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Graphic Design 2013-2014



Table of Contents 1. Color

4. Typography

2. Line

5. Photo Collage

3. Shape

6. Self-Portrait

7. Misc.


I was excited by the possibilities of using color in Adobe Illustrator after so many weeks of being restricted to creating shapes and lines in various hues and shades of black and white. The color wheel was not very difficult to make, as we just had to follow the instructions that were listed on the multiple worksheets online. Still, I enjoyed the fact that my color wheel looked very orderly and clean due to my careful following of Miss Joseph’s instructions. My mandalas were probably my favorite works of the first semester as they represented my best works of the first semester. I gave my full efforts and realized how interesting and fun Graphic Design could be if I tried my hardest to create works of art that I could actually be proud of.


I struggled with my Line projects. I was not trying my hardest and I was not fully immersing myself in my projects.


The expanded shapes were an early test of my ability. I cannot say that these were my best works as I was still very inexperienced in using Adobe Illustrator at the time. I do, however, realize that the expanded shape projects were quite underrated, as I can now see how cool my expanded shapes could have been if I was better at using Illustrator.


My logo was my favorite work as I felt quite comfortable knowing as I worked that my logo looked good. It was also my best work because I found a typeface and color palette that worked very well together. Another reason was that many of my peers came by and told me that my logo looked good. This made me feel good about the project.

I also enjoyed creating my posters.

Photo Collage/Montage

The Beverly Hills Centennial Poster proved to be a very challenging work. It was our first big project in Photoshop, so I struggled a little at the beginning with the format of the program. Still, I managed to persevere though my initial difficulties and create a poster. My poster consists of spliced images of modern-day Beverly Hills High School students placed on an old photograph of Beverly Hills High School. It was quite difficult to find an old photograph of Beverly Hills High School that would give me enough space to place the other images on. Then, I had some trouble finding images of contemporary Beverly Hills High School students that would be good additions to the poster.

I enjoyed using the Photoshop software, as it was a new experience for me. By the end of this project, I felt that I had learned something that could be very useful in the future. My favorite part of using Photoshop would have to be that fact that I learned how to edit my personal photos in such interesting and innovative ways. Although I faced many challenges in the early days of using Photoshop, I persevered and at last, learned how to effectively use the Photoshop software. I look forward to the next time we use Photoshop as it proved to be a fun and useful experience.

Self Portrait

My self-portrait was my most challenging work because I was confused as to what we were supposed to go for in the beginning. I did not know if we were supposed to make our faces look realistic or abstract. The fact that we had to really zoom in into the small pixels of our face when we were working really frustrated me as it forced me to work slower than I would have liked. It was also my most challenging work because it challenged my perception of art overall. Previously, I never could have looked at art such as these self-portraits and liked them. I could not see how people could like art that was purposely made to look altered. I now realize that art such as these selfportraits is just as beautiful as art that looks realistic.


• Typefaces express a mood or atmosphere. • Helvetica is considered to be a modern typeface. • Helvetica was crested in order to satisfy the need for a clean, new typeface. • Helvetica has been described as a “neutral” typeface. • Helvetica has a perfect balance of figure ground and negative and positive space. • The wide usage of Helvetica caused a wave of very expressive typefaces, such as grunge typefaces, to be created. • Helvetica was considered to be the typeface of the Vietnam War because of its use by large corporations. • Some designers consider Helvetica to be the typeface of socialism.

I chose this piece because it successfully utilizes scale, an attribute that I hope to implement in my poster. I think Maggie Taylor created this piece by making use of various tools in Photoshop. It is possible that she used a gradient to create the oddly colored sky in this piece. Maggie Taylor could have created the different-sized papers by transforming them. Scale and space are both important parts of this piece. The papers that flutter in the air demonstrate Maggie Taylor’s usage of scale. These papers become smaller as they move towards the horizon, a clear sign that the papers are going farther and farther away from the foreground of the piece. The fact that the papers stretch from the very front of the piece all the way to the background exhibits Maggie Taylor’s usage of space.

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