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Issue 44 - May 2012

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Bringing Local Business to Local People in Langford, Henlow, Stanford, Hinxworth, Caldecote, Radwell, Shillington, Upper and Lower Stondon, Gravenhurst, Holwell, Pirton, Baldock, Stotfold, Arlesey, Hitchin and Letchworth

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Creative Beauty

Are you interested in semi permanent make up, non laser tattoo removal or smoothing out your tell tale lines and wrinkles? Come and spend an evening with our two experts Susie Bavister and Claire Donnelly • Wine and canapés on arrival • 2 hour workshop and demonstrations • Special prize offers and discounts available See their websites for further information and and come along with any questions or for an opportunity to brighten up your smile. Tickets available @ £15 from Sandra Jeram on 01462 810707 or email

Champneys Henlow, Thursday 24th May 2012, 6 pm – 8.30 pm In the Board Room, Main House, Champneys Henlow 2

Champneys Resorts


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Issue 44 - May 2012



and Town Life


Prize Crossword See Inside

St Mary’s Paris Church Pirton


Bringing Local Business to Local People in Langford, Henlow, Stanford, Hinxworth, Caldecote, Radwell, Shillington, Upper and Lower Stondon, Gravenhurst, Holwell, Pirton, Baldock, Stotfold, Arlesey, Hitchin and Letchworth

Henlow Theatre

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Three, One Act Plays


Tom Hancock, Arthur Kemp, Pippa Greenwood, James Baggott, Debbie Singh-Bhatti, Sue Blain and Pippa Greenwood

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59th Ashwell Music Festival


P&R Bathrooms Bedford


Prize Crossword £25 Up For Grabs!

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Fresh Faced

the ultimate at home facial A trip to the beauty salon is the ultimate treat for many women after a stressful and hectic day. But, ‘me time’ should continue at home too as regular care of your skin will have lifetime benefits. A facial is a great pick-me-up and one of those all-important treatments that not only results in glowing skin, but leaves you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated too. And what’s more you can achieve near professional results at home. Part of the joy of treating yourself to a salon session is soaking up the atmosphere - the gentle lighting and soothing music equal total relaxation - so recreate that by turning your bathroom into a candle lit haven, that’s delicately fragranced and full of luxurious accessories. Cleanse away the day by removing all traces of make-up. You must use a liquid eye make-up remover, cleanser and toner - make up remover wipes are convenient but not as thorough nor as pleasant to use. Use a muslin cloth that’s been submerged in hot water to place over the face in order to open up the pores. Leave for a few moments before repeating. Double cleanse by using a wash off cleanser that will extract any deeply ingrained dirt and grime. Smooth the product over the face and neck, before removing using circular, upward motions. Splash with water. Now that the skin is at this stage it’s time to work on congested areas. If you are prone to blackheads then a good exfoliator is essential for clearing out blocked pores. And what’s more, they are great for removing dead skin cells and revealing brighter, fresher and younger looking skin.


Apply the exfoliant to damp skin and work all over, concentrating on the forehead, nose and chin. Always use upwards, circular movements and don’t be tempted to scrub - light strokes are all that’s needed. After exfoliating, apply a face mask. Ensure that it’s the right kind for you - if you have combination skin then use assorted masks, applied in different areas for the very best results. Many beauty therapists do this so that they can address the requirements of each part of the face. Thermal masks are fabulous. They gently heat up to draw out impurities and prove to be the perfect pampering treat. With your face mask on, it’s time to sit back, relax and enjoy doing nothing for a few minutes. Use a wet face cloth to remove the mask and splash your face with cool water before drying thoroughly. At this point your skin should be feeling totally refreshed and super soft, but there is still more to do. Applying an eye cream is a must to protect against and fight off wrinkles. Start at the outer most point of the eye and use light tapping motions to press the product into the skin. Because the eye area is so sensitive it really is vital that you do not rub, drag or pull. Moisturise using a product that suits your skin’s needs and as you apply treat yourself to a mini massage that will stimulate circulation and bring much needed oxygen and nutrition to the surface. Work from the centre of your face, moving upwards and outwards, using your fingers and palms to lift and smooth the skin. Don’t forget to include your neck in the massage too. The results are sure to be amazing.

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Wonderful windows

By KATHeRINE SORELL They keep in the warmth and keep out prying eyes, but window treatments are much more than a purely practical addition to a room. Curtains – where to start The cheapest and most subtle option for hanging curtains is undoubtedly a plastic or metal track. Double tracks can be used to hang both nets and thicker curtains neatly, while triple tracks allow you to use flat panels, perhaps of different fabrics, which can be pulled back and forwards in different combinations depending on the effect you want or how much light you wish to allow in. The more decorative alternative is a curtain pole – perhaps in see-through acrylic, slender stainless steel or pale-painted wood – and with pretty finials on the ends. On narrow windows or dormers, portiere (or swing-arm) rods are an alternative to fixed poles, while for a modern effect you could use tension wire, fixed taut within the window opening. Curtains – fabric and style Whether you prefer minimal panels or swathes of fabric, it is best to take into account the architecture and size of the room, and of the windows, before opting for a particular curtain style. Grander curtains tend to suit larger, period rooms, while simple curtains are often best suited to modern properties. The way in which a curtain hangs is determined by its heading, usually created by a tape which is sewn onto the back of the curtain and pulled to form gentle gathers, smart pleats or a variety of other shapes. For a less formal look, however, there are plenty of alternatives. Tab- and tie-tops are often found on ready-made curtains, though they can be fiddly to draw. Curtains can also be hung from a deep hem which is simply slid over a pole, from large eyelets punched in the top (this looks great hung from a tension wire), from clips (magnetic ones are easy to use) or even just from hooks. Curtains can be made from practically any fabric, depending on your budget. The heavier the fabric, the better it will hold a fold, though very heavy fabrics will be too bulky for smaller windows. Very light fabrics will tend to look floppy unless supported by a lining. Lining is, in fact, always a good idea, as it will not only help the fabric hang neatly, but also protect it from fading, dirt and condensation. Thermal linings help retain heat,


and can be as effective as double glazing, while blackout lining also blocks out light and some noise. Blinds Once considered something of a poor cousin to curtains, blinds are increasingly fashionable, offering a clean-lined look that is sophisticated and laid-back yet still pleasingly tactile. What’s more, they tend to be far cheaper, as they require much less fabric – just the size of the window opening, plus hems. There are different options to suit different styles of room, many of them easy to make yourself or inexpensive to buy offthe-shelf. A roller blind in a neutral colour will blend into the background in a modern, minimal space, or could be used in conjunction with ‘dress’ curtains (fixed either side of the window) in a more formal room. Roman blinds pull up in lovely soft folds that give an attractive drape without going over the top, while fabric roll-up blinds which, literally, roll up from the bottom and tie in position, show off their reverse, thus offering an attractive combination of two fabrics. When choosing fabrics, mid-weight, not-too-textured fabrics tend to be best for blinds, which need to roll or fold easily against themselves. Shutters They may not be the obvious choice, and they are almost always more expensive than blinds or simple curtains, but shutters are good-looking in an unfussy kind of way and suit both old and new properties. They’re also great for privacy, for blocking out sound and light and adding an extra layer of security. Depending on the configuration of your window, shutters can be made as a single pair, bi-fold, tri-fold or whatever will fit, either full-length, half-height (café style), or tier-on-tier, rectangular, tapering or arched in shape, and either set within the reveal or folding back against the wall. The plainest, period-type shutters have a timber frame and a solid centre panel – they can be painted any colour and complement a Georgian or Victorian home extremely well. American shutters have louvres that tilt up and down, offering privacy but also letting in light. Alternatively, for a highly contemporary effect, it’s possible to have shutters made from sleek aluminium or funky acrylic, which comes in a range of gorgeous colours.

