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Growing Green In Your Limited Space Not everyone has a large plot of land to plant the ideal garden. Many live in homes with little outdoor space or even in apartments where they have no land to call their own. Just because you have little space does not mean that you have to give up on having a few fresh vegetables or herbs at your disposal.

If you do have a little bit of a yard, consider using a container garden to make the most of it. There are many plants that will do well in this layout, and you do not have to worry about soil quality. Check your local gardening store or search online to get appropriately sized containers for the plants you want to grow. Water management is an important consideration when you are choosing your containers. If it rains a lot in your area you will need to choose containers and soil that will allow for plenty of drainage. If your area is dry you will need to choose items that will help retain some water so the plants do not dry out in between watering.

You can also use any walls or fences you have to go vertical. Similar to traditional container gardening, you can hang pots from walls, fences, or overhangs to make your backyard come alive. Many of the same rules apply, however you will need to make sure that the surface that you are hanging your plants on can handle the weight. Think not only of the dry weight of the soil and container, but also how much it will weigh when loaded with water. There are many great products out there, so enjoy shopping for pots that you find interesting or beautiful.

If you are an apartment dweller than do not feel too left out. Most apartments have at least a small balcony or porch you can use to add some green to your life. If you have a large overhang over your tiny outdoor space make sure you choose plants that are okay with partial or full shade. You will need to water more, as it is unlikely that a large amount of rain will make it into this mostly-enclosed space.

Last but not least are window spaces. Homeowners can install window boxes outside of windows they have access to in order to make great use of the side of your house. A kitchen window makes an especially great spot to keep your herb garden. If you are in an apartment or simply do not want to install window boxes, you can still utilize your window space. Many individuals have been working on creating hydroponic systems that can be created with mostly recycled products. These plans are available for free online with a little searching.

As you can clearly see, anywhere there is sunlight, you can keep plants. All you need is a little creativity and imagination and you can keep your life full of green. Use the resources available to you and have fun with your garden. Click Here For More Information

Growing Green In Your Limited Space  

your local gardening store or search online to get appropriately sized containers for the plants you

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