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What to Look for in Flats to Rent Finding a flat can be a time consuming and frustrating task. However, if renters know what to look for in a property they will not waste time looking at unsuitable flats. There are several issues that tenants should consider when looking for flats for rent. Firstly, tenants should have a clear idea of what sort of flat they want to rent. Ideally, tenants should know what location they wish to rent in and how many bedrooms the flat should have. Some people will want the perks of additional security, gym access, a spa pool and a swimming pool. People in this situation should look for a serviced apartment. Tenants who want to live in the city should expect to pay more rent. It is worth noting that there are nice properties in the suburbs that cost much less than city apartments. Once a tenant has found a property they like online or in the paper, they should arrange to view the flat. During the viewing, potential tenants should look for flaws in the property. Listing faults before signing a contract will save tenants from being accused of damaging the property themselves. Other issues to look out for are damp spots, mold and insect or rodent infestation. Tenants should also make sure that they know who will be responsible for repairs. If the landlord lives in another city, they should have a person that the tenant can call if something goes wrong. Finding the right flat can take some time. However, tenants who do their due diligence are likely to find an apartment that suits their needs. People who rent the first apartment they see may find that there are better apartments out there. Unfortunately, they may not be able to rent them as they are committed to a rental agreement.