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the mansion house

Monday 4 June

Tuesday 5 June

AdvAnce ticket prices! Adults £8.00

children £4.00

(£10.00 on the gate)

(£5.00 on the gate)

To book tickets:

01767 626262

The Mansion House Old Warden Park Biggleswade, Beds SG18 9DX

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Everyday history


It would be reasonable to imagine spectacles as a modern invention, so it may come as something of a surprise to note that Marco Polo, visiting China in 1270, observed elderly Chinese wearing them. On the basis of legend rather than fact, St. Jerome is credited with the invention, which takes us back to c.340-420 A.D. More substantive evidence however comes from the Roman writer Pliny, who recorded that the emperor Nero watched gladiatorial combat through an ‘emerald ‘, which has been interpreted to mean that he used some form of eyeglass. The first medical observation is recorded by Bernard Gordon, Professor of Montpelier, recommending “a collyrium of such potency that it will enable those whose sight is weak from old age to read without glasses.” A sermon of 1305 by Fra Giordano da Rivalto states “It is not yet 20 years that the art of making glasses was invented” but no person is identified as the inventor.


Spectacle frames deserve a separate mention. The oldest recorded example from a painting by di Modena in 1352 shows two lenses in heavy rims joined centrally. The inconvenience of holding such heavy items in place led to experiments with leather rims, gold, silver, horn, wood and even fish-bone with one suggestion being that the glasses should be secured to the wearer’s hat. Until almost the middle of the 19th century the provision and fitting of spectacles was a service provided by untrained street vendors and choice was very restricted. Although corrective surgery and contact lenses are now available, glasses are still the most popular form of vision correction with custom prescriptions and a huge choice of styles.

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Curtain & Blinds Specialists





FREE HOME MEASURING AND DESIGN SERVICE 16-17 Market Place, Hitchin, Herts SG5 1DS - Tel: 01462 455959 Open: Monday - Saturday 9.30am - 5.30pm To advertise in The Villager and Townlife please call 01767 261 122


Use It or Lose It!

Visit your local library With libraries shortening their hours and even closing in some areas, it’s time to make use of these wonderful institutions. Here are 5 reasons why. Save money! Book lending is free, and DVD rental is normally around £1. You can read today’s newspaper, or the latest magazine. Just watch out for the fines if you return items late... Community Libraries are great community centres. Mine holds parent and toddler groups, knitting groups, senior citizen coffee mornings and local councillor surgeries. Have a look at what your local library does and meet new people or learn new skills! The Internet Most libraries provide free internet access for members, although you may need to book in advance. This gives you the chance to shop, email, work or just muck about on social networks if you don’t have the internet at home. Education Libraries are brilliant for academic research. All you need in one place. And if your local library doesn’t have what you need, they


can order it in for you. Increasingly, your library membership gives you free access to thousands of online articles and journals too. Finally The books! Books are expensive. At a library you have access to your favourite author’s complete works at no cost! It’s also a great way to try before you buy!

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SpringFair RSPB The Lodge, Sandy, Beds SG19 2DL

19-20 MAY 10am – 5pm •

Food Plants & horticulture Crafts and gifts and much more



Telephone: 01767 680541 The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) is a registered charity: England and Wales no. 207076, Scotland no. SC037654

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Get That...


In today’s economic climate, we all need to make the most of our jobs, so how can you improve your chances of promotion? With over 25 years’ experience as an employer, I consider the following to be essential when considering the suitability of an employee for career advancement: Loyalty It might be tempting to take flight at the first sign of trouble ahead, but if you want your employer to sit up and notice you, your support when times are tough will not be missed. Respect A valued employee has a good working relationship with both management and coworkers, thus creating a happier and more productive working environment for all. Industriousness Perform your work to the absolute best of your ability and once that is done, ask for more - or help others with theirs! A good employer will always reward hard work and initiative. Positive attitude Be cheerful and show that you


enjoy your work. Your mood can be infectious and all bosses appreciate employees who can positively influence others. Skill set Don’t wait for promotion to learn new skills. This shows commitment and will give you the edge over others who may need training for a new role. Follow these guidelines and you will maximise your chances of climbing your career ladder!

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Same Day Crowns Yes, you read that right & we know you probably don’t believe us. Our satisfied clients have already told us no one believes them ....

It’s true! With our amazing CEREC Cad-Cam technology we can design and complete the crown you need in typically under two hours & with more accurate fit than can be achieved by traditional lab methods. .... And what’s more,

with No Messy Moulds!

If your crowns don’t look as good as the one we made for this happy client.. give us a call. Can you even tell which is the CEREC crown?

For confidential dental advice contact Victoria Place Dental Practice 01767 313896 3 Victoria Place, Biggleswade, Beds SG18 9RN To advertise in The Villager and Townlife please call 01767 261 122


Book for Orlando now for 2014. The Shefford based Travel Agent. We offer: Tailor Made Holidays, Flights Only, Accommodation only, Weekend Breaks Cruise and Honeymoon Destinations and much more. Call our friendly team on

01462 850 489

or email:

*We will guarantee the price until 2014. Applies to Virgin Atlantic flights to Orlando Only, Travel by 30th April 2014. Deposit: ÂŁ200 per person *All prices guaranteed except fuel, currency and govenment surcharges.

Tr a v e l i s 1 0 0 % P r o t e c t e d


Bloom Bogart Clooney Connery Cruise Dench Depp Eastwood Firth Gable Garland Hepburn Hurt Knightley Mirren Monroe Neeson

Newman Radcliff Redford Smith Taylor Wayne Weaver Willis

Find these names of famous actors in the grid and the remaining letters will spell out a related phrase


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Chilli Fiesta 2012

Sunday June 17 10.30am to 4.30pm

s: Ticket £6.50 Adults en £3 Childr 5 Undreere! f go

• Chilli Arena • Craft Fair • Family Entertainment • Gardening Quarter • World Food Quarter Sizzling Sponsors:

Tickets: 01767 626262 Email: Web:

The Mansion House Old Warden Park Biggleswade Bedfordshire SG18 9DX

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Chris Tea's Vintage Tea Rooms Enjoy 'Traditional English Tea' in Letchworth Open Mon - Fri 9.30am -3.30pm, Saturday 9am-5pm

For the month of April enjoy a Free Tea for one with any food purchased from the menu *PLEASE MENTION THIS ADVERT

Loose Leaf Teas • Delicious Homemade Cakes & Scones • Traditional Cream Teas Lunches • Soups • Jacket Potatoes • Paninis Pre Order & Take Away Service • Catering

Kids Easter Cup Cake Decorating Half term week 2.30pm - 4pm Situated at 5 The Arcade, top of Leys Avenue - Outside Seating Available Contact Jill or Michelle: 07572



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ST. Mary’s Parish Church


There are few sights that evoke “Englishness” more than that of a slumbering parish church. Whereas the great cathedrals of England – established mainly in the few hundred years of the medieval period, have had a specialised liturgical and choral influence on English life and worship – parish churches on the other hand, tell the tale of some 1,300 years of English history and social change. The humble parish church is an integral part of English social life and culture. England’s historic places of worship are among the best-loved and most potent of our cultural landmarks. Over the centuries local people and their skills have cared for and maintained historic St. Mary’s at the heart of Pirton village. It marks events that are important to them, births, deaths, marriages and celebration, and remains a place of peace and tranquillity. The present church was founded in the latter part of the 11th century by one of William the Conqueror’s supporters to whom the manor of Pirton had been given by the king. During the next three hundred years Pirton’s spiritual needs were ministered to by curates employed by successive vicars, often absent from their charge, supplemented by occasional visits from the vicar himself who travelled from Ickleford on horseback or on foot. Today, the church sits in its idyllic pastoral setting on the edge of The Bury and Toot Hill, a scheduled ancient monument which are considered special in archaeological terms. The Duke of Edinburgh, approaching his 90th birthday jokingly remarked

that ‘bits are beginning to drop off the ancient frame’ – and so too are bits beginning to drop off the ancient frame of St. Mary’s Parish Church, Pirton. The last two cold winters have caused large chunks of the soft Totternhoe masonry to break off the window and porch masonry. The work of repair needs urgent attention together with general upkeep of the fabric. The Friends of St. Mary’s, a registered charity, have a passionate commitment to raising funds, over many years for the refurbishment of the church’s fabric, and helping to conserve this building for the present and future generations of the village. The major fund raising activity of the year is ‘Open Gardens’ and The Friends are delighted to again organise this very popular event for Sunday, 10th June. Open Gardens afternoon – 2.00 p.m. – 6.00 p.m., is a fun event shared, and enjoyed, by an increasing number of visitors – some of whom travel from areas many miles distant. Visitors are cordially invited to this year’s afternoon of Garden visiting; sharing the enthusiasm of the gardeners who have worked so hard to produce the displays and designs for you to enjoy. The darkness of the past winter will seem but a distant memory as the splendour of English gardens in June takes over. Make 10th June a firm date in your diary and journey to Pirton. There are not only the gardens for you to enjoy – listen to the church bells, indulge in delicious home baked cakes or a cream tea, purchase plants, first class chutneys & preserves and pay a visit to the church.

