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HONDURAS MINISTRY Teresa Devlin’s Update On Mission through Commission To Every Nation The exposition of the Word, became the force, the ideal to start the erosion of false doubts that had overtaken my spiritual state. The passage read that Isaac, being forced by famine and draught, began to think about pulling up stakes and setting his sights on moving from where God had called him to a land where his God would not be recognized. As we continue reading, we see that God appeared to him reminding that He, God, had everything in His hand... that there was a purpose for the people, that Because of the unrest that filtered in, much thought was Isaac needed to abide in God’s protection with full faith. given to continuing this mission here. The crazy The provision would be there, afforded by the Almighty. politicians of this nation, whose thoughts never had Isaac in obeying began to work the sterile, waterless bothered me, began to take a sinister toll on my spirit. ground. The results were miraculous! The harvest he God, Who is always there as Provider and Defender, gave gathered was100 and 1%. me this last Sunday’s sermon, preached on Genesis 26. Dear Friends and very Special Folks, who come alongside me to work and get this done! Summer has arrived... We give thanks to God for these months... they have been good yet lately a bit trying! The specter of the political atmosphere in Honduras has tried to enter our space, sacred space given by God in which children and youth are taught and developed as strong human beings with God at their core.

NEW CHURCH - In April a new church came to assess our work. We were amazed to see how many efforts they were able to sustain while here. Dental work brigade; Anger Management Seminar for medical personnel and religious leaders; Bible Study for Children; Ministry to Handicapped youth; and music workshops. We were grateful for the many efforts given that left in their wake such good will among the Hondurans. MAY YOU COME AGAIN!!

CONSERVATORY - The music school is doing great. Inspiration and hard work continues. There is a young lady that has 8 months studying the violin. She has already learned "On the Beautiful Blue Danube." She will be in a concert to present to parents on Saturday. She is only 8 yrs. old! How wonderful to see God bring such talent to this conservatory.

ORPHANAGE - Our construction continues. The fourth cottage is in the last phase of building!

IN CLOSING—With this I close, asking you to continue praying that I would listen to God’s voice and follow His lead. We have up to now through God’s infinite mercy!

We give you thanks for helping place the blocks as the walls go up! It is wonderful to see your shoulders and hands coming in to give significance to our big job!

My Contact Information PO Box 907 La Ceiba 31101 Honduras Facebook: -Childrens-Ranch/78144566849 Blog:

My Support Information To Support the work here please use the enclosed support card and return envelope. If you would like to give an online donation go to This takes you to my web page where you click on the Donate button which in turn takes you to my support page.

Teresa Devlin's Summer Newsletter  

Teresa's newsletter 7-21-11

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