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business-promoting insights for the soul of the corporation

ISBN 978-1-61364-049-4 First published 2010 Second edition 2011 Creative Commons 3.0 Unported

Authored and self-published by Debbie Nicol Creator of Embers of the World

When the corporate world speaks to you, what do you hear?

Reflect Connect Collaborate Innovate Become


Corporate Embers is dedicated to those in the corporate world who wish to inspire, and become inspired, through reflection and connection.

The Embers Conc e p t

Stories flow naturally around campfires. Embers flick

from the flames randomly and dissipate into oblivion. Or do they?

Are our interactions and connections intended to work that way? One person, one event, one message, a flick of the eye, yet mesmerisingly so, cemented in the unseen, untapped unconsciousness, remaining dormant until the learning or reflection may be needed. What a contribution these embers have made to my changing corporate life! Settle into your campfire scene, open a bag of marshmallows and start toasting away as you tap into the embers of your own corporate experiences.

1 Memory Ar ound The Ca mpfire

The successful CEO had redesigned his future moving

to a new industry, a new company, a new structure and a new role. His hopes were high for the next phase of his evolving career.

Month after month, examples of misalignment became evident. Month after month, debates became increasingly heated. Month after month, the family felt a change in his wellbeing, with the emotional bank account plunging deeper into red.

When we say no to something, what are we saying yes to?

2 Memory Ar ound The Ca mpfire

The Sales Director saw opportunity to enhance the sales

function, incorporating a restructure, new CRM techniques and comprehensive after-sales service systems. Communicating the idea by email to the head of the organisation gained a negative response. Six months of proposing the same idea in the same way resulted in further rejection, along with a reduction in team motivation until eventually the Sales Director left the organisation. The newly-appointed Sales Director recognised a similar need. She gathered evidence of benchmarked market research, calculated projected revenue increases and spoke to the regional and area leaders for their initial feedback into how this may work ‘in the field’. They in turn communicated with each Vice President. When the idea was presented as a concept to the Steering Committee, it gained unanimous approval.

It may not be the idea that counts, but rather how you

empower others to become the owners and subsequent salespeople of the idea.

Embers of the World, a concept and toolkit, acts as a catalyst for change and facilitator of transformation. Corporate Embers is a portfolio of reflections from the author’s global corporate experiences, both as a customer and leader. It is hoped that through sharing these embers, unique and personal experiences will surface in the reader, facilitating self, leader and corporate development, along with business-promoting insights.

When the corporate world speaks to you, what do you hear?

ISBN 978-1-61364-049-4




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Corporate Embers is a portfolio of reflections from the author's global corporate experiences, both as a customer and leader. It is hoped t...

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