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4 Be able to evaluate audience responses to own stop motion animation work Showing work to audiences: ADD YOUR ANIMATION TO: Facebook and/or YouTube or Email a link to your animation on your Weebly website with a questionnaire embedded Identifying criteria for feedback: MAKE A QUESTIONNAIRE FOCUSING ON: 1. Genre – ask audience to define the genre – give them a check-list of options WHY? 2. Style - is it funny, quirky/weird, child-like, old-school, serious (or any other…?) - give them a check-list of options. WHY? 3. Narrative – Do they think you have a narrative? Is it easy to understand? Is there a conclusion to my narrative? How might I have improved my narrative/storyline? 4. Character –What do you understand about my main characterʼs personality? Do I express my characters well? Could I improve this? How? 5. Techniques – does my technique fit with my narrative? WHY? Cut out pixilation model… 6. Technical qualities – Is the animation jumpy? Is my sound synced? Is the sound clear/appropriate? WHY/WHY NOT? How does the soundtrack help you understand the narrative? Is my Lighting consistent? Continuity and Movement of characters? Are your shots in focus? 7. Aesthetic qualities – camerawork… range of shots (CU, LS, MS also camera movement) … COLOUR – contrast & brightness 8. Creative qualities – Is the idea original? WHY/WHY NOT? Collecting audience responses: YOU NEED TO DO ALL OF THE FOLLOWING: 1. Focus group discussions; 3 class members for each focus group – record it with Garageband, QuickTime or some other audio recorder 2. Questionnaires; at least 4 questionnaires to be filled out – by adults and students – on Google docs… 3. Feedback from online exhibition. Via Facebook or elsewhere get at least 4 comments – perhaps email link to your animation on your Weebly website with a simple questionnaire embedded (different from the detailed questionnaire above)

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