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Pranayama Benefits

Philosophy Pranayama deals with air, mainly dealing with the inhaling and exhaling of human body. The air also termed as life force and the most important material without which living beings wouldn't survive more than 2 minutes. It teaches you to refine the lifelong process of breathing.

Meaning Prana and yama constitutes pranayama, where prana means vital energy and when it entails the body, it constitute human body. The stillness of mind achievable through pranayama will help you to lead a peaceful life. Even the celebrated late Apple co-founder believed in the teachings of East.

Benefits 1. The breathing of individuals, no matter if it is heavy or shallow will definitely improve by performing this regimen. 2. It will also improve the functioning of the heart by reducing the wear and tear. The improved blood function will keep your heart happy.

3. The improved blood circulation will help the body in reducing toxins and thus also aiding in weight loss. 4. Even diseases related to digestive system are eventually cured due to improved blood circulation through pranayama.

5. Even several organs of the body like the kidneys, diaphragm, intestine, lungs and heart start to function better. 6. It also helps in removal of toxins from the body. 7. The immune system gets better.

8. You can also get rid of negative emotions like anger, arrogance, greed and so on. 9. Improves the circulation of blood throughout the body. 10. It also helps in reducing the blood pressure.

Well known exercises

Anulom vilom also popularly termed as breathing with one nose alternatively, regular practice of it will help you in reducing weight, not just from a particular part of the body but also from the whole body. Padmasana is the posture which should be used while practicing it.

Kapalbhati Pranayama This not a run of the mill pranayama, this is characterized by exhaling and inhaling at a rapid pace and is often seen to be produced a hush hush sound due to the rapid respiration. Guys if this posture is practiced regularly it will help you burn loads of calories, remember the burger you just ate yesterday.

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Pranayama benefits  

The healing power of pranayama is immense, apart from improving the blood circulation of the body it also helps you to lead a healthier life...

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