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Mount Saint Mary College, Newburgh ​on this Andy's Autosport manufacturer spotlight we've got Gary here from superwinch Gary welcome to the studio thank you very much for having me hey we really appreciate it so let's talk a little bit about superwinch now you guys have been in business for a long time let's talk about the history and where you guys kind of started okay the superwinch has been around for over 40 years and it is based out of Connecticut also we have factories in England as well in Tavistock we manufacture winches in Connecticut we manufacture hydraulic winches as well in in our UK facility in England warm gear and we manufacture winches from 1,000 to 100,000 pounds so we do a wide range of different types of applications absolutely so and you know I had my very first Jeep I had I think I bought in 1985 or 86 actually had a super winch on it I don't remember which one it was but I know that I absolutely used it and so you guys been around a long time if you guys do winches that work up to a hundred thousand pounds obviously my little three thousand pound Jeep stuck in the mud is nothing for you guys yeah absolutely but you know it's like you know having the right winch makes a makes a big difference and and having a winch versus not having a winch can make a big difference and being able to go home or camping out I know what my second Jeep I actually did have to camp out one time we got stuck in a creek bed and we could not get out and we literally had to wade across because I didn't have a winch that was the last time I went out four-wheeling without a winch so you're absolutely right not having one is you certainly can't buy one when you're in the field yeah that's the thing a lot of times people don't you know it's like well I could get this winter I couldn't get this winch you know it's like but once you're out there you know you're dependent on that machine to get you home that's exactly right yeah if you yeah you can't it's not like you know you're not gonna do mail order you're not gonna call Andy's Autosport from the middle of a creek bed say hey can you have this dropship to me tomorrow probably gonna be a little late at that point well you know maybe next year when you get that service up there you go yeah that's what we'll do we'll work out a drop service deal where we could drop service to you in the field while you're broken down that's perfect so let's talk about a little bit about the applications now you said everywhere from a thousand all the way up to a hundred thousand pounds how would you choose let's talk first about how you would choose the proper wench for your vehicle we have our f250 here in the background now I know I had this this on the scales it weighs 8,500 pounds how would I choose the proper winch for our f250 well a lot of times people start you know you talk about the weight of a vehicle and but most of the time when you're pulling your vehicle out it's actually it's rolling so it's rolling weight in rolling weight actually will take a lot less then you're required to pull pull the vehicle out typically on f250 you know the the winch that would be used as around 11,000 to 12,000 pounds typically so that you know if you had something in the vehicle and you were you know you're fully loaded you could pull it out but a winch is designed to pull and drag drag the weight not rolling weight right now it's much easier for the winch to be able to pull pull you out when it's rolling because it's on wheels right it makes it a whole lot different now but another thing that people don't understand is if you bury that up to the axles we are two things number one it's not rolling anymore if you're dragging the mud and then whatever you have in there so you have a little bit of a drag there as well so it kind of all depends on how you get yourself stuck as well exactly so if you're gonna find yourself you know pulling your your vehicle where you know it's like completely down into the mud and you're a slight incline it's gonna be a lot harder on the winch and another application that that can be done is is using a pulley block sure and where you can double up the the cable back to your vehicle and that allows the winch to pull it twice the the rated strength right now half the speed right every time you run a snatch block it doubles the the capability of the winch but it cuts the speed in half so it's gonna take a lot longer to get out but you use that snatch block on their pulley block on there and it actually makes your 11 thousand pound winch be able to pull 22 thousand pounds exactly okay so and you can do and that there we go into now you got to make sure you have enough cable and things like that that's also a neat deal you guys your cable spools hold a ton of cable yeah you know one of the things though is that we trying to make you know while we can put a lot of cable on it we do recommend that you don't put a lot of cable on it because a winch is rated off of the first strand right and so every strand you put on there it's gonna be another like 15 20 percent of efficiency loss right if you were dealing with a 10,000 pound winch and you're you know on the second strand you're already around 8,000 pounds right and you know and then the third strand you're down almost the sixth down so it's just like a gear ratio on a bicycle or anything else the further you get out from the spool the the higher the gear ratio is gonna be or the higher numeric number is so or lower numeric numbers so it's gonna be harder on the winch hard much harder on the winch

so it's even though you may not be pulling that type of weight it does make it easier on your motor and everything else sure so for the longevity of the winch as well okay now let's talk about for a second about cable and synthetic rope now you guys offer both on some of your on some of your winches you have an option for the synthetic rope or the cable let's talk about the differences there one of the things that is kind of misunderstood is that synthetic rope is not nylon rope it's not going to you know if you leave it out in the Sun it's not gonna fray and turn to dust right right it's it was come came from the marine market so it's been exposed to UV and saltwater and things like fiber for many many years so the rope is is the strength is actually stronger the tent style strength of the same diameter synthetic rope is actually stronger than than cable right in cable phrase and so once the cable phrase so much you need to throw that away also cable kinks yes so that's also once the kinks you need to throw away your your cable shirt and replace it so you know just as any you know what cable or synthetic rope you should always inspect it before you go out of course that it works and also one of the things that people do not realize about synthetic rope is that it wants to put its you know it wants to go in between the strands it puts a lot more compression on it yesterday and it will actually crush or you know crack the drum the drum exactly right now that's another thing that people don't understand it drum maintenance and things like that especially with the synthetic rope is is real because it actually can crush that so do you guys have a do you go use a different drum or is that something that they should actually inspect when they come in or every time you go out if you're gonna go out on a major on a major pull or a major off-road event you should I mean I always just take every ounce of cable out and inspect the cable all the way down and and then roll it back in there to make sure that everything is okay that's a good time to inspect the drum as well yeah and the thing is what the drum the drum needs to be steel reinforced to handle synthetic rope sure if you're not sure if your drum is gonna be able to handle it always