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Dear Dearreader reader, Thank Welcome you for to MYTH. readingThank my magazine. you for reading Not all creatures my magazine. are evil and not all are good, do not view theseNot as all good or evil but creatures are by evilthere and intentions. not all are I firs discovered my profound love these creatures good. Do not view these as for good or evil, but by intheir a book called Fablehaven, books 1-5. I would intentions. Highly recommend reading them. I hope youthese learn I first discovered my profound love for much. creatures while reading a series of books called Fablehaven. I highly recommend reading them. I hope you learn much. ~Thanks Adam Happy reading! Thanks, Adam

Table of Contents Pg.2 Letter from the Editor Pg.4 Interview Pg.5 Logo Pg.7 Feature Article Pg.8 Cross word puzzle Pg.9 Poetry page Pg.11 Book review Pg.15 Cross word answers


Interviewing Mrs. Crumm wasinteresting. very interesting. I learned lot ofinformation new information andshe how Interviewing Mrs. Crumm was very I learned a lot ofa new and how got her she got her information for her novels. information for her novels. youmythical think mythical creatures could exist? Do youDo think creatures could exist? but people years ago thought that were theremythical were mythical creatures. Many cultures be-in hunNo, butNo, people years ago thought that there creatures. Many cultures believed lieved inand hundreds types feared them, if not all of them. dreds of types fearedof most of and them, if notmost all ofofthem. you consider a sea monster a mythical WouldWould you consider a sea monster a mythical beast?beast? think are there are definitely monsters, not mythical. really mythical. I was recently Lochand Ness I thinkIthere definitely monsters, but notbut really I was recently at LochatNess I did not see andNess I didmonster, not see the Nessthere monster, there could be a monster living the Loch but Loch I believe couldbut be Iabelieve monster living there. there. Do you know about all types of mythical genres (Greek, Roman) or do you not differentiate? Do you know about all but types of mythical genres Roman) do you not and differentiNo, I don't really differentiate I did mainly use Greek(Greek, in my last book.or I had a hydra to defeat it ate?head was cut off, they used a brand and burned the neck, so it couldn't grow two more. after each No, I don't really differentiate but I did mainly use Greek in my last book. I had a hydra and to defeat after eachfor head was cut off, they usedcreatures? a brand and burned the neck, so it couldWhat were youritresources learning about mythical two more. I read an'tlotgrow of books and used the internet some, but mostly I used the Brewer's Dictionary of Phrase and Fable 17th edition to find my information. What were your resources for learning about mythical creatures? lot of bookshave andliked usedmythical the internet some, when but mostly I useda the Do youI read thinkayou would creatures you were kid?Brewer's Dictionary of Phrase and IFable findthe myHobbit information. Yes, definitely when was a17th kid. edition I alwaystoread and the Lord of the Rings and loved them. So, yes definitely. Do you think you would have liked mythical creatures when you were a kid? Yes, definitely I wascreature a kid. I always read the Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings and What is your favoritewhen mythical and why? them. So, yes In mostloved books dragons aredefinitely. the bad guys, but in my books they are kind and helpful. So I guess dragons are my favorite. What is your favorite mythical creature and why? In most dragons are the bad live guys,inbut in area? my books they are kind and helpful. So I What types ofbooks mythical creatures would your guess mythe favorite. Well I live in dragons Michiganare half year and Florida the other half. So for Michigan I would say giants, but for Florida probably a water beast like a hydra or something like that. What types of mythical creatures would live in your area? Well I live in Michigan half the year and Florida the other half. So for Michigan I would say giants, but for Florida probably a water beast like a hydra or something like that.

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HYDRAS by: Adam Stewart HYDRAS by: Adam Stewart

Put on armor, string your bow because Putyour on your armor, string your bowand andstrap strapon on your your sword sword beyou're going to survive attackanfrom a hydra. myth the of hydra is a cause you're going toansurvive attack from a The hydra. Theof myth stunning one. isI found it interesting andit have chosen it for article. I'm the hydra a stunning one. I found interesting and havethis chosen going whatI'm a hydra looks like,what howathey behave how to kill it to fortell thisyou article. going to tell you hydra looks and, like, how one. they behave and how to kill one. A hydra is a creature that has 9 heads, and lives in water. It mostly A hydra creature and lives in in water. It mostly lives isinaponds and that lakeshas and9isheads, not usually found the ocean. It lives in ponds lakes and is not usually found insharp the ocean. has almost hasand almost impenetrable scales and razor claws.ItMost have impenetrable scales and razor sharpthe claws. Most have one head that usually one head that usually controls rest, which is slightly yellow controls the rest, which is slightly yellow tinted. tinted. MostMost hydras are are very oldold and wise because, they behydras very and wise because, theyhave havebeen beenattacked atfore tacked and they know survive why you before andhow theytoknow howantoattack surviveonanthem. attackThat's on them. haveThat's to know they're thinking. lot of hydras to protect the govwhywhat you have to know whatAthey're thinking.try A lot of hydras erning You'll to distract and need then to godistract for theit, number one try head. to protect theneed governing, You'll and then head. thing they is try to talk youthey out of goAnother for the number one do head. Another thing do killing is try tothem talk by scaring you you.byThey willyou do anything to live longer you or outthreatening of killing them scaring or threatening you. Theyand not risk will theirdolife. They will notlonger let you pass if they protecting anything to live and notthem risk their life.are They will not an entrance relic.them if they are protecting an entrance or a relic. let or youa pass There is more than oneone way to kill a hydra for There is more than way to kill a hydraso,so,you youneed needtotobe beprepared preanything. Oneanything. way to kill hydra is, first cut off eachcut head then, brand or pared for Onea way to kill a hydra is, first off each burnhead the then, neck.brand Also, or they have indestructible bones therefore, you burn thealmost neck. Also, they have almost indecan'tstructible crush them ortherefore, smash them. stab their heart and twist it out bones you You can'tcan crush them or smash them. for aYou good to live. way is to thechance governing head's canchance stab their heartAnother and twist it out forshoot a good to live. eyesAnother multipleway times. is to shoot the governing head's eyes multiple times. NowNow you you know howhow to kill a hydra, how to to identify one and know to kill a hydra, how identify one andhow howtotobe prepared an attack. shineGo your armor, aim and brandish your befor prepared for anGo attack. shine your take armor, take aim and bransword. dishGood your luck! sword. Good luck!


Book Review: Fablehaven, the series (Books 1-5) Author: Brandon Mull Publisher: Shadow Mountain Log Line: The ultimate battle between good and evil with mythical creatures. Plot/Character Summary: Kendra and Seth lived a normal life until their grandparents die. Everything changes when they go to spend two weeks with their Grandma and Grandpa Sorenson and find out who they really are. Opinion: A cool adventure packed with action and great creatures! Each book matches up to each other to form an incredible, unforgettable, epic story. One Line Summary : An intriguing adventure!





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