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Eight Key Advantages to Investing in Costa Rica Located in Central America, 9 degrees North of the equator, Costa Rica enjoys both tropical and sub-tropical climates. Three million of the country’s total population is centrally located in the capital city of San Jose and the other million is spread throughout the various provinces. The national language is Spanish, with English being the second language and widely used. Although Costa Rica accounts for less than 1% of the world’s landmass (approximately the size of North Dakota), the country is home to over 12% of the world’s biodiversity. Costa Rica has lush tropical rainforests, abundant wildlife, and breathtaking beaches lining both the Pacific and Caribbean coasts. With 1290 kilometers (over 800 miles) of coastline, it is easy to understand why this magnificent country is called Costa Rica or “Rich Coast.” The summer season, when the majority of tourism occurs, takes place between December and April. The weather is great all year round, aside from six weeks of rainy season between late September and early November. Costa Rica’s average temperature is 78 degrees.

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Eight Key Advantages to Investing in Costa Rica Costa Rica sells itself as a superb vacation or retirement spot as the country truly has something for everyone. Attractions vary from world-class surfing, deep sea fishing, extraordinary birdlife, and diverse ecosystems with different animals in each area. Costa Rica is the #1 eco-tourism destination in the world. In addition, the country is also ranked as one of the hot spots for weddings. Simply put, Costa Rica is the perfect place to relax, have fun, and enjoy the world around you! Recently, Costa Rica has been discovered for the investment opportunities that lie herein. Investors have the opportunity to own spectacular vacation real estate, while enjoying the benefits of investing in the hot real estate market Costa Rica offers where your dollar buys you more and your standard of life increases exponentially!

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Eight Key Advantages to Investing in Costa Rica The following are Eight Advantages to investing in real estate in Costa Rica: 1.

Costa Rica Has a Stable Government

Costa Rica is a democratic country with a very stable government. Costa Rica abolished its army in 1948 and enjoys a peaceful democratic existence. It is often referred to as the “Switzerland of Central America.� The current President, Oscar Arias, has been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for his work towards the signing of an accord to promote democracy and peace in Central America in the 1980s. Stability in a government ensures investors that property value fluctuations will not result from political or governmental unrest. Investors can feel confident in investing their money in such an environment.

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Eight Key Advantages to Investing in Costa Rica 2.

Costa Rica Has a Stable Currency

Investors can be assured that their money is safe in Costa Rica, where government stability lends support to maintaining currency stability. The Costa Rican colon (CRC) is the official currency. As of this writing $1.00 USD is equal to 510.61CRC. Costa Rica accepts the US dollar as legal tender; thus ATM’s issue both US dollars and Costa Rican colones & all businesses accept US currency. Bank accounts can also be issued in either dollars or colones for ease of use.

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Eight Key Advantages to Investing in Costa Rica 3.

Costa Rica Offers Tax Savings

The Costa Rican government has created one of the most attractive investment environments in Latin America. Capital gains tax = 0% One of the greatest benefits to investors is that there are currently no capital gains taxes in Costa Rica when selling real estate. This means that you, the investor, keep 100% of the profits instead of having 22% taken by the U.S. and Canada governments. Property tax – 0.25% At 0.25%, the property tax rate is dramatically lower than most places in the world. For example: in Texas, property taxes range from 2.5 to 3.0%, and in Miami/Dade County, they can be much higher! Lower property taxes contribute to reducing annual expenses for home owners and keep the holding costs of all real estate substantially lower than most places in the world! Luxury Tax Although a complex calculation is required to ascertain whether or not the property must pay this new luxury tax, it is still minimal in comparison to properties around the world. Ask your realtor if the property you are considering would fall under the luxury tax law.

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Eight Key Advantages to Investing in Costa Rica Corporations: The Sociedad Anonima (S.A.) Translated as “anonymous society,” an S.A. allows property owners to keep their names off the title of any real estate where the property is held or owned by a corporation. Normally, the sole asset of the corporation is one condo/home/parcel of land, with “the owner” being the shareholder(s) of the corporation. Therefore, real estate transactions are considered share transfers as the shares are simply transferred from seller to buyer. 90% percent of property purchased in Costa Rica is done through corporations or S.A.’s. Owning property through a corporation lends a certain amount of anonymity to the shareholders. Shareholder loans fund property purchases made through these S.A.’s. Rental income and annual expenses can be taken out of the corporation as dividend income, used against the initial investment. As a result, no taxes would be due on the rental income as long as there is a balance yet to be paid to the shareholders loan. Income Tax: From the CR government’s perspective, only income generated in Costa Rica is subject to Costa Rican income tax. A wide variety of expenses are deductible, thus lowering the tax exposure. Please note: Potential investors should verify all tax information through independent tax professionals. United Country-Resort Realty would be happy to connect you with a tax professional in Costa Rica to assist you with your due diligence.

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Eight Key Advantages to Investing in Costa Rica 4.

Costa Rica is Within Easy Reach of Major Cities

Proximity to major U.S. and Canadian cities makes Costa Rica an ideal vacation and investment location. Great tourist destinations require easy, quick, and affordable access to major cities. Costa Rica has direct flights of three to five hours from the following international airports:  Atlanta  Dallas  Denver  Fort Lauderdale  Houston  Los Angeles  Miami  New York  Phoenix  Toronto As Costa Rica becomes more popular, the number of direct flights to European cities will increase. Remember, all costs associated with your trip are deductible from Costa Rican income tax, and possibly from U.S. taxes.