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Henlow Theatre

Three, One Act Plays

Three, One Act Plays Synopses:‘Daddy’s Gone a-Hunting’ by H Connolly ‘Daddy’s Gone A-Hunting’ by H Connolly takes a more serious look at the effects of extreme emotions, focuses on a typical young family struggling with the demands of parenthood. Like any young couple, Liz and Simon have their problems. Quite how far-reaching these are soon becomes apparent as the outside world invades their home and niggling irritations give way to frightening and uncontrollable emotions.

‘The Loophole’ by N J Warburton Mr Overall, the Junior Under Minister for Justice, has a special knack for finding legal loopholes. When Prisoner 604 is sentenced to death all his talent is brought to bear. Aided by the prison chaplain, he finds a way, only to be defeated by his officious assistant and the prison officer. But Overall is not quite convinced that the game is over.

‘Cagebirds’ by David Campton Described as a ‘comedy of menace’, The Cagebirds is a one-act play for 8 women. Each bird lives in the cage, totally absorbed in her own particular characteristics. When the Wild One is introduced into their midst by the Mistress, she tries to persuade them to break out of their self imposed dependence and imprisonment into the world outside - with terrifying results! 20

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The Unforgettable Close Up and Cabaret Magic of Steve Dean Immerse yourselves and guests in the close up magic of Steve Dean or enjoy a Cabaret Show that includes mentalism and much more. Have you ever witnessed unexplainable events or illusions so convincing that they leave you fascinated and completely spellbound? This is Cabaret, close up mix and mingle and table magic at it’s very best. Not only enter the unbelievable world of close up professional magic that is second to none, you can now see a cabaret show that will leave you gasping, your guests enthralled and audience participation that is not only professional but will cause laughter throughout and will be something to remember for a very long time. This is ideal for any corporate or private event. Steve is a master of his craft and a member of the prestigious Magic Circle. He has had many letters of thanks and testimonials from people from all walks of life. From a small dinner party to performing on a British Cruise Liner this sort of entertainment is second to none and will give your guests unusual and fantastic entertainment that they can get involved in and will talk about for months to come. (Steve is a member of Equity with full public liability insurance). Please phone or email for details

07719 261147 • 01767 260671 email:

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Close to Baldock town centre in spacious surroundings this motel style Bed & Breakfast offers off road parking. • continental breakfast • large luxury en-suite rooms • free wifi internet access • sky tv/dvd player • fridge in room • private location • close to train station • major credit cards taken

Tel: 07970 162753

Email: or North Road, Baldock, Hertfordshire SG7 5DN


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59th Ashwell Music Festival Sat 19th May to Sun 27th May 2012

The annual Music Festival offers a diverse and exciting range of renowned performers again this year including classical, swing, a duet, the ever popular tribute band and poetry reading. The Rockabellas, a glamorous close harmony trio will start the Festival on Saturday 19th May in St. Mary’s Church. Singing a nostalgic mix of toe-tapping tunes from the wartime right through to the modern day, the trio mix song, choreography and fashion. This is followed by Betjeman and Beethoven on Sunday 20th May – an evening of poetry and music, put together by Catherine Wilmers, renowned cellist with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. The Montagnana Ensemble will perform The Beethoven Septet, followed by Crispin Bonham-Carter reading John Betjeman’s poems to musical accompaniment. This concert and two others will be followed by Sung Compline, performed by the gentlemen of St. Mary’s Church Choir. Young people from Ashwell, Baldock and the surrounding area will perform in the traditional Young Musicians’ Concert on Tuesday 22nd May. A mix of classical and lighter music will be performed by the Breakspear Trio and Friends on Thursday 24th May. The trio of high calibre musicians consists of piano, soprano and French horn and will be joined by other musical associates during the evening. At the United Reformed Church on Friday 25th May a “Magical Evening” of 19th and 20th Century British fairy songs will be performed by international

musicians Charlotte de Rothschild (soprano) and Danielle Perrett (harp). Music of Sir Charles Villiers Stanford, Roger Quilter and Michael Head will be included at this tranquil venue. Topping the bill on Saturday 26th May will be The Stones Tribute Band - a serious tribute to one of the biggest rock bands of all time. Book your tickets early for this not to be missed concert. The Festival will conclude with Festal Evensong on Sunday 27th May, with guest preacher The Rev’d. Canon Richard Watson, Sub Dean of St. Albans Cathedral. More information on the Festival can be found on a re-launched website www.ashwellmusicfestival. Tickets are available from the Box Office on 01462 742979

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Wedding Countdown

preparing for you big day Getting married is one of the most serious and exciting decisions you will ever make and the months leading up to your wedding day will also be some of the busiest. 12 months to go: - Once a date has been decided it is a good idea to decide on a budget. - Contact the church or registry office where you would like to marry and talk to them about your proposed date, the notice you are required to give and the costs involved. - Make a provisional guest list. - Begin searching for a reception venue: stately home, castle, barn, a marquee in a lovely location, the beach (a beautiful, memorable and also free option!) a hired hall can all act as starting points. Book the venue as soon as you can. - What entertainment, if any, will you have at the reception? A magician? A DJ? Medieval singers or Tudor players? Research and book them now! - Think about catering. If your wedding will be themed then finding a caterer who will be sympathetic to your choices is crucial. Interview as many as it takes to find someone with whom you can work and who you can trust to stick to your budget as well as your ideas. - Find a photographer. Think about the style of photography you like – reportage or traditional, all the guests or just the bridal party, ceremony only or reception too? Do you also want a wedding video? Some companies can undertake both but do make sure that you review their portfolio carefully to ensure they meet your standards. - There is still plenty of time to consider a honeymoon location unless the bride or groom has very specific ideas. If you are already sure of location then book and pay for the honeymoon now to help with budgeting. - Discuss the dress. Will the bride stick with tradition, will the groom and his men go for morning suits or kilts? What colour will suit the bridesmaids? Your budget may dictate your choices but a little research can prove worthwhile – finding the right dressmaker can render that bespoke dress affordable or locating a sale at a wedding dress boutique can easily bring designer dresses within reach. Look for a dress in the style you like and which suits you. Alterations are nearly always possible so sizing is not necessarily an issue. Six Months Before: - Start putting together accessories and shoes for

the bridal party. Include flowers in this and go and talk to a local florist. Floristry skills are not impossible to learn so a friend who is willing to help could be asked to take care of this for you, just be sure on style and colour and to make it clear if there are flowers you dislike. - Take designs for your cake to the bakers or your mum/gran/auntie Jessie. If the budget is tight consider making the fruit or sponge bit yourself and just get help with the icing. That said, marzipan covered with plain icing, a ribbon and fresh flowers to decorate looks stunning and is easy as well as inexpensive to complete. - Order wedding stationary or design and make it yourself. Blank cards are readily available and mini photos make great invitations which are also much more personal. - Think about wedding rings - what will truly complement your engagement ring? Take out wedding insurance if you feel you need it. - Discuss your wedding hair and make-up with your hairdresser or attend a wedding fair where lots of advice and free trials are readily available. Three Months to go: - Buy the marriage licence. - Send out your beautiful invitations. - Decide on a wedding list – some stores offer this service or you can make one online or in a notebook. Make it available to all the guests. - Confirm all ceremony details with the registrar or celebrant, readers, musicians etc. Choose any hymns or songs to be used. - Have Order of Service sheets printed. - Buy gifts for the bridesmaids and any helpers or arrange for flowers and thank you notes to be delivered to them after the event. One Month to go: - Reconfirm all bookings. - Enjoy your stag/hen night. - Arrange final dress fittings. - Telephone any guests who have not replied to your invitation. - Write wedding speech. A Week Before: - Have a wedding rehearsal. - Pack your honeymoon bags. Order any foreign currency you will need. - Make sure the Best Man has the rings and a list of all the wedding service providers you have booked for the day and their contact details. - Practice walking in your wedding shoes!

