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Exotic Animals Learn now about these magnificent creatures

Discover the unimaginable world of incredible animals

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LETTER FROM THE EDITOR Thanks for picking my magazine. In it, I’m trying to show people various species of animals. I am trying to show all of these exotic species while making it fun for the readers to enjoy this magazine while reading it. I like to show the importance of these especially rare creatures and the “role” that they play in our lives. I have gone to multiple zoos and have seen various animals. I’ve seen many interesting, but strange animals. My hope is to share this interest with other “animal lovers.” My favorite animal is the aye-aye. I think that it is a fascinating animal. One of many that, I think, other people should know about, and care about. Yours,

Jeffery Hawes

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Ferret Facts: An Interview I interviewed my sister Katie and her ferret, Radar, for this interview. I hope you enjoy this interview, and that you also learn something. Jeffery: Interview

#1. Why do ferrets secret their oil? It keeps their fur clean and slick. #2. What variety are their colors? They are usually white, brown and tan, but sometimes they can be black or white. #3. What are their diets? Meaty foods and/or special dry foods made for ferrets. #4. Why do ferrets sleep so long? It is their natural instinct to sleep in the wild to avoid predation. #5. How long do they live? On average 5-7 years. #6. What are their characteristics? They are like a kitten all of their life. They are playful and curious. #7. How popular are ferrets? They are becoming more popular each year, but they are not still not as popular as Guinea Pigs. #8. How does their tail benefit them? It benefits them for their balance and it helps them stand on their hind legs. #9. What is their natural habitat? Their natural habitat is usually underground tunnels. #10. How do they prefer to sleep? They prefer to sleep in awkward positions such as a donut or a circle like position. #11. What is their favorite food? They love raw meat, hard boiled or regular eggs, and dry foods. #12. How much do they sleep? They sleep about 15 hours a day. #13. How much do they weigh as adults? Males 3-4 lbs females 2-3 lbs. #14. When do their adult teeth come in? About nine months. #15. What/who are their natural enemies. Their enemies are wolves, dogs, cats, humans, and carnivores.

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Book Review: The Cottage at Bantry Bay Author: Hilda Van Stockum Publisher: The Viking Book Review Press Log line: A struggle with money, family, and emotions. Plot/Character Summary: It is about an Irish family who struggles to earn money, and a new puppy. The book (and the characters) has a satisfactory ending, in a unique way. Opinion: It was a great book and has a very intriguing plot/story, I would definitely recommend it to someone.

Feature Article—Exotic Animals My interest in exotic animals has made me want to share with other people and help other to know how much credit these animals deserve. My main goal in this article is to alert people of the rapid drop of the numbers of exotic animals. For example, the elephant predicted to be extinct within seventeen years. The tiger will be extinct in ten years. And, sadly the black jaguar will be extinct within three years! All of these animals, and more, are not going to be able to be seen by the next generation, if we don’t do something soon or now!!! It’s already too late for some animals. The do-do is already extinct. So are the Galapagos turtles. The west black rhinos became extinct in 2011, and the Pyrenean ibex goat went extinct in 2000. If we don’t do something fast, we are going to lose more animals then we think. My favorite animal is called an aye-aye. In my opinion, it is the cutest animal with HUGE eyes. Aye-ayes are nocturnal. They are so interesting that I chose to feature one on the cover of this magazine! Join me in caring endangered animals, won’t you? Together we can make a difference!

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Exotic Animals by Jeffery Hawes  

A class magazine project

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