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MICHIGAN U-TURN MAGAZINE Interview with drag racer Rodney sawyer.

Racing @ its finest The pros and cons of racing. Book review On Rochester carburetors

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LETTER FROM THE EDITOR I hope you are enlightened by this magazine. This magazine’s purpose is to inform while having a little fun along the way. Whether you like cars or are just looking for reading material, you should enjoy this. This magazine has games, an ,interview, a D.I.Y. project, poetry and just an article. Also, check out my last magazine “B and P Speed Shop Magazine” Thank you for buying my magazine and I hope you enjoy it. -Jay Peters

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Interview by: Jay peters

This is an interview with Rodney Sawyer, a drag racer and friend of my father. He has been a drag racer for a little over 30 years and thoroughly enjoys it. Q: Where do you race? A: I race at Milan dragway, Norwalk dragway and Columbus dragway. Q: Do you still race? A: Yes, I actually have three races in the next month. Q: Do have a favorite car to race? A: Right now we are building a ford, but we have a few fast Chevy's Q: When did you start racing? A: 1984 probably Q: I reckon that you enjoy racing then? A: Yes, I do. Q: How often do you race? A: About 12 times a year. Q: What do you enjoy the most about drag racing? A: I'm the one who wrenches on the cars I don't drive them my brother is the one that drives them. I guess the answer is, when it does what it supposed to do. Q: Who inspired the most to drag? A: Bill Jenkins Me: “Thank you for your time, Mr. Sawyer” A: “You’re welcome.” Picture provided by: yello


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Drag racing is a world wide sport that has had quite an impact since cars where first invented. First there was racing on the streets for money and/or pinks. For those who have no idea what I'm talking about, racing for pinks is when you race two hot rods and the winner gets the title (his pinks) of the loser's car, the same goes for if you are racing motorcycles. This article will not be about motorcycles we will talk about that later. The definition of a “hot rod� is a old car that has been heavily modified in such a way that it becomes substantially louder faster or just cooler-looking. Drag racing was originally done illegally on the streets, then to make it legal they developed what is called a drag strip where spectators would drive from hours away to see a few seconds of their favorite racer.

Racers would compete in what's called a bracket race where you would have 4-16 cars that would enter they would compete against each other. Each pass there would be a winner and a loser, the loser would be eliminated and the winner would move on to the next race. Racers are permitted to do a burn out which warms up the tires and lays rubber on the track which improves traction and gives the car a better take off. The lights flash red, red, green and then they take off this formation of lights they call a Christmas tree.

Between the last red and green there is a random amount of time from 0.3 to 0.9 seconds so it is harder for the racers to anticipate when they are supposed to go if they can anticipate it to well then they have to much of an advantage. Then they will race usually a 1/4 of a mile some times for safety reasons they will shorten it to 1/6 or 1/8 there are even 1/16 races, but Âź is by far the most common. The winner is the one to cross the finish line. Usually the fastest elapsed time wins, unless you start off better if you have a good start you don't even have to be faster, if the racer get a better start but are slower than the other car and win than that's called a holeshot win. A holeshot win is extremely hard and very rare in drag racing with cars, but with motorcycles its a lot easier to get a holeshot. In conclusion, drag racing is a all original sport that can be really competitive, but also a lot of fun and has more to than most people think.

WINTERIZING YOUR MOTOR HOME WATER SYSTEM The unfortunate truth is that drag racing season does end and when it does we have to put everything away including your motor home. In order to winterize your motor home you need to follow these four steps, but before I start you need to know it works this way for most models not all of them. First you need to drain the water through the drain on the tank. If the tank doesn't have a drain then open a faucet (hopefully you brought a pump) and pump the tank dry. Next drain the lines by opening the lowest drain so it all comes out. Now take off the outlet hose on the pump. Turn on the pump letting the pump to get out any remaining water. Finally after removing the water from the system, attach the hose the system is now thoroughly winterized. That's it! There are other ways to do this, but this is in my opinion the best.

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Michigan U-Turn Magazine by Jay Peters  

The ultimate resource for kids who like cars.

Michigan U-Turn Magazine by Jay Peters  

The ultimate resource for kids who like cars.