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Dheminis The Dolls House Emporium Dheminis is the dealer of dollhouses furniture, wooden doll houses, doll house emporium, miniature furniture and more in UK. Choose from the different design, styles and colors.

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Dollhouse The Dolls House Emporium has dolls' houses in every style, and all historical periods. We offer houses in kit form, Quick Style (fully painted and externally decorated), or hand built, decorated and lit by craftsmen. Fully-finished Ready to Furnish and Ready-to-Play dolls' houses are completely decorated inside and out and just need putting together for you to enjoy them in minutes!

Dollhouse Furniture We have specialized in producing fine quality dolls' house furniture for over 30 years, and each piece is sanded and lacquered many times by hand giving a first-class finish. All of our products carry our name and logo as your guarantee of our superb quality.

Dollhouse Accessories

Specially shaped to enhance any property, our collection of dolls' house accessories for the interior and exterior really do add the finishing touch to help bring your dollhouse to life.

Dollhouse Lighting Miniature lights add immediate magic and glamour to your doll house, quite literally with the new battery powered ones as they need no wiring at all! The battery lights are long-life LEDs and thus there is no need to change the bulb.

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The Dolls House Emporium Hadlow House 9 High Street Green Street Green Orpington Kent BR6 6BGÂ

01332 912 989

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