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Walk Like a Man The screen fades in to a shot skimming over the ocean during early morning. Right as the sun breaks over the horizon we take a dive into the water and quickly move to pan around the underwater equivalent to an orchestral stage. We burst through the doors and rush in and are submerged in the crowd. Zooming up to the performer we see HUDSON rocking out on stage with an unidentifiable instrument of the sea. About 4 seconds later, at the end of his song, the crowd is chanting his name but one breaks over the rest. It‟s his mother LORNA yelling at Hudson to wake up. Lorna goes on about how he‟ll never get anywhere by laying around in bed, daydreaming about silly things. Complaining about successful futures aren‟t handed to people, fall out of the sky or grow on algae. She leaves him with that to think over. Hudson sits up and puts his fins on his head. He looks around his disheveled room at posters of some of his idled famous fish musicians. The instruments in the pictures with them look entirely different from those we know. Next we see him leaving the house to go find a job at one of their traditional small town work places. He is soon joined be his two best friends MIKE and GORDIE on a walk to sort out his thoughts and rant to them about how ridiculous his mother is. They are walking through a forest of seaweed. The boys are about 19 years old in fish years. While mimicking his mother, Hudson gets to the section where futures don‟t pop out of nowhere when suddenly a record player, foreign to them, lands with a thud 20 ft in front of them. Gordie is quite apprehensive about approaching this „monster‟ but Hudson and Mike are all for exploring. Upon swimming over, several black circular disks fall around the record player. Gordie is more scared then ever but this only seems to encourage the others. Once they get close enough they start poking at it and smacking it to see if it will move or anything. Mike picks up one of the records to get a closer look at it. He reads out loud “Elvis Presley” before Gordie rushes over and smacks it out of his fins, going on about how touching it like that is going to get him a disease. While they‟re bickering the record floats down to its proper place on the record player. When Mike shoves Gordie

into the player it starts working. The three move back quickly. “Walk Like a Man” is being sounded over the area and it‟s nothing like any of them have heard before Hudson‟s fins start tapping and he starts bobbing around a bit. Mike starts getting into it too. Gordie is on the side of this with his worried voice telling them to stop, that the music is too loud and so on and so forth. Mike and Hudson are dancing around talking about how this is some pretty cool stuff and praising it. Gordie swims over to the record player and knocks the needle off. He is breathing heavily and we can sense his nervous frustration. He gives them a strained talk going on about how they don‟t know what it is and how it could have gotten there. Mike says that some wondrous, great being from above must have sent it. Look off in thoughtful way. We now see a couple on a boat yelling. The woman takes the record player, holds it over her head, screams and throws it in the ocean. We can tell she‟s a bit crazy and overreacting about something. She‟s yelling at him for checking out other girls or something of the sort when he really was just looking at them. The boys still have the dazed look on their faces when Hudson finally snaps back. He asks Gordie and Mike about if they realize what they could do with it. The boys look at each other, mumbling and shaking their heads no. Hudson tells them that this is nothing like anyone has heard before. They could make this their own. Gordie interrupts and brings up all the horrible problems that could arise if they were even seen with this object. We see that Mike is also a little worried about Hudson‟s idea. Hudson continues to try and convince them and soon enough does. He has convinced them but Mike points out that there are four guys on the picture in the middle of the record. Hudson points behind him to a fellow and says how he‟ll do. It‟s one of those flat fish with both eyes on the same side of his head. We can guess that he is homeless. Hudson mentions how he‟s pretty sure he‟s been here the whole time. So with the help of this flat, homeless guy, the gang sets off.


So my first idea for this project was to have a student go crazy from spending too much time in his room. He would be sick and strongly encouraged to not leave unless necessary. All he would see was his roommate and best friend. It would be similar to the story “The Yellow Wallpaper”. I couldn‟t figure out how it should end though so I gave up on that idea. I came up with this idea in one of those zones where I was between sleep and consciousness. I was thinking “Yeah, fish in a band that‟s not usually accepted by other fish”. It‟s an animated story for kids. I suppose I was quite set on this fish being included somehow. I feel the hardest part was coming up with the story. Getting it to have a good beginning, middle and end. I saw this as being similar to a television series where an issue occurred and it was solved relatively quickly. I could have made my story twice as long but decided finding a way out to make something out of their small town lives would resolve an episode and provide for a nice segue.

Walk Like a Man  

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