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Flaxseeds for Hot Flashes? Not so fast Flaxseeds are an excellent source of phytochemicals- chemicals that have the ability to fight off oxidative stress of some cancer-causing chemicals. Previous research suggested that these tiny seeds, similar to sesame seeds, can help to reduce the number of hot flashes in menopausal women. In a new study out of the Mayo Clinic, researchers are now not convinced that flaxseeds have this ability. When compared to placebos, flaxseeds had the same effect on the number of hot flashes experienced by menopausal women. So where does that leave us? Flaxseeds still have some amazing properties that can benefit our health. Known for their ability to stimulate the digestive system, flaxseeds can benefit your daily diet by encouraging bowel movements and reducing constipation. Also remember that they are very rich in phytochemicals and may reduce the risk of some cancers. While they may not help with hot flashes, there are still many benefits in consuming daily servings of flaxseeds. About Femestra Femestra is a leading Natural Supplement Designed to alleviate the symptoms of menopause. Femestra menopause relief supplement is all-natural alternative to HRT & ERT without the unwanted side effects. This menopause natural remedy eliminates hot flashes, burns fat, boosts energy and increases libido.

Flaxseeds for Hot Flashes