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May Special Offer

Get your tootsies ready for summer: Gel pedicure just ÂŁ25

Eyebrow shape and Eyelash tint for just ÂŁ10. Luxury Pedicures Dermalogica Facials Massage & Body treatments Waxing, Hollywood & Brazilian Eye Treatments

8 Cherry Trees, Lower Stondon Beds, SG16 6DT e. t. 07912 645310


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What is REIKI?

If I stopped you in the street and asked you if you knew what Reiki was, would you know? Chances are you might have heard its name but you might not be too sure what it does! Actually, in my experience it does quite a lot! That’s because my business is Reiki. Reiki is a healing energy that RELEASES negative blockages in your body. The Practitioner (me) uses a pendulum, crystals and an extremely comfy massage bed to identify your physical and emotional blockages and then spends 45 – 90 minutes using specific hand placements on your clothed body to

remove these blockages. You will enter a completely relaxed, warm state and more often than not, fall asleep and when you wake you will have started your Reiki journey. There is a catch to all this, the healing doesn’t come from me, I just channel it so this thing called Reiki is bigger than both of us but I promise to share my gift with any ailment you bring me. I also treat animals with Reiki and read Tarot and Angel cards. To answer the question, will you try it????

Reiki with Crystal healing 1 hr £25 TAROT and Angel reading 1 hr £25 Contact: Linda Watson 01462819169 or 07739381497

Hayley's Barbers Look Good feel Great!

Under New Management from Dec 2011, Hayley welcomes all new & existing clients

Traditional Barbering in a friendly environment Buzz Cuts • Scissor Cuts • Razor Cuts • Scissor over Comb Cuts • Textising Cuts • Cut Throat Finish • Mowhawks

OPENING TIMES Mon, Tues & Fri 9am-5pm WED CLOSED Thurs late night 9am-7pm Sat 8am - 2.30pm Call in anytime! We look forward to seeing you!

Professional Service, Great Prices Complimentary Drink while you wait - No appointment needed

07811 000 254

Tel : 31 Ampthill Road, Shefford SG17 5BD FREE PARKING OUTSIDE To advertise in The Villager and Townlife please call 01767 261 122


Cutting edge kitchen kit

The best kitchen gadgets Celebrity chefs have made cooking cool, and the gadget industry hasn’t been slow to cash in: from items that’ll brighten up your kitchen to technology that can make your food more healthy, there are all kinds of gadgets for all kinds of cooks. One of our favourite kitchen gadgets is Taylor’s Coloured Kitchen Knife Block (£34.99), a clear perspex block with five neon-coloured knives embedded in it. The knives are stainless steel but they’ve been given a special non-stick, dishwasher safe coating to turn them into works of art. If you have an iPad, you might already be using recipe apps to plan your meals, but have you stuck your tablet on your fridge? The £34.99 FridgePad does just that, enabling you to watch Jamie Oliver’s tips, keep an eye on a recipe or just watch the TV or listen to music while you chop and cook. The FridgePad promises to hold 25 times its own weight, although we’d be checking our home insurance coverage just in case. Even the humble egg has gadgets: the £14.99 BeepEgg is a singing egg timer that you chuck into the pot with your eggs. It then plays different tunes to alert you to different levels of hardness, so for example you get “Killing Me Softly” for soft-boiled eggs. If that kind of whimsy makes you smile, you might also like the Monday Morning Heat Changing Mug (£14.99): it starts off dark with a sad expression, but when you pour in hot water, tea or coffee it turns into a yellow smiley face. Kitchen gadgets can be sensible as well as smiley. Philips’ AirFryer (from around £200) promises all the joy of deep fried food without the fat: instead of a big bucket of oil, it has a grill and circulates air to cook food using 80% less fat than traditional


fryers. Tefal’s ActiFry offers a similarly high-tech approach to health, but it’s a good bit cheaper: the FZ700015 model is widely available for less than £120 and enables you to cook enough chips for four with just one spoonful of oil. If you’re the kind of person who breaks out the barbecue at the first sign of sun, gadgets can help you with that too: digital thermometers (widely available from around £5) enable you to check that the inside of the food isn’t still raw when the outside’s been burned to a crisp. While you’re at it, you might want to order a BBQ Branding Iron (£12.99 from to burn your name - or any text you like - into the food you’re cooking. More sensibly - and as useful indoors as out - Hostess makes a cordless hot tray that keeps plates of food warm for up to an hour from a single 8-minute charge, while Barcraft’s rotary Ice Crusher (from around £16) crushes ice for those all-important cocktails. Sometimes the best gadgets are the simplest ones, such as Joseph Joseph’s many cookware ideas: the firm’s bright-coloured, beautifully designed kitchen gadgets range from adjustable spaghetti measures to chopping boards that fold up for washing ingredients or emptying them into pots and, if you can imagine it, the company probably makes it: there are herb choppers and rotary peelers, citrus juicers with built-in pipcatchers, dual-purpose grinders and pump-action potato mashers. Our favourite, though, is the Cut and Carve, a chopping board that’s on an angle and has a lip to catch juices when you’re carving meat or chopping fruit. Like all good gadgets it’s beautifully simple and makes us wish we’d thought of it first.

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Smyth & Co. are small business specialists offering a broad range of services to Sole Traders, Partnerships & Limited Companies including:







     

Business Start-Up Assistance Corporate & Personal Tax Advice Self Assessment Tax Returns Management & Annual Accounts Bookkeeping, Payroll, CIS & VAT Business plans and forecasts

For a free consultation call 01767 220214


4 High Street, Langford, Biggleswade, Beds. SG18 9RR

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Ride For Your Lives

Grafham Water, Sunday 10th June Come and join our cycle ride around beautiful Grafham Water in Cambridgeshire, and support your local air ambulance. East Anglian Air Ambulance, with kind permission of Anglian Water, is hosting a sponsored cycle ride for all the family on Sunday 10 June 2012. Full first aid cover, technical back up and marshalling will be on site for the day – and you can ride the route at any time between 9am and 4pm. Minimum sponsorship is £20 per family or £10 per individual. Registration before 1 June is however a must, and you may do so by contacting or by telephone on 01733 367208. If you want to take part, but haven’t got a bicycle – don’t worry, Grafham Cycles are offering a special discount of 15% for the day! Pop along, have a great time with the family, knowing that you are helping to keep your local air ambulance flying.


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 local, knowledgeable, independent IT for home users and small businesses

Is your computer running slowly or experiencing problems? Are your family memories and files backed up securely? Do you need a website or a New hosting service? 

*No Call Out Charge *No Fix – No Fee *Free Pick Up in the SG7 Area   

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P and R Bathrooms

While I am no expert in bathrooms, I can tell you, today I met a man who is – and he has the showroom to prove it. I was simply amazed at the P and R Bathrooms showroom – the largest I have ever been to but also the smartest, most beautifully presented and informative too – exactly the right place to find anew bathroom. You see, the fact is that for most of us, seeing is believing, especially where larger, more important purchases are involved and the


bathroom is certainly one of those. The average person will spend over one and a half years in the bathroom in their lifetime – double that for those of us who like a long lazy soak every night, so the décor, layout, style, comfort and ambiance of the ‘littlest room’ is very important. How very important it is then to really be able to see, touch and spend time in the bathroom you are considering before you make that final decision – and that is exactly what is on offer at family company, P and R Bathrooms. ‘Most people have more than one bathroom these days’ explains Paul Kynoch, the ‘P’ of P and R Bathrooms. ‘There is the en-suite, the guest bathroom, the family bathroom and the children’s bathroom. Some people have a downstairs cloakroom or a downstairs shower room perhaps – modern houses have many different options and it’s important to most people to make these rooms just as beautiful as the rest of their home.’ ‘We offer a design service as well as the complete installation package – as much or as little as our

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customers need and we really listen to what they want as well as taking on board what will work in their home and with their personal tastes. The beauty of having been in this business for the years that we have is that we use only suppliers who have proved themselves, the ones with the best track record of quality products and service. We insist on this because we insist that our customers are happy with their bathroom, and that has to be true, really honestly true, down the whole line – confident and happy designers, suppliers and installers result in delighted customers who come back to us time and again. And that really is our experience. Our customers return. They know they can trust us to treat them fairly and competitively and be second to none on customer satisfaction. That’s what makes this a job I love.’ P and R Bathrooms can undertake the complete transformation of your bathroom, ensuring the plumbers, carpenters, electricians and installers are all of the highest standard with experience and workmanship that is unrivalled. ‘We don’t have to

provide the complete package, some people just want us to supply the bathroom, others want design and supply, but our customers who have trusted us with the whole package have all been thrilled with the results as well as the fact that they could just leave it all in our hands and there was no stress or added responsibility for them.’ If you are considering a new bathroom, whether it is a new suite, the fitting out of a whole new room or just a change of tiles, I couldn’t recommend P and R Bathrooms more thoroughly. Wander around their impressive showroom and you will know you are in the exactly the right place to find exactly the right bathroom for you.