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Eight Key Advantages to Investing in Costa Rica 5.

Costa Rica Has a Healthy Local Economy

With its healthy economy based mostly on tourism and agriculture, Costa Rica tops the list of affordable places to retire while maintaining a comfortable standard of living. Investors are attracted to this combination of value and comfort. The Central Pacific region of Costa Rica, including Playa Herradura, Jaco, Hermosa, and Esterillos, has the closest set of beaches to the capital city of San Jose. The immense investment in infrastructure has promoted growth, resulting in modern medical clinics, world-class restaurants and hotels, exciting nightlife, high quality schools, and dependable banks. Only 5% of the coastline of Costa Rica is title to the 50 meter high-tide line. While most of Costa Rican beachfront property is concession land or lease land from the government (similar to ground lease in the U.S.), all of Playa Jaco is title oceanfront. Many investors do not feel comfortable investing heavily in concession land; this is not an issue in Jaco. The scenic roads leading in and out of the Central Pacific region are some of the best in Costa Rica. A new highway, named the Autopista del Sol, is now complete, making the Central Pacific region even more accessible by shortening the now two hour trip into a quick 1 hour drive. The highway is a toll highway, built by a Spanish company and is complete with passing lanes to make the trip out enjoyable, not to mention incredibly beautiful and lush. Speculators are now saying that more San Jose residents will make the “beach� their home due to the increased accessibility and preferable climate, thus pushing prices up with the augumented demand.

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Eight Key Advantages to Investing in Costa Rica Costa Rica’s unique characteristics, strategic location, business incentives, highlyeducated work force, competitive labor costs, & political and economic stability have encouraged not only investors, but high tech companies to invest in Costa Rica as well. Since 1995, 32 foreign electronics firms have established power technologies, system integration technologies, and call centers in Costa Rica; including Intel, Microsoft, Lucent Technologies, and Siemens. Other notable companies with a presence in Costa Rica include Johnson & Johnson, Acer, and General Electric. Most major restaurant and fast food chains have outlets in Costa Rica; such as McDonalds, Pizza Hut, Quizno's, Subway, T.G.I. Fridays, and many more. Around the globe, very little beachfront investment property remains with even fewer boasting the superb qualities of the Central Pacific area of Costa Rica. Despite substantial growth and development in recent years, Costa Rica still has affordable investment properties available. With the recent economic difficulties Costa Rica has seen prices pushed back nearly 5 years. Savvy investors are taking advantage of these now stabilized prices, focusing on constructed, completed properties and raw land where great discounts and value lie. A 2 bedroom beach front condo is now available for $280,000 U.S. Compare that to the waterfront properties in your area and we are sure you’ll see the remarkable value here!

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Eight Key Advantages to Investing in Costa Rica 6.

Costa Rica Has an Affordable Cost of Living

Many North Americans who are planning to retire in the next five to ten years will not have enough money to maintain their accustomed standard of living in their home country. This generation of retirees are looking for places like Costa Rica where their retirement funds will go further and their lifestyle will be even better than before. Costa Rica is now the #1 country for Americans to retire to, according to U.S. social security agency! Typical prices in Costa Rica include:  $0.75 for a beer  $3.00-5.00 for lunch  $350 per month for a full-time housekeeper  $100 for a gardener / month  $6.00 for a full-detail car wash  $30 for a teeth cleaning  $35 to have a tooth filled  $35 for a medical visit

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Eight Key Advantages to Investing in Costa Rica 7.

Costa Rica Has No Ownership Restrictions

In many countries, only Nationals can purchase land with fee simple title. Without titled ownership, foreigners’ investments are at great risk in these countries, but this is not the case in Costa Rica. All foreigners enjoy the same rights as Costa Ricans when it comes to real estate ownership. Titled, fee simple properties are all registered in the National Registry of Costa Rica, which allows transparency for purchasers when it comes to searching the title for liens or encumbrances.

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Eight Key Advantages to Investing in Costa Rica 8.

Local Experts That Show You How

United Country-Resort Realty takes a different approach to real estate and client care. Coming to Central America and experiencing the life and the intricacies of what may be a different way of living can be both charming and challenging simultaneously. Deciphering good value and great real estate from the “lemons” is what we, as locals living in the community, do best. We take the time to research the legitimate from the illegitimate so that our clients purchase only solid real estate investments. From the perspective of a well established real estate brokerage we quickly came to understand that our clients appreciate and require more after sales service than traditionally offered. As a response to these needs, we created a property management and rental company, our sister company Costa Rica Dream Makers. In addition, we created a concierge company which provides everything from airport transfers to sport fishing to ATV tours to horseback riding to car rentals. We can recommend the “must sees” versus the “must avoids” in order to make anyone’s visit perfectly unforgettable!

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Eight Key Advantages to Investing in Costa Rica As United Country-Resort Realty, we pride ourselves on the fact that we offer professional real estate services by licensed realtors. Although the Costa Rican real estate licensing requirements and regulations are voluntary, we follow and exceed these benchmarks with our North American experiences, professionalism and standards. We invite you to contact us so that we can share the experience and splendor of Costa Rica with you, today! Email:





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8 key advantages  

8 of the top reasons to buy in Costa Rica

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