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She always appeared detached, different, alone in her thoughts – an

What annoys you in another person is simply a mirror image of

older lady.


I however was too attached, too irritated by the one loud member of our tourist group, the one who seemed to wear the label ‘it’s all about me’, and was constantly the center of attention, a world I usually existed in. I was irritated that my jokes weren’t always heard, I was attached to the attention the loud one was receiving, and was disturbed by the static in my emotions. I was confused why my attention was constantly focusing on the loud one rather than the amazing scenery during our bus ride across the mountain range in Turkey. She - the older lady - sat next to me on the same bus, after three days of my life following the same monotonous pattern. My holiday was wasting away in a self-struggle. She must have detected my silent dilemma. Her reflection has never left me.

Had the moment finally come – one I had escaped for so long? Our


eyes met, and quickly separated. I nervously edged to the next stall,

screams at you.

becoming swept away with the momentum of the crowd. I looked up to find he too had moved, equal distance, equal timing. I became increasingly uneasy, as time ticked by. Being followed, and targetted, was giving me a strong feeling of asphyxiation. Would anyone notice if I was kidnapped? Would anyone care in this ever-increasing throng of a holiday crowd in the Egyptian marketplace of Khan El Khalili? The memory of the movie suddenly flooded back – and I became its heroine! One scream later, one shouted accusation, one clear identification and he was gone, even before my scream was finished. I was a free woman – albeit for my new-found audience on that marketplace’s stage!

to ‘feel’ situations in life, and believe when your intuition

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