P&R Bathrooms

9 Lurke Street, Bedford MK40 3HZ Tel: 0845 434 8401 Website: Open 9:00am-5:00pm Mon - Fri 10:ooam-4:00pm Saturday To advertise in The Villager and Townlife please call 01767 261 122


We don’t aim to save you pennies - just £’s Beach Huts

Fabulous Garden Buildings

BBQ’s Silly prices on Outback

(New English BBQ range coming soon)


Ready made or bring your own for filling

Zonal Double Geraniums

Large plants from only £1.50 each

New ranges of Garden Furniture arriving weekly with new easy care range

Large range of vegetable plants including Tomatoes, Peppers and Cues. Great Value Sunday Roast Lunches 2 courses only £10.95 (Booking Advisable)

Tel: 01767 680983 34

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Keeping Pests at Bay

the Natural Way

More and more people have become concerned about using chemicals in the garden. Indeed, some gardeners have used chemicals rarely, if at all, for many years. It may be that you are worried about wildlife and conservation in general or you may also be concerned about using gardening pesticides on plants that children or pets might play near, or that you intend to eat. Greener gardening is not difficult, it is just different. Some of the most infuriating pests are to be found in greenhouses, conservatories and other protected areas, where they can thrive and breed rapidly. It is a great help to know that there are now many ‘natural’ controls available in the form of predators and parasites, which can be purchased from mail order suppliers (including and then released into your greenhouse or conservatory. These insects or mites do a great job of keeping many common pests at bay, including whitefly, red spider mite and mealy bugs. There are also excellent controls available for slugs and for vine weevils, both of which can be used successfully outside too. For those who are troubled by pests such as leather jackets (symptoms are deteriorating patches in the lawn, shortly followed by the lawn being ripped up by birds or badgers searching for the ‘delicious’ grubs) or chafer grubs (also responsible for damage caused by eating plant roots), there are now biological controls available to keep these at bay too. There is also a fairly new control available, which sends ants off in the other direction – wonderful if you like to lie on the lawn or enjoy meals in your garden without being nipped! I garden organically so I use these biological controls regularly. If your conservatory is also used as a place where you or the family relax or perhaps enjoy a drink or a meal, I’d say it is especially important not to fill it full of potentially harmful chemicals. If you want to try these controls then you will need to make sure that your greenhouse or conservatory is not already packed full of chemical residues - otherwise they may kill the beneficial creatures you are introducing. For whitefly you need a tiny parasitic wasp called Encarsia and for red spider mite you need another mite, this time the predatory Phytoseiulus. Introduce these in amongst the infested plants

and they will automatically go in search of the pests, soon getting their numbers under control and all without you having to lift a finger. It may sound off-putting to release wasps into your greenhouse or conservatory (or mites come to that) but these little creatures are tiny and will not bite or sting: they are only interested in the pests. Biological controls, including those for slugs and vine weevils, are all tricky for garden centres to stock, as what you are buying are living creatures which won’t survive if left sitting on a warm shelf for too long. Mail order is therefore the best way to buy generally, with your predators or parasites arriving in the post along with strict instructions for storage (they should usually be kept in the fridge) and for using before the use-by date expires. But don’t let this put you off: biological controls are excellent and are used by many professional growers. To ensure success you must follow the instructions precisely and make sure you introduce the control when there are a few, but not too many, pests around. If you wait until the air is choked with whitefly it can be a bit too much of an uphill struggle for the tiny little wasps. But the great thing is that you can relax in the knowledge that you’re not jeopardising any wildlife and that, in many cases, the biological control becomes selfperpetuating as the ‘critters’ you have bought breed and spread within the greenhouse. Now that’s what I call useful. Visit Pippa’s website and sign up for her newsletter (and receive a free ebook on organic gardening) and shop from the new products area which offers a great selection of biological controls (for slugs, vine weevils, red spider mite, whitefly etc) plus growing frames, cloches, raised bed kits and lots, lots more.

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01582 639811

01462 759819

01462 730769




01462 759819



01462 759819


01438 771738

0800 056 5711

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GILKS FENCING LTD Supplying of all types of gates and fencing to trade and public.

•Closeboard Fencing • TGV Gates • Trellis Made to Customers Design • Lap Panel Fencing • Railings • Chain Link • Knee Rail Fencing • Concrete Slotted Posts • Professional Installation Available

Unit 2, 1 Stockton End, Off Sunderland Road, Sandy, Beds SG19 1SB Tel: 01767 681746 Fax: 01767 681776 Email:

STEEL FOR BUILDERS Are you paying too much for your steel through normal retail suppliers? Then contact County Construction (Steelworks) Ltd TODAY!

Steel for the building trade with next day delivery Steel Beams

Angle Beams

Double Beams

Box Beams



Flitch Plates

2nd Hand Beams

Heavy Section Beams

And much more...

All bolts incuded on fabricated beams

Call now for a free no obligation quotation on:

 01767 631063 



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Rural Ramblings BY GEOFF WHARTON

Which colour will it be tomorrow?

A few weeks ago, while wandering through a patch of woodland, I came across the beautiful remains of one of my favourite birds, the glorious Red Kite. For many years I have been trying to see one and recently have managed this, but unfortunately only from a distance, and here was one beneath my feet - dead but still magnificent and charismatic. I was immediately struck by the rich colouring of the feathers, the powerful grey talons and the bright yellow legs Why it had died seemingly so suddenly was the question but it’s beauty even in death was so impressive as to remain with me . I returned to the spot a few weeks later but there were no remains-probably removed by a scavenging fox to supplement a meagre food supply? A few days later I was involved in the removal of the remains of a poly tunnel plus contents. The floor had been covered with a sturdy woven weed suppressing membrane which unfortunately had not been able to cope with the invasive efforts of nettle and ivy. After a bit of a battle it was removed and then came the next layer – thousands of brittle plastic pots and their associated crumbling labels. All the pots had to be emptied and were then unceremoniously dumped into a large builder’s bag and then squashed down into a manageable volume. Next came the replacement polythene covering which was torn and partly buried. Out it came and also bundled up. Buried by several years of vegetation was found the original sheet, still more or less intact. This was added to the now rapidly increasing pile of non-biodegradable plastic waste which took over a considerable area of garden. The issue of disposal now became imminent. The hours of effort to construct the tunnel and all the work involved in propagation and care for young plants had now been swept


away into heap of waste - it was such a sad sight and to think that it was once a source of pride and joy for a conscientious and knowledgeable gardener. The skip was filled with several cubic metres of this plastic and will soon be removed from the property and “disappear”. It seems strange to think that a pastime of such a “green” activity can result in the production of so much waste from one household. I suppose the shock of the actual volumes involve was because the stuff had never been cleared away, usually a little at a time, and had accumulated over the years. On the way home I happened to pass by a nursery growing what I think were early strawberries and yes they were being grown under polythene. The surrounding area was covered with the remains of old sheets and I shuddered to think of the disposal issues involved. Let’s hope that recycling is possible The point of mentioning the bird??

