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Graphic Design 2013-2014

Daniel Im

Table of Contents

1. Talk line for a walk 2. Expanded Shapes 3. Tessellations 4. Color Theory 5.Mandala 6. Character

7. Typography Poster 8. Logo 9. Photoshop Collage 10. Issue Poster

11. Self Portraitt

art = line Lightnings flash with strong light and come along with thunder.

The object that motivated me to create a symmetrical rectangle expansion is a candle. The second shape resembles an evil bug/ demon.

I thought that puzzle pieces that I used to play with when I was a little toddler would make a great resemble my nostalgic toys of the past.

This is a color wheel representing primary colors, secondary colors, tertiary colors, monochromatic colors, analogous colors, and complementary colors.

I tried to get away from the usual sun-like design that comes to mind when I hear “radial symmetry�.

This is a happy sunflower with a happy sun shining light on the flower.

I made a bunch of long rectangles with analogous colors and put them together to make a giant rectangle with stripes of similar colors

Now, it looks like the hand had drawn a colorful logo on a poster board. The fusion contains most of good aspects of both previous logos I have put together.

I often find myself solving Rubik’s Cubes or playing around on the Internet using my free time or playing video games to spend time when I have nothing else to do. .

Most people see posters as they walk by, so I thought an eye catching poster would be most effective when trying to get a message across. I put a variety of issues with humans that negatively impact the environment such as wasting resources, littering, and air pollution (caused by e.g. car & cigarette).

I made five brushes that seem chaotic to effectively use jittery colors to paint myself.

P5 dim zine portfolio  
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