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Safety Flash Spring 2014 Outage Publication for Upgrading and Energy & Utilities


March 26, 2014 Night Shift | March 27 2014 Day Shift

TODAY’S TOOLBOX Summarize today’s toolbox topics listed below during toolbox talks. Reading line-by-line is not necessary. CONDUCT PRE-USE INSPECTIONS: Always inspect tools and equipment prior to use to ensure there are no deficiencies. If you discover defective tools/equipment or if something doesn’t look quite right—don’t just walk away and ignore it. Remove the item from service or report and flag-off the unsafe area. You could be preventing someone from getting seriously injured. FIELD LEVEL RISK ASSESSMENT (FLRA): When completing your FLRA, always include specific details including specific work location, the location of hazards in your area and the action required to mitigate or eliminate the hazards. Remember, it is mandatory to complete a FLRA before any work begins or when conditions change. SMOKE ONLY IN DESIGNATED SMOKING AREAS: Smoking in non-designated smoking areas is a serious violation. Only smoke in designated areas during breaks and/or lunch. WORK SAFELY IN THE YARD: You must conduct your work in the yards the same way you would in an operating area—the same level of diligence is required. There are currently a lot of materials, traffic and people in the Yard so it is crucial not to overlook safety in this area. Remember, that permit and Field Level Risk Assessment (FLRA) compliance is still required at the Yards.   RESPECT IN THE WORK PLACE: Work is ramping up for this event which is causing greater congestion and pressure amongst workers. As a result, you must remember to treat your co-workers with courtesy, kindness and respect—not only on site, but in other areas such as on the bus or at camp. FLAGGING AND TAGGING: Recently, it has been noticed that tags are not being attached to flagging. Without a properly completed tag, workers could enter a flagged area and put themselves in harms way. Remember, all flagging requires a tag. The tag should be attached immediately after the flagging has been installed. Be sure to complete the tag in full and include details about who owns the flagging and what hazards exist.  


Safety Stats LAST 24 HOURS


First Aids



Medical Treatment



Lost time injuries




NO INCIDENTS THE LAST 3 DAYS—GREAT WORK! These statistics are with respect to the 2014 spring outage main execution phase.

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Safety Flash Issue 19 | March 26/27, 2014

THE CONTENT ON THIS PAGE IS FOR GENERAL INTEREST You are not required to share this information during your Toolbox Talk.


STATISTICS TELL THE TALE (Data taken from OH&S Stats for Canada)  

70% of eye injuries are a result of flying objects 60% of these objects are smaller than a pinhead

It’s estimated that over 90% of these injuries are preventable with use of properly fitted eye protection. Most injuries from workers wearing safety glasses result from objects or chemicals going around or under the protector. SUNCOR TA PAST EVENT DATA TRENDS:  Spring 2013 had 29 foreign body injuries (27 FA’s and 2 MT’s)  Fall 2013 had 3 foreign body injuries (3 FA’s and 0 MT’s)  Reduction for Spring 2013 to Fall 2013 was due to focus and improvement initiatives put in place such as improved eyewear selection, fit testing, use of doff/don stations and area clean up prior to main execution window. We have continued to carry those improvements forward into 2014 and are now getting into risk areas for foreign bodies due to the nature of the work fronts that we are actively working on now – such as external coke drum sandblasting, grinding and welding – soon to be followed this week by internal coke drum work which will include sandblasting, grinding and welding. Let’s take the opportunity in our Field Level Risk Assessments (FLRA) and toolbox talks to review – do we have the proper eye protection to prevent/eliminate foreign body in eye injuries? THINGS TO DO:  Wear close-fitting eyewear all the time – including walking to and from the work location.  Review FLRA and eyewear requirements after every coffee break and/or lunch. Re-check conditions and validate whether current eyewear is appropriate.  Utilize the donning & doffing stations to properly put on and take off eye protection. This will ensure debris that may be on your hard hat, hair, forehead, etc. does not dislodge and fall into your eyes.  Use the Focus Observation program to ensure we maintain focus and identify any forward looking trends we should be acting on to prevent incidents from occurring.

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THE NEW DELIVERY VEHICLE ACCESS GATE WILL OPEN ON MARCH 28, 2014. The new entrance will help reduce truck traffic at the main gate. This will be a phased approach, by invite only, so only select trucks will use the new entrance initially. Trucks will access this entrance from the same delivery access road as the employee parking lot entrance. Vehicles must yield to trucks in the roundabout, as trucks may take up both lