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Beachside Dance Next week begins our innovative new program. Each term has a theme and each lesson a different focus. The particular focus will influence everything done in the lesson from technique and steps to improvising and drama. The focus will also bring life to projects in the Allegro Challenge.

Term 1 THEME: THE SEA Week 1

introductory lesson: studio etiquette, basic rhythms and coordination

Week 2

THE WAVES & THE TIDE – exploring ebb and flow

Week 3

THE ISLAND – exploring personal space

Week 4

THE MERMAID – exploring graceful qualities of movement

Week 5

THE CRAB – exploring sharp qualities of movement

Week 6

THE JELLYFISH – exploring partner work

Week 7

THE DUNES – exploring the idea of metamorphosis

Week 8

THE SHELLS – exploring contained movement

Week 9

concluding lesson – parents are invited to watch this week

I hope you enjoy your involvement with Beachside Dance and continue to recommend other families to our friendly studio. Kind regards Dancing Debbie 0408719055

Theme term one  

Junior Division (ages 2-9) program at Beachside Dance