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Corporate Embers Companion Workbook Enhance Your Corporate Leadership

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ISBN 978-1-61364-050-0 First published 2011 Creative Commons

Authored and self-published by Debbie Nicol Creator of Embers of the World

Graphic design by Olivewei

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Enhance Your Corporate Leadership

When the corporate world speaks to you, what do you hear?

The Embers Model



milestone 1 intuition is serving me



milestone 2 intuition is serving us


milestone 3 change is serving all


Corporate Embers is a portfolio of reflections from the author’s global corporate experiences. Being a small

section of flame that separates and appears to flick off into oblivion, an ember is likened to a previous experience we had that lay dormant within us until we were ready to receive its great insights. It is hoped that through sharing these memories and embers, unique and personal experiences will surface along with business-promoting insights, facilitating reflection and connection, enabling change and leadership development to emerge. Become…in the Corporate World, a companion workbook to Corporate Embers, facilitates independent or group reflection on leadership practices and approaches. The workbook’s intention is to spotlight corporate scenarios that leaders commonly face while defining the essence of corporate leadership ‘as it is’ and ‘as it could be’. the Corporate World takes place at a fireside setting, a place where many of us love to linger. A flame’s therapeutic warmth, free-flowing dance and ever-changing hues capture us from within, putting our conscious minds in neutral, allowing connection and truth to flow. The flame represents a safe haven into which we can escape, connect with and explore our inner being while allowing a new future to emerge. the Corporate World may be described as the ultimate connection tool. We all have opportunity to maximise our corporate lives, accepting responsibility to create any change which will serve us, others and the future. The creation of Corporate Embers and Become…in the Corporate World is the author’s contribution to this responsibility.

Why proceed into the depths of these embers? Purely because you can. Whether you currently hold a leadership role or are preparing for one in the future, this companion workbook will help you design a customised approach to leadership for the changing corporate landscape. Who, what and how is your leadership serving? What could connection with inner happiness, authenticity and corporate wellness produce in your leadership of self and others? Let’s rebuild the soul of corporations together through connected leadership.

one journe y of...


My journey is probably no different than yours! Partnering with several corporate entities was simply not feeding my inner being or encouraging me to discover the leader within. Instead I was allowing myself to be, think and do that which others desired, eroding self-worth and personal growth. I had simply switched off, somehow believing that external influence was more appropriate than my own internal intuition. I was willing to sacrifice what was important to me in the workplace, conforming at my own expense. My inner being was slowly but surely dying, my inner voice remained silent and my spirit was broken. Signs of internal struggle started to be evident. I had become a machine, ready to ‘be’ at the push of an external button. I approached duties with less zest, started to disconnect from colleagues and experienced diminishing inner reward. My body sent loud messages as it chose not to act on stage anymore, commencing a slow and agonising shutdown process. I was searching for clues on a long and winding path towards reconnection, as I stopped, looked, listened and felt. I cautiously believed when I started to receive inner messages. I explored methodologies to provide the best possible environment for this reconnection. I took time, much time! I connected deeply with feelings and emotions whilst surrounding myself with like-minded people. I shared some inner discoveries with my nearest and dearest, and stood in awe as the authentic inner leader emerged to shine brightly in today’s corporate world. Had I received a copy of Become…in the Corporate World, I wonder how my journey might have differed?

1 Memory ar ound the ca mpfire

The successful CEO had redesigned his future moving to a new industry, a new company, a new structure and

a new role. His hopes were high for the next phase of his evolving career.

Month after month, examples of misalignment became evident. Month after month, debates became increasingly heated. Month after month, the family felt a change in his wellbeing, with the emotional bank account plunging deeper into red.

When we say no to something, what are we saying yes to?

Cast your mind back to a time when you wanted to respond to a request in a specific manner, yet responded in the opposite way. Why do you think that was?

What ‘state of new’ will you allow in by closing the door on a ‘state of old’?

What would you do if you didn’t have fear?

When have positive consequences flowed for you as a result of saying no?

