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Boy: Like I just don’t understand Girl A: Yeah Boy: But yeah, they were like “You you have to try it”. And when we were walking up the stairs, I was like, moving so slow. I couldn’t tell. I think she was moving at a normal speed but she was like going so fast. (Laughter all around) Boy: And when we got back upstairs I was just kind of standing there Girl A:Yeah Boy:And I saw two people behind this door thing and I was like “what is going on?” This guy was getting a hand job from some girl. (Laughter) Girl B:What the hell? Boy: I don’t even know! It was just like, I don’t even know. I mean I don’t remember some of it but it was still really fun. Ya know? Girl B: Hey aren’t you in 112 or something? Boy: Yeah we only meet like once a week but the readings are soo long. It’s like 6 credits or something but it took me like 4 hours to do the reading yesterday. Girl B: That’s crazy! Boy: I know right!

Conversation 2: Girl: But like we have to play what’s on the shelf. Boy A: Play some zeppelin. Girl: Play some Z? Get some Z out there? I’ll just put in as a request. Boy A: Do it. (Girl laughs) Girl: Okay well I’ll do my best. See you guys later. (Collective bye) (Later) Boy A: I would’ve had to take that music test today if we didn’t get classes canceled. Boy B: Yeah? Boy A; Yeah I’m pretty sure we would’ve failed because we have to listen to like three pieces by different artists. But yeah we didn’t have to. Boy B: Yeah that would’ve sucked. Boy A: Yeah we got lucky. (Later) Boy A: Is faking your death against the law? Boy B: I think it is. Boy A: Isn’t that crazy? Boy B: Yeah. Boy A: I mean, faking your death to get out of something and getting caught. You’d be fucked. Boy B: Yeah. I get tired of eating at Wright. Boy A: Me too. Boy B: I just hate walking in the fucking cold. Boy A: Just one more month and it should change. Middle of March things start turning around. (Later) Boy B: So off to the library we go? Boy A: Off to the library we go.

Assignment 3  

Creeping on people.

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