Geoff Wharton Gardening Services Reliable, experienced, well qualified. General and specialist garden work: Jungle clearing, Pruning, Hedge and grass cutting, Regular maintenance, Licensed waste disposal. Full public liability cover. Geoff Wharton - BSC honours Hort.Science

Tel: 01767 261727

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Please contact us for more information.

73 Howard Drive, Letchworth Hertfordshire SG6 2BU

01462 683650 - 07540 555445

 Lawns cut and edged  Borders and beds weeded  Shrubs pruned and shaped  Paths and patios swept  Rubbish removed  Patios and decking  Hedges cut  Turfing  Fences





Gardening a pain? Let us take the strain!

s tradi

Weekly, fortnightly or monthly visits arranged and one-off nightmares cleared

From just £12 per week Get 2 free months with this advert 20 years experience, friendly & reliable service

For more details or for a free quotation call 01462 896427 or email: To advertise in The Villager and Townlife please call 01767 261 122


Mini Coupe Road Test


The Mini brand is expanding yet again – this time into the niche Coupe market. James Baggott finds out more WHAT IT IS? Yet another Mini that’s been tweaked to keep the brand’s sales moving upwards. Sales for the maker are up 14 per cent year on year in a market down five per cent and the Coupe aims to add around 3,000 a year to that total. Classed as a ‘halo’ model, it’s not expected to be a volume seller, but a rival to the likes of the VW Scirocco and Audi TT. It has a lower roof, boot spoiler and only two seats. WHAT’S UNDER THE BONNET? There are diesel and petrol options. As it’s the halo model, Mini won’t be offering One versions, only Cooper, Cooper S, SD, and John Cooper Works versions. We tried the SD and John Cooper Works. The latter is the range-topper offering 149mph top speed, 0-60mph in 6.2 seconds and 39.8mpg. The diesel is a bit clattery but great to drive. It returns 65.7mpg, hits 134mph and passes 60mph in 7.7s. WHAT’S THE SPEC LIKE? High. Standard equipment includes DAB radio, air-con, parking sensors, alloy wheels and sport stripes. But as with all Minis, it’s the personalisation – both via factory order and dealer- fitted accessories – which are plentiful. The famous TLC servicing pack is available for £249 and some 98 per cent of buyers are expected


to take it up. We’d like to know who the two per cent are that don’t… WHAT’S IT LIKE TO DRIVE? Enjoyable, but for taller drivers, extremely uncomfortable. The low roofline means you have to constantly crick your neck and the seats sent our legs to sleep within 10 minutes. It handles much like the hatch and in the dry is extremely chuckable, but in the wet it suffered with understeer. But none of that will stop fashionhungry buyers snapping them up. WHAT DO THE PRESS SAY? Auto Express said they thought ‘the powerful model has the makings of a machine that will take the brand to a group of drivers who feel that the standard hatch just isn’t tough enough’. While rivals Autocar said: ‘If you can live with the striking looks and driving appeal is a priority, it’s certainly worth considering.’ WHAT DO WE THINK OF IT? The looks certainly grew on us during our test, but no amount of driving dynamics could take our attention away from the pain in our legs, not something any driver wants to experience. With only 3,000 expected to find homes, this lowvolume model will be a fashion statement for style-conscious buyers. And with a Roadster due next year, it’s clear the Mini brand’s expansion is set to continue apace. By James Baggott, editor of Car Dealer Magazine (

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07860 834 887

T&M Complete Car Care Independent Mobile Vehicle Services:

Established since 1988 in Baldock, Hertfordshire, T&M have now gone mobile, maintaining our full range of services with the convenience of bringing them directly to your location of choice.

Our services include: • • • • • • •

Air-Con Servicing and Re-Gasing ECU Diagnostics and Repair Full Vehicle Servicing Collect and Return MOT Testing Competitive Rates On Parts and Labour 0% VAT on all jobs All major credit and debit cards accepted

Our Aim:

Our commitment to our customers is of utmost importance. We are an independent business with an aim to meet customer expectation on cost and services provided, ensuring we maintain our high standards at all times. We attempt to complete all work the same day where possible.

Ace Garage Doors Quality, Reliability and Great Value

• High levels of security • Sales, service and repairs • Same day service 24/7 • Free no obligation quotations • Suppliers and installers for all leading garage doors • Automation for new and existing garage doors

Hitchin: 01462 812927 Stevenage: 01438 742664

Mobile: 07870 987817

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Oven Cleaning! - It’s a dirty job! Why do it yourself? We clean ovens using non-caustic, non-toxic products in your home.

Specialists at hog roasting Hot Hog roast only the finest British




free-range pigs and also lamb or wild boar*. Our mobile unit comes complete with a chef and servers and we can cook from a half to two whole hogs at a time depending on your needs. Whatever the occasion, Hot Hog should be perfect for you.

Ovens • Ranges • Hobs • Extractors Agas • Microwaves • Barbecues (May - Sept) Single Oven (all racks/pans inc)........................£35 Single Oven & Grill Oven (all racks/pans inc).....£45 Single Separate Grill Oven (racks/pans inc)......£15 Microwaves & Combination Ovens....................£20 Extractor Fan (free filter for next clean).............£12 Hob..................................................................£12 . . .

Agas and Ranges priced accordingly Oven Bulbs replaced for free in all jobs V.A.T free

Tel: 01767 260188 Mobile: 07812 666081 email:

Call Paul at Hot Hog now on

T: 01462 743552 M: 07885 638122

parent company est. 1998

BURY LANE • Fresh Fruit & Vegetables • Delicatessen • Café • Butchery • Fresh Flowers

• Gift Shop • Garden Shop • Plant Centre • PYO in season • Free- range eggs

Open 7 days a week all year round Monday - Saturday 9am - 5:30pm Sunday 10:30am - 4:30pm

A10 Melbourn By pass, Melbourn, Royston, Herts 01763 260418

w w w. b u r yl a n e f a r m s h o p.c o.u k 44

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SEASONAL DELIGHTS Asparagus frittata

Serves 4-6 Prep time 10 minutes Cooking time 20 minutes

Ingredients 275g new potatoes 450g asparagus 5 large eggs 200g buffalo mozzarella

50g Parmesan, grated 2 tbsp chopped flat leaf parsley 2 tbsp olive oil Sea salt and freshly ground black pepper


1. Preheat the oven to 200째C/gas mark 6. Making sure the potatoes are clean first, boil them in salted water. 2. Trim the asparagus, then cut the stems into 1cm slices leaving the spear as a piece about 8cm long. Add this all to the potato pan for the last 5 minutes of the cooking time. 3. Drain everything and refresh in cold water. Thickly slice the potato. 4. Whisk together the eggs really well. Dice the mozzarella and add to the eggs along with 40g of the Parmesan, the parsley, potatoes and slices of asparagus. Season generously with sea salt and freshly ground pepper. Stir everything to coat with the egg. Lastly, gently stir through the spears. 5. Heat a 22cm diameter oven-proof deep frying pan along with the olive oil over a medium heat. Nonstick would be great, otherwise one which is naturally seasoned. 6. Pour in the egg mixture making sure some of the spears are sitting at the top. Leave to cook for around 10 minutes until the edges are starting to firm up. 7. Sprinkle over the last 10g of Parmesan and slide the frying pan in to the oven. Bake for 8-10 minutes until the frittata is golden and firm. 8. Serve straight from the pan with a crisp green salad.

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The Carpet Man Your LOCAL carpet and upholstery cleaning service... Providing a ‘hassle free’ service from our professional and friendly cleaners. Call for a free, no obligation quote on

07999 909982 / 01525 862744 or email 46

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All types of roofing work undertaken. Friendly, reliable and professional service.

Tel: 07989 423449 or 01767 317121


CALL MARGARET NOW ON 07787 168502 To advertise in The Villager and Townlife please call 01767 261 122































How to play It’s simple! Fill in the grid so that each row, column and 3x3 box, contains the digits 1 through to 9 with no repetition. Use your logic to solve the puzzle. Watch out! Sudoku is highly addictive.