contact you know the manufacturer and make sure that it's gonna be safe for you to put synthetic rope on they're gonna be able to let you know yeah it's not something that you should just you shouldn't just unspool your your cable and put synthetic rope on you need to know what that drum is made out of and how it's constructed to make sure that it's capable of using the synthetic rope so for super winch with our talent series for the the truck winches mm-hmm we we steel reinforced drums for both our cable and synthetic rope version so those are interchangeable and for a TV we have our tera series atv winch both those have steel reinforced drums so the cable or synthetic so again you could switch those out okay so either one of those two brands either one those two lines you can use the synthetic or the cable yes okay now let's talk about this we have this really neat little device here this neat little deal called winch in a bag let's talk a little bit about this this looks like it would be great if you have if you're a farmer or if you have an ATV or something that you just you pill around the garage or you have a tractor this looks like a great little unit how does this work this is pretty neat this actually works with our alligator clips you can hook it up to a battery it does not need to be mounted permanently anywhere it's already has mounted onto the plate okay and so basically what you do is you have the D shackle that comes with it and you get the straps as well so you just use a strap to anchor it to either a tree or a rock or whatever you have available to you and basically it hangs free and then what you do is you hook up the the handheld control has two quick connects on it a gray and a yellow okay the gray goes to the power source right and the yellow goes to the winch and then you just operate the two-inch look it's color-coded it's color can't be easier and and basically you just you know and once you pull and do whatever you need to do with with with the winch you're done you unhook it you put it all back in this bag weighs about 20 pounds or so garage it's ready to go yeah it's really useful it can be used for a car that you know happen that just maybe slide off the road or something and spinning a wheel um you know with ATVs you know something's blocking your path you can use it to move a log or tree out of the way yeah or you're just it's just a little more than you can help trying to get it out this will put that dynamic just enough dynamic tension on there where you can actually roll it out if you have to this is a great great option how what is this capable of this thousand pounds or this is a 2,000 pound one oh wow okay so I'll be able to do most small jobs that you may encounter around the house or off-road or sure and if you get a little crazy you can always use a snatch block exactly very good very good so let's talk a little bit about maintenance of a winch we talked a little bit about the drum and inspecting the cable what kind of maintenance is vall is involved in servicing your winch and how often should that be done I think most of the maintenance that you're going to be dealing with is going to be you know with your cable as we talked about inspecting it making sure it operates before you go out sure you know you don't want to be out there and have a situation right um but they're actually not really too difficult to take care of are there grease zerk so are there things that you needed do you need to take it apart I know my old winch now of course I used to get pretty serious underwater and things like that so I used to pull some things apart and grease up the gearbox is are those pretty much sealed now where you don't have to worry about that anymore pretty much all we relatively sealed for dust water mud things like that okay so there really shouldn't you know in in the past with older winches you did have that problem where if they got wet you know the motor could be

exposed to water or mud or other contaminants and then it wasn't that that really did anything to the winch per se other than corrosion right now and stuff right now they're generally all of them are fully sealed and and so you don't really have to be as concerned about water and things like that and full generally our submersible as well which you know is sure makes a big difference it makes a big difference now we at Andes are proud to carry the superwinch brand on our website and we and we'd like to give absolutely the best product that we possibly can what what would advice would you give somebody on the superwinch tell us what makes superwinch different than other brands well we're really an engineering based company and so we you know put our engineering and techniques we're not going to tell you something it can do something it can't just for a marketing shirt you know blurb or anything like that so we work really hard and making sure that the winch is always going to perform - - at the bare minimum what it's rated at sure our ratings generally will be the winch will actually go further than when it's rated at right some winches will completely stall right at whatever it says you know - right pounds at stalls done you know where ours is gonna go over we always try to put in those safety factors because when you're looking at your your you know what you're pulling you don't they all have a scale there most of the time - say oh that's right you know 1,200 pounds that's right so so we try to put in you know work those things in all our engineers are you know have go out in the field go offroad we we bring in people to do studies and ask questions you know what do you like about the product what you don't like and those things really you know pan into the product one of the winches we have the Talon you know there was winches where it actually has a light source that you can see where to plug the winch oh right the remote ensure in the past people had lights on the on the remote but it had to be plugged in before the light would work and they were like this is useless right so you know these are things that you know we try and coorporate and make sure that you know the winch is going to do and perform the way that well and that's a that's a great thing about having engineers that actually have 4-wheel drives and go out in the field and test your product that's that makes all the difference in the world when you actually use the product that you sell you find all those little things that you're missing like the light that's now in the remote that you can't see until it's plugged in well you can't find the plug-in in the middle of the night when you're stuck in the mud if it's not plugged in it doesn't you're right it doesn't do any good so and of course it takes rather than an engineer that doesn't go out play take submitted it plays to understand those things yeah and so I think it's really important so you know we have you know the the basis to make sure that the products going to operate exactly and sure you want it sure sure well very good so in your dealings with Andy's we're real excited to have you on board once again how do you feel like it's a pretty good fit for you oh absolutely you know I think that what Andy's zoom represents will allow you know a good relationship you know we both want to have quality products and and make sure that the consumer is very happy with the with the end results absolutely and you guys have been in business a long time again I've had these on several of my vehicles absolutely love them Gary thank you so much for coming today we appreciate you bringing the product line and talking to us about superwinch thank you guys if you have any questions about superwinch or any of our other products feel free to call one of our knowledgeable sales staff at 1-800-455-1052 Kingsborough Community College, Manhattan Beach, Brooklyn.