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Wild Riders

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Letter from Editor This magazine is to inform you about some interesting facts about horses. These facts surprised me just as I hope they will surprise you. I’ve discovered these facts from people who are experienced about the life still of horses. I trust the contents in this magazine will be accurate. I want this magazine to intrigue you. Not by what’s wrong in life like scandals or gossip, but by what we should enjoy in life. The thing I think we should appreciate is not what makes us happy momentarily, like ice cream. But rather, things that stay with us for a long time like cats, dogs, or in this case, horses. I find them very majestic in many ways. The thing I like about them most is when there pictured as an irreplaceable friend. I hope this magazine will entertain you as well as inform you so learn a significant amount of facts about horses.

Kevin Hawes 3


Interview: My Sister Mary and How to Take Care of a Horse

My topic is on how to take care of a horse. I have done competitive showing with horses a few years ago. My sisters know a lot because they’ve done it a lot longer than I did. I interviewed my older sister Mary, who is now 21, knows much more about horses than anyone in my family. Here is the interview format - questions first then answers with little interesting facts along the way. #1. Question. How much exercise does a horse need to keep in shape for riding? Answer. 30 min-1 hr, 5-6 days a week. #2. Question. Are sugar cubes good for horses in any way? Answer. Not good for a horses health but is great for a reward. #3. Question. In spring, are there other ways to stop a horse from eating too much grass in the spring besides putting a mussel on them? Answer. You can put them in a pasture with not a lot of grass and feed them hay. #4. Question. Are horseshoes necessary for keeping a horse? Answer. No, but it helps with rough terrain or in a competitive sport. Brain bite! Just like humans can develop callouses horses hooves can become rough and harden like a callous making it more resilient. #5. Question. Does a horse’s manes and tail need to be trimmed or cut? Answer. No, they do not need to be cut or trimmed and they take a long time to grow. #6. Question. Can you own only one horse or should you always have more than one? Answer. You could own only one horse, but horses are herd animals and you should have some other horses with it and having more than one horse helps with temperament. Brain bite! Just because horses are normally in herds with other animals doesn't mean you should only have horses, just being around other herd animals like a cow, llama, or goat also helps horses.


#7. Question. Which season do horses ride best in? Answer. Any season is good for a horse but different breeds of horses like different seasons. #8. Question. In your opinion, what breed is best to keep as a pet to ride occasionally? Answer. A quarter horse. #9. Question. In your opinion, what horse is best for horse showing? Answer. Thoroughbred, warm blood, and cross breed are all great types of horses, but in my opinion the thoroughbred horse is the best. #10. Question. In your opinion, what is the best terrain for a horse? Answer. A pasture that's not too soggy otherwise it could lead to foot rot. #11. Question. In your opinion is a crop necessary to ride a horse? Answer. If a horse needs discipline for temperament or it’s mischievous than a crop helps but if a horse is misbehaving because it is afraid and skittish than a crop wouldn’t help because it would just scar the horse more. #12. Question. How long should horses stay in barns? Answer. You can keep them in barns all day depending on the weather, but you can also leave the stall doors open so the horse can come in whenever it wants. #13. Question. How can you tell a horses age. Answer. You can tell their age by their teeth. #14. Question. How long does it usually take to break in a horse? Answer. It depends how consistently you ride them, but it usually takes a few months. #15. Question. Do you need to keep riding a horse to keep it broken, and if you do how often? Answer. It depends how good the horse is, but typically once a horse is broken the stay broken for a while.


Horse Riders Inc. Call 187-555-horse Nobody takes the straw and nobody gets hurt. It’s a horse’s best friend (besides you). 7



Book Review By Kevin Hawes Title: Black Beauty Author: Anna Sewell Publisher: Jerrold Group Log line: A book that is moving and has good moral to it. Plot/Character Summary: When a horse named Black Beauty is sold and taken away from the farm he loves he must face the trials ahead of him. He gets sold to new buyers time and time again each one either not taking proper care of him or even abusing him. He must obey his new masters each time hoping he can someday go back to the farm he loved. Validated Opinion: I think this is a very moving book that helps people understand how much horses get abused and that we should be aware of what we’re doing to them. Moral of the Story: That we should recognize what we’re doing to our animals and that we should make sure to be responsible.





Call 187-555-horse You can now take private lessons and rent horses for pleasure at Horse Universe. Our web address is 14


Feature Article By Kevin Hawes My feature article magazine is on horses which I rode for a good amount of time. I’ve interviewed my sister Mary who knows a lot about horses and helped me learn more about these majestic creatures that roam the plains and grasslands. She’s ridden horses for many years competitively in the form of a sport called horse showing. I’ve seen her win a lot more times than lose and compete against experienced riders. She worked at a farm called Stone Haven by taking care of the horses, teaching lessons, and breaking mischievous horses. So I trust that in this article the information will be accurate. Hopefully this article will inform you more about horses. Maybe more experienced riders may learn something, too. I have learned that horses are not to be underestimated. If horses are treated the wrong way or not being careful you could end up with serious injuries. When riding a horse if you use a crop to much or work the horse too much, they could not obey you at all or rear up and make you fall off. Even feeding a horse treats, if your hand is not flat they could accidentally bite you. Horses can also be your best friend, if treated the right way and proper precautions taken they can be very helpful. Now that you know some facts about horses you should also know that taking care of a horse can be the hardest thing about them, including feeding them, ridding them, and then hosing, using a curry brush, using a fine brush, and picking their hooves after you ride them. Also people should know about a horse’s mental needs such as, if a horse is having disciplinary problems you should know how to treat it. If a horse is misbehaving because it gets pampered too much and thinks it can do whatever it wants than you should use a crop as a way to obey. But if it’s misbehaving because it’s frightened than you should take into consideration that a crop would only frighten it more and you should be more gentle with it. Now this may all sound like common sense, but for people who are new to riding horses 16

smacking it with a crop to get them to obey you when it may not be helping at all. Hopefully this article will inform you more about horses and maybe more experienced riders may learn something to. I now know, after interviewing and finding out more information, that horses are not just animals you hear about in fairy tales. They’re living, breathing animals that we should be careful to treat kindly and with respect. They can’t run forever. They need breaks. They can’t jump impossible jumps. They can only jump as far as their legs will allow them to. Horses can be moody and have their off days just like you and me, or they can have their better days were they’re frisky and want to play or do whatever you ask them to do. They can be frightened or bold, happy or angry, frisky or depressed. I’ve often forgotten that they’re not just an animal, but a creature that has had past experiences that can affect their trust and personality. I’ve learned a multitude of facts about horses and hope you’ve learned something, too!


Interesting Horse Facts These are interesting facts that I think you will find quite intriguing.

1. Horses hooves can develop callouses just like humans. The more they run and jump on rough terrain the more their foot is able to withstand pain. 2. Because horses are herd animals they need to be with other animals but they don’t have to be with other horses. They can be with other animals that are somewhat close in character like a llama, goat, or alpaca. 3. You can tell a horses age by their teeth, the more worn out they are the older they are because they are constantly grazing. 18

Horse Riders Inc. Call 187-555-Horse How can you not feel warm and fuzzy when you see this picture. Sugar cubes are a universal horse friend 19


Wild Riders by Kevin Hawes  

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