When have you said no and challenges seemed to dissipate?

Think of a situation that you currently face. What is it that you really want? What may be stopping you from having it? How worthy are you of this?

How can these reflections apply to lessons in leadership – of yourself or others? What can you take from these reflections into your current leadership?

what’s on your mind now?

through association

reflections how has this ember helped you to

just a little more?

c he c k t he b ox e s to ide n t if y w he r e yo u a r e now in t hi s pr o c e s s .


I can describe the required change this ember has evoked I can identify what is likely to occur if this change doesn’t happen


I am willing to do whatever it takes to enable the required change




I have identified resources which could assist me with the change process I have explored collaboration that will yield mutual gain I am happy to discover alternative ways to change I am able to introduce new practices and behaviours I have identified rewards that will help embed the change into new behaviour on a consistent basis

the Future...

Our journey together commenced with the words ‘my journey is probably no different than yours’. My map defines my future ‘as it is’ currently, yet remains dynamic and open to becoming just that little more – and yours?

Future connection available through

...a s it can be

The Embers Model process questions What is the reason for the need to change? What is likely if the change doesn’t happen?

Am I willing to do what it takes to enable the change?



I stop, look, listen and feel I can describe the change required I feel the reasons for change I have a clear understanding of the impact this change will have


My energy is flowing I am happily engaging with difference I trust what is happening as I connect with the change I trust myself

milestone 1: intuition is serving me

I have moved through temporary vulnerability • I comprehend that alternative possibility exists • My blockages are clearing • I hear, recognise and surrender to the answers that lie within • I receive inner guidance graciously and consciously choose to apply it • I trust and nurture myself process questions What exists to assist the change? How will any collaboration bring mutual gain?

What options can serve the change?




I recognise positive influence of open collaboration I support inclusion Mutual trust and respect is emerging We learn and change together New approaches to the change develop

milestone 2: intuition is serving us

Inclusion and open-mindedness exists • Trust takes us beyond exclusion and fear • Diversity and alternatives are welcomed and accepted, contributing positively to the change • We drive change together • We customise futures together • We feel the difference and know what serves the change process questions What rewards will help embed the change?



Evolved behaviour and belief emerges Choices are honoured The change is serving positively

milestone 3: change is serving all

Labels and misinterpretations surrender to equality and truth • Diversity and collaboration drive harmony • Distinction disperses • We collectively appreciate while practising acceptance • An intuitive environment exists




E xisting Titles

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• Corporate Embers • the Corporate World Corporate Embers Companion Workbook Enhance Your Corporate Leadership

Titles Coming Soon

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Register now into your ‘RelectLearn’ community the Corporate World, a companion workbook to Corporate Embers, facilitates independent or group reflection on the impact of leadership practices. Align your leadership to the needs of the changing world with the ‘Reflect – Connect • Collaborate – Innovate • Become’ process. It could be your leadership method of choice for the future.

‘ the Corporate World transports leaders to a place of temporary vulnerability. If you dare to partner with its provocative nature, you’ll enjoy self-discovery; a ‘must have’ for experienced and developing leaders alike looking toward a collaborative and purposeful future.’ D O’Donoghue, General Manager, Australia ‘ the Corporate World allows you to connect to and refine the differing facets of your own leadership.’ S Ghose, Director, United Arab Emirates ‘When the ‘alone-ness’ of leadership strikes, the Corporate World helps to forge a deeper connection with self and others; conquer limitations and watch as changing leadership emerges.’ R Weilers, Managing Director, South Africa ‘ the Corporate World gives conscious leaders an opportunity to work from the heart, improving effectiveness and quality of results.’ S. Halkjaer, Chief Executive Officer, Denmark ‘ the Corporate World invites us to pause, to reflect and through a fireside metaphor of mankind’s ancient meeting place, reconnect with our most enduring leadership values.’ P Watts, Presenter, United States of America

ISBN 978-1-61364-050-0



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' the Corporate World', a companion workbook to 'Corporate Embers', facilitates independent or group reflection on the impact of...