students from low-achieving status to a high-achieving status.

Reading is a personal pastime of  Dr. Harvill. She encourages her students to read  more and more books and research  papers. 

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Deborah hunter harvill received distinguished alumni award from marygrove college  

Deborah Hunter-Harvill is an experienced educator who received many awards and grants throughout her career. From Marygrove College, she rec...