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Fully qualiFied — 25 years experienCe

PlumbinG & heatinG ltd


Gas installer Boiler installation with 5 year warranty Boiler breakdown & power flushing Frozen condense pipe rectified Boiler service and landlord certification

water PlumbinG and heatinG

Full heating & bathroom installation Under floor heating Mains pressure upgrades General plumbing work & maintenance

solar solar

Solar thermal for hot water Solar PV installation by MCS approved installers Solar cylinder upgrades & breakdowns

Call: 01462 292247 / 07566 118 247 218627

14 Pear Tree Close, Lower Stondon, Bedfordshire SG16 6ND Email: Website:

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J W A Building & Maintenance

• Extensions • Carpentry • Kitchens • Plastering • Brickwork • Domestic

• Patios • Plumbing • Decking • Painting • Tiling • Commercial

• Driveways • Electrics • Roofing • Decorating • Bathrooms • Refurbishments

Tel: 01462 735565 Mob: 07866 528411 info@jwa-building and 14 Glebe Avenue, Arlesey, Bedfordshire SG15 6UP


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Garden and Property Maintenance internal and external repairs Fencing and timber structures Environmental retaining walls Decking and paving Decorating and internal repairs Routing cables and networking Satellite fault finding and repairing Shed repairs including new felt or roof

From start to finish we offer a professional and friendly service so that all our customers are delighted to see the dramatic improvements to their property. Base preparation

Main build

The final result!

Chapman Property Maintenance 50 Plum Tree Road, Lower Stondon, Henlow Bedfordshire. SG16 6NE Tel: 01462 813164 or 07767 442904 Email:

Chapman Property Maintenance

Please feel free to call Steve for general advice and an estimate

01462 813164 or 07767 442904

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Michael Brett Electrical Over 40 years experience Part P & NICEIC Registered

Lighting & Rewiring, Fuse Boards Extra Sockets, Garden Lighting, Extensions Testing & Certificates FREE ESTIMATES Phone Colin on 07973 432759 or 01462 743824


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R . France EST. 1970 & Son All building works undertaken Extensions Modernizations Loft and garage conversations Bathrooms into wet rooms PVCU Windows and Doors Disabled Ramps Decorating/ papering etc Please call 01767 223675 / 01767 315214 07880 594495 / 07929 732850

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Business to Business Associates Ltd sponsors of


1st Prize £25 Name:

Complete the crossword, fill in your details below, cut out this section and send to the address below before 18th May 2012 Prize Crossword, Villager Publications Ltd 24 Market Square, Potton, Beds SG19 2NP

2nd Prize £15



Across 1 Sketch (7) 5 Naval map (5) 8 Expel (5) 9 Woman’s holdall (7) 10 Promotional literature (13) 11 Informal (6) 12 Thick-set (6) 15 Used to cool food (13) 18 Conclusions (7) 19 Perfect (5) 20 Sea rising and falling (5) 21 Medicinal syrup (7) Down 1 Musical drama (5) 2 Robbers (7) 3 Worldwide (13) 4 Pertaining to cultural group (6) 5 Deep thinking (13) 6 Saunter (5) 7 Firmly (7) 11 Right (7) 13 Nearest (7) 14 Receptacle (6) 16 Dimmed (5) 17 Bottom of the feet (5)


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Members of

Membership No. 3003012002


Plumbing and Heating Engineer Ltd • Mechanical Services • Oil, Gas & Solid Fuel • Central Heating • General Plumbing • Leadwork Specialists T. 01462 731896/733364 F: 01462 835588 E: The Old Stables Station Road, Arlesey Beds SG15 6RG

Alan George Painter & Decorator Interior and Exterior Work Wallpapering and Coving Reliable and Local Specialist City & Guilds trained with 30 years experience Sole trader No VAT Free estimates Call Alan on 01582 454604 Mob:07760198256 or E-Mail:

Lots of Choice Immediate Availability

The Carpet Trade Centre • • • •

Over 10,000sq ft of warehouse to choose from 100’s of designs, stock always changing Vinyl/cushion floor stock Large choice of rugs

Delivery and fitting service in days rather than weeks Low, low prices, high quality stock

Tel: 01462 851637 Units 5A-6, Henlow Industrial Estate Henlow SG16 6DS

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4 May Wihan String Quartet Concert 8pm Peter Morrison Hall, Benslow Music, Hitchin, SG4 9RB Tickets £10, free for all 8-25 year olds Works by Wolf, Schubert and Dvorak. Tickets from Box Office 01462 459446, Hitchin Town Centre Initiative and David’s Music, Letchworth. 4-6 May Baldock Beer Festival Fri 5-11pm, Sat noon-11pm, Sun noon-8pm Brandles School Gym & Playground BBQ, kids entertainment and bands playing. Web: 5 May The Signals Museum Open 10am-4pm The Signals Museum at RAF Henlow is open to the public. Entry is free but official photo ID such as a driving licence, passport or over 60s Bus Pass is required to get an entry permit from the Guardroom. See 5-7 May The Shefford Community Flower Festival 5 May 10am-4.30pm, 6 May 12 noon-4.30pm, 7 May 10am-4.30pm Shefford Methodist Church Entry £3 per person or £5 per couple sharing a programme Come and enjoy stunning flower arrangements with the theme “Countries of the World” provided by the Clophill and District Flower Club and sponsored by local Shefford businesses and organisations. A Souvenir Booklet entitled, “The History of Methodism in Shefford,” will be available soon. 13 May Ashwell at Home 12 noon-6pm Entry by programme Adults £5, children under 14 free – available on the day Entertainment for all the family with open gardens, exhibitions, veteran cycles, stalls, Morris Men, funfair, car boot sale, refreshments and more. Car Boot Sale: tel 01462 742155 to book a space 17 May Easy Gardening 7.45pm Central Methodist Church Hall, Pixmore Way, LGC Members £1, Non-members £2 Letchworth District Gardeners Association talk by Keith Hichisson from Langford Nursery & Garden Centre. Tips how to get the most from your garden. Tel: Jo Schurch 07913 774504 Web:


Entries into our What’s On sections are free. If you have an event you would like us to publicise please email the details to 17, 18 & 19 May Three, One Act Plays Doors open 7.30pm, curtain 8pm Henlow Theatre, Hitchin Road, Henlow Camp (Next to the Post Office) Opening night tickets £6 Adults £8, Concessions £5. Henlow Amateur Theatrical Society is proud to present a fantastic evening of entertainment with Three, One Act Plays: “Daddy’s Gone a Hunting” by H Connolly, “The Cagebirds” by David Campton and “The Loophole” by N J Warburton. Tel: Box Office 01462 700785 or 07876 353677 Web: 18 May-14 September Bat Punting Safaris Times vary. River Cam, Cambridge Adult £15, Concession £13.50, under 12 £7.50 Every Friday just after dusk join the Wildlife Trust experts and Scudamore’s punt staff on a 90 minute journey along the Grantchester stretch of the River Cam which has a vibrant bat population. 50% of proceeds go to The Wildlife Trust. Web: Web: for booking 19 May Saturday Afternoon Music Talk: What did the revolution do for Russian music? 2pm Peter Morrison Hall, Benslow Music, Hitchin SG4 9RB Tickets £10, free for all full-time students The speaker for this event will be music critic, Geoffrey Norris. Free parking. 19 May Soul Man Arlesey Football Club Tickets £5 Tickets: Lesley in the Arlesey FC Members bar or 07717 462393 19-20 May Icknield Quilters Quiltathon Sat 10am-9pm, Sun 10am-4pm Studio 39, High Street, Baldock In aid of Lister Renal Unit. Members are being sponsored at £5 per hour to come and sew, press, make coffee, etc.. GlaxoSmithKline are supporting the event and will double the money raised. The quilt is based on the Liberated Star design and will be raffled at Icknield Quilter’s meeting on 10 September at Baldock Community Centre at 9pm. Tel: Michele Clarke 01462 790577

