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In the most ORIGINAL book of its kind, author D.E. Boone takes you on a visual journey into the world of dating. Legs Talk is a quirky, off beat book about single women and their wacky relationships. We may know the story, but we certainly have never seen it narrated like this. This sassy black and white picture book is told from the waist down. Photographs of a model’s legs take you on this voyage from beginning to end. The pictures tell the story, but the captions pack the wallop! If you’re fed up with the dating scene and need a good laugh about it, Legs Talk is the book for you. Take this playful ride on the bumpy road of romance. You’ll be glad you did.

Written and designed by D.E. Boone Photographer: Marc Burgess Model: Natsuko Koizumi

GFM New York City Legs Talk copyright © 2011 D.E. Boone. All rights reserved.

In the beginning there were legs

Some people call it shopping, I call it retail therapy.

I spotted him grinning like a wolf. You have beautiful legs,� he growled.

How would you know?” I barked. I know a nice leg when I see one,” he cracked.

You only see one leg?� I purred

You have a leg up on the competition,� he winked

Do you want to talk to me or my legs?� I demanded. Can I talk to you and your legs?� he flirted.

Okay call me, we’ll have leg talk.”

Got Leg!

He called nightly and whispered sweet nothings in my ear.

He wined me, dined me, and romanticized me.

Then he started pestering me to open up.

I soon realized he had a one track mind.

If you open your mind, I may consider opening my ...�

He won my heart when he surprised me with a gift of an adorable little pug.

You break it, you buy it.”

Against my better judgment, I fell heels over head for him.

Break a Leg!

He wanted to have leg talk almost every night.

Then out of the blue, he bought me these ghastly looking leggings.

That’s when it hit me, I was dating a leg-a-holic.

The leggings you gave me mysteriously disappeared.�

Without warning, he also disappeared.

A week later he reappeared with a hungry look in his eyes.

Don’t even think about it!”

Then I found nylons in his jacket pocket. He tried to explain...

Talk to the legs!�

He became angry. He said my legs were ugly, fat and short.

Oh no you didn’t!”

With his head hanging low, he gave me a phony apology.


The kitchen is closed!�

Take a good look at it... this is the last you’ll ever see of it.”

Let the door knob hit you where I am about to kick you.�

Legs with Attitude

For every rat you see there are fifty you don’t see.

Every night he called to ask if I missed him. How can I miss you if you wont go away?�

I would rather dance alone than dance with you.�

Thinking of you... not!

Really not thinking of you!�

Now, I am thinking of you.�

Legs of Forgiveness

Funny how guys become more desirable after you break up with them.

He phoned me to say absolutely nothing.

Okay, I’ll admit it. I am miserable without you... It’s almost like you are still here.”

If I take him back, what will I tell my therapist?

Will she take him back? Even more, should she take him back? Buy Legs Talk to find out. Tell us what you think. Does this guy deserve a second chance?

We know that you will LOVE the rest of Legs Talk! We like to think the story will put a smile on your face and turn your posien into medicine! It is available for you to order. Get Legs Talk!

Praise For Legs! Legs Talk is a charming and delightful little book. Phyllis Diller, Comedian, Actor

  While some my dismiss this small sized book that weds (oops!) photography and psychology as just a funny diversion, author D.E. Boone and photographer Marc Burgess (with the assistance of the gorgeous gams of model Natsuko Koizumi) have taken a serious look at why our field of dating is so bumpy so often. Using a forum of balancing excellent black and white photographs of just legs (mostly female as this is a female point of view) opposite fragments of thought that tell the story of a failed relationship, Boone informs us of at least one vantage of evaluating why both the dating game and the need for connecting is often thwarted. The fact that such minimal visual and written information can pack such a wallop is refreshing. This is a very entertaining little reflection that is both very funny and very wise...

Grady Harp, Amazon top 10 Reviewer

  This book is too much fun!! This is a definite guilty pleasure that you all need. This small, short book is a quick read, but one that I’m sure you’ll go back to again and again. It’s an entire relationship that you can see and read about in 10 minutes tops. This is the perfect great book for your coffee table or your nightstand. Give it to your best girlfriend that’s been dumped or is doing the dumping! Give it to the man in your life when you’re feeling flirty and a little naughty! You’ll find a million reasons to pick this book up...not the least of which is for yourself!

MartasMeanderings What a quirky and clever book Legs Talk is. It’s unlike anything I’ve read before: creative and novel, with a voice far from sugarcoated. Leon Scott Baxter “America’s Romance Guru”

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Legs Talk: A Modern Girl's Dating Tale