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Typography Experimental hand-rendered techniques

Can technique make a difference?

Stitching Discuss decisions made‌


 Do techniques or processes  What methods can we employ to visually communicate with the specific target audience?  Limitations of a budget and/or brief and remaining creative options

What is typography?

Can type make a difference?

What other elements that enhance communication? •  Colour •  Texture •  Size •  Rotation/Tilting •  U/c or l/c •  Line breaks •  Distortion

Film Typography Discuss decisions made‌

Charlie & Choc

Clockwork Orange


Lock, Stock

Res Dogs

Harry Potter

Star Wars


Edible Typography Discuss decisions made‌

Conclusions‌ • Typefaces can be informative, emotive, persuasive, encouraging, sympathetic, outrageous, scary, shy, feminine, masculine - in short, they build character.

PRIVATE STUDY ACTIVITY Collect a minimum of 3 good typographic examples of the following: •  Music CDs • Film posters • Food/drink packaging •  Book covers •  … and any interesting findings •  Collate these into an A4 binder/folder DEADLINE: Next weeks lesson.

PRIVATE STUDY ACTIVITY Equipment you will need: •  USB or other external storage device •  Typography resource file •  Full art kit

Each and every week.

TYPE: Experimental examples  

TYPE: Experimental examples

TYPE: Experimental examples  

TYPE: Experimental examples