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19 May Where the Working Boats Went 7.30pm St. Andrew’s Parish Church, Langford Tickets £8 refreshments included The friends of St. Andrews Church Langford present “Where the Working Boats Went” a show in drama and song about the waterways past and present includes genuine canal facts and stories, 12 new songs, songs rarely heard, and old favourites and you are encouraged to join in! Tel: 01462 700355 Web: 23 May World Touring Car Driver James Nash comes to The Rufus Centre! 7.30-10pm East Anglian Air Ambulance, The Rufus Centre, Steppingley Road, Flitwick, MK45 1AH Tickets £2.50 including glass of wine/beer/soft drink An evening James Nash, current Team Aon Ford Focus World Touring Car Championship driver and independent drivers champion in last year’s British Touring Car Championship. Generously sponsored by Evans Halshaw Ford of Bedford. There will also be a raffle to raise funds for James’s charity, East Anglian Air Ambulance. Evans Halshaw Ford will be present with road version models of the Ford Focus. Tickets from East Anglian Air Ambulance tel 01525 718517. 26 May Meppershall Festival 2012 - Music, Arts and Crafts Meppershall Village Hall Showcasing amazing local talents 2-5pm Arts and Crafts Exhibition and Sale.7.30pm Music and Lyrics Concert. Adults £4.00, Concessions £2.50. Tickets available in Meppershall Post Office and Roger’s Bakery. 29 May Doric String Quartet 8pm Peter Morrison Hall, Benslow Music, Hitchin, SG4 9RB Tickets £10, free for all 8-25 year olds Works by Bach, Gluck, Chopin, Scriabin and Rachmaninov. Tickets available from our Box Office 01462 459446, Hitchin Town Centre Initiative and David’s Music, Letchworth. 30 May Organ Concert 8-10.30pm Members £4, Non-Members £5. Pay at door. Addison Centre, Kempston, Bedford Bedford Organ & Keyboard Club presents popular Organist Richard Monks. Tel: 01234 344423 Web: www.organfax/clubs/bedford/html

3 June Preston Gardens Open Day 1pm-5pm Adults £4, children free A large number of gardens in this pretty village 3 miles south of Hitchin offering a variety of sizes, styles and planting with many interesting features including unusual plants, wild areas and water features. The small Arts and Crafts Church of St Martin will be beautifully decorated and open to visitors. Stalls on the Green and Teas in the Village Hall. Map supplied on admission. Free parking. Tel: 01462-433859 The Bedfordshire branch of the Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE) is calling for entries for projects which improve the county’s appearance, preserve its character and promote sustainability. Deadline 21 May. Web: Email:

Henlow Jubilee Events 2 & 3 June Campton & Chicksands Diamond Jubilee Celebrations Programme £3 provides entry to all the events Events include The Shefford Town Band, Dancing Troupe, Dancing Dogs, Mini Olympics, Welly Wanging, Penalty Shoot Out, Tug of War, Skittles, and Croquet. At All Saint’s Church the Osborne Crypt will be open to the public and there will be an exhibition of local arts and crafts together with historical maps and photos of the village. Tel: Maryika Wilding 01462 851729 for information. 2 & 3 June Stondon’s BIG Weekend Sat 12-6pm, Sat 7.30 til late, Sun 11am and 12.30-6pm, All in or next to the Big Marquee, Stondon Rec, Hillside Road, Stondon Celebrating the Queen’s Jubilee Saturday day: Red, White, Blue (RWB) Fancy dress parade, Best RWB cake and Best RWB miniature garden, inflatables and bouncy castle. Craft fayre, Stondolympics and family disco. Saturday evening: Adults £20, under 16 £10. Hog roast, Blue Print live Blues band, disco, fireworks and cash bar. Family camp out – free. Sunday: Joint Church service 11am. 12.30-6pm The BIG Lunch, BYO picnic and free drinks. Music and bands including McFly support band Count the Days, dancing, Zumba, games and fun. Email: Web:

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Painting & Decorating Property Maintenance

T. Jordan Carpentry & Joinery Made to Measure Quality Timber Products Doors, Windows, Stairs, Gates, Cabinets & Mouldings

Please call Tim on 01462 850363 22 Station Road, Lower Stondon, Henlow SG16 6JP

ok o L w e N Curtains Suite covers Business Suits Ball gowns Table Cloths Bedding New Zips Shortening

Dry Cleaners EST 1985

Dry Cleaning (Same Day) Laundry Tailoring Repairs & Alterations Curtains & Upholstery Covers Duvets & Bedding Ironing Shirt Service Shoe Repairs Wedding Dresses Leather, Suede & Wax In Home Carpet Cleaning

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Curtain & Upholstery

4 Sun Street

Collection & Delivery



Quality Workmanship Papering, Coving etc. Interior and Exterior Work Free Quotations Call W Firkins & Partners Ltd 01462 814117 or 07939 267083 Est 1981 20 Clifton Road, Shefford, Beds

01462 895501

OPEN Mon-Fri 8:30-6:00 Saturday 8:30-5:00

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Take Better Photos


Frame your subject properly - Don’t cut off half their head, or if the whole person is in the frame, don’t chop off their feet! Train yourself to check for distractions, like a tree that seems to grow out of someone’s head, or an ugly litter bin nearby. Focus - Take time to focus on your subject before you take the picture. If you are photographing a person, focus on their eyes. Be steady - The secret to a crisp, sharp photo is steady hands. Hold the camera firmly and squeeze the shutter button gently, don’t jerk, pull away or move for a second or two after you’ve pressed the button. Use Natural Light if possible - If you have the option to take a picture outdoors do it. If you are indoors, pick big windows, bright rooms or rooms with good lighting for your shots. Time of day - The best times for a great photo are usually at early mornings (dawn) or twilight

(dusk) as the light then is warm and golden. Another good time to snap a picture is after a rain shower, the colours and contrast on wet damp objects can be very striking.

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Painting & Decorating Domestic Specialist Over 15 years experience Interior & Exterior Decorating Free No Obligation Estimates Fair Prices Reliable Quality Work Call Martin on T: 01438 354486 M: 07775 645717 Please mention the Villager when you call - special rates apply

Fun Quiz - Heaven and Hell 1. Who had a 1993 top ten hit single with Stairway To Heaven? 2. Which famous person in history wrote a letter that became known as the “From Hell” letter? 3. Which company uses the slogan “chocolate heaven since 1911”? 4. Also the name of a pop group, which 14th century poem by Dante is divided into three parts that tell of journeys through hell, purgatory and heaven? 5. Who was the head chef on the first series of the TV show Hell’s Kitchen? 6. Which famous composer supposedly said on his deathbed “I shall hear in heaven”? 7. Which movie villain wears a white mink coat and has a country house that is nicknamed Hell Hall? 8. In Greek mythology, who was condemned to stand at the edge of the world and hold up the heavens on his shoulders? 9. Who finished runner-up in the 2010 series of The X Factor and, in December 2011, released an album called Heaven on which she cowrote all ten songs? 10. In John Milton’s poem Paradise Lost, what is the name of the capital of Hell, a name which is now used as a word to mean wild uproar or unrestrained disorder? 1. Rolf Harris 2. Jack the Ripper 3. Thorntons 4. The Divine Comedy 5. Gordon Ramsay 6.Ludwig van Beethoven 7. Cruella de Vil 8. Atlas 9. Rebecca Ferguson 10. Pandemonium




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Classifieds Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning


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Plumbing and Heating Engineers Ltd

C A r p E T A N D u p h O l s T E rY C l E A N I N g

• Mechanical Services • Oil, Gas & Solid Fuel • Central Heating • General Plumbing • Leadwork Specialist s T. 01462 731896/733364 F: 01462 83558 E:

Drying time kept to a minimum Flea & Dustmite control available 24 Years’ Experience Fully Insured

The Old Stables, Station Road, Arlesey, Beds SG15 6RG

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D.H. MEDLOCK & SON Domestic Appliances



Home & Garden Services

Established 1967

Œ Patio’s Œ Driveways Œ Fencing Œ Brickwork Œ Painting & Decorating Œ Tiling 20 Years Experience - No Job Too Small!

Sales - Service - Spares 2 Station Chambers, Station Road, Biggleswade, Beds SG18 8AH

Telephone: 01767 313384

01462 850575 or 07950 311881 Upholstery

Pet Services


James Geekie Plastering All types of plastering - big or small Interior/Exterior Work Undertaken Re-skim Rooms, Walls, Artex & Ceilings Dry Lining and Screeding Tel: 07792 415356 or 01767 317161 Email:

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