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Why choose Datamars? Important Facts and Key Differentiators about Microfindr, Scanfindr and We pioneered ISO standards for companion animal ID

Microfindr Slim The perfect union of form and function

• Microfindr companion animal microchips operate at 134.2 kHz frequency (ISO 11784/5)

Don’t compromise read distance for needle gauge! Microfindr Slim will meet all of your needs regardless of breed or life stage – from young to old, from pocket pets to horses. Our revolutionary, bio-compatible, polymer microchips come pre-loaded in sterile syringes ready for implantation. The thin, 14 gauge needle allows for smoother, gentler implantation with minimal penetration force. Our special “No Return Click System” is an additional safety: it blocks the injector, stopping the microchip from being sucked back by the piston. Once implantation is complete, twist to separate the needle from the syringe body for easy sharps disposal with your veterinary waste. The remainder of the syringe can then be recycled.

• Each Microfindr microchip contain a unique, unalterable 15-digit numeric ID code • Each Microfindr microchip comes with 6 corresponding barcode labels

Scanfindr microchip scanners are UNIVERSAL • Read the three most popular microchip frequencies in North America: 125 kHz, 128 kHz, 134.2 kHz • Scanfindr ISO MAX V BT is Bluetooth™ enabled, allowing for wireless transmission of microchip codes • Scanfindr microchip scanners have the industry’s best read distance, a real benefit when working with aggressive or stressed animals

• Pet owners can make updates for free to their personal contact information online at any time

Contact us to learn how to better promote microchipping • “How to Talk to Your Clients About Microchipping” – a helpful guide DMI_AID_Differentiators_08.2012

Microfindr microchips offer one year or lifetime registration to • PetLink offers a free “Mass Import” feature for bulk registrations · Mass Import also ensures your facility can remain tied to a pet for life

• Together Again Stories – Encouraging stories about successful pet reunifications thanks to Microfindr and • About Microchipping FAQs

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Please contact Datamars at 781-281-2216 or email us at © 2012 Datamars, Inc. All rights reserved. Petlink, MicroFindr and Scanfindr are registered trademarks of Datamars, Inc.

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