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Film & Media Department BTEC National Diploma in Creative Media Production (Television & Film) Assignment Title: Advertisement Production for Television Assignment Reference: CMP30/1 Assessment Assignment: Unit 30(part), Unit 2(part) and Unit 3(part) Issued: 14 th Sept 2010 Interim deadline: 1 st Feb 2011 Final presentations the week of the 14 th Feb Final Submission Deadline: 18 th Feb 2011 Assessment Objectives: This assessment assignment is one of 2 assignments that addressthe criteria for Unit 30. This particular assessment assignment addresseslearning outcomes1 and 2 for Unit 30: Advertisement Production for Television and provides you with the opportunity to addresslearning outcomes2 and 3 for Unit 3: Research Techniques for the Creative Media Industries and learning outcome 3 for Unit 2: Communication Skills for the Creative Media Industries. On completion of this unit you should:

Unit 30: 1. 2.

Know about the structures and techniques of television advertisements Be able to originate and develop an idea for a television advertisement

Unit 3: 2. 3.

Be able to apply a range of research methods and techniques Be able to present results of research

Unit 2: 3.

Be able to pitch a media production proposal using appropriate technology

Task Introduction Advertising is all around us and is integral to everyday life. It is one of the largest sectors of the media industry, adverts being presented in a wide range of media, such as television, film, radio, magazines, posters, billboards, the press, and the internet. Of all of these, television advertising probably has the highest profile, sometelevision advertisements being so effective and memorable that they becomeclassics and part of the cultural background for a whole generation of viewers. Television is used to market almost every product one can imagine from everyday consumables like washing powder to extravagant sports cars, whilst some advertisements promote a service such as insurance, banking or vehicle breakdown cover. This unit starts by considering how advertisements are structured, how they try to work and how persuasive messagescan be constructed. Understanding these things will create a firm basis on which to plan the production of advertisements for television. Through research and analysis, you will examine advertising production and explore the relationship between audience, medium and message.Advertisers invariably aim at a highly specified target audience which, it is hoped, will associate with a particular brand and so chooseto buy it. An understanding of how those audiencesare thought about and how they are found is therefore essential. The unit therefore offers an opportunity for you to engage in activities which are integral to other forms of media production and hence gain skills and knowledge which are highly transferable to other units and so we are here giving you the opportunity to develop your Unit 3: Research Techniques for the Media Industries, Unit 2: Communication Skills for Creative Media Production You are entering a student competition where several leading brands are looking for new advertising

talent and potential TV commercials for their products. You will need to develop an understanding of TV advertising, research a well known brand and its target audience and pitch a proposal for an advertisement for television for that brand.

Task 1 (Unit 30: P1, M1, D1) After exploring a variety of advertisements as a class, present your understanding of advertisers’ exploitation of human fears & weaknesseson your media blog, using examples of TV advertisements to illustrate.

Task 2 (Unit 30: P1, M1, D1) After watching and analysing a variety of advertisements in class produce an essay style analysis of your readings under the title: ‘Exploring structures, styles and techniques within television commercials’.

Task 3 (Unit 30: P1, P2, M1, M2, D1, D2 – Unit 3: P2, M2, D2) You will need to identify a product of your choice from a well-known brand and complete: • Product research (the brand/product history and its advertising history) • Audience research (target audiences) • Market research (the product’s market, its competitors, effectivenessof previous advertising) You must ensure you:

• • •

Allow yourself the opportunity to look at changesin their advertising strategy or target audience over time Complete both primary and secondary, quantitative and qualitative research Record and collate the details of your research appropriately.

Task 4: (Unit 30: P1, P2, M1, M2, D1, D2) Based on your product, market and audience based research originate and develop ideas and a proposal for a television advertisement for your chosen product.

Task 5: Unit 30: P1, P2, M1, M2, D1, D2) Based on your product, market and audience based research and your proposed idea create a wallwisher/stixy reflecting on the scheduling of your proposed advertisement. You will need to consider: • What channels your proposed advertisement would/should air on? • Which programmes/time slots it should be scheduled in and why? • The profile of your target audience

Task 6: (Unit 30: P1, P2, M1, M2, D1, D2 - Unit 3: P2, M2, D2) Complete the necessary research for the production of your proposed advertisement considering: • Content • Resources • Constraints (technical, legal and ethical, time & budget related) • Record and collate the details of your research appropriately.

Task 7: (Unit 30: P1, P2, M1, M2, D1, D2 – Unit 3: P3, M3, D3 – Unit 2: P4, P5, M4, M5, D4, D5) Create an appropriate presentation and pitch your proposal for the television commercial. You will need to choosean appropriate presentation format and ensure that your pitch links your proposed idea and its scheduling to your product, market, audience and production research findings.

Unit 30: Advertising Assignment 30/1  

Assessment assignment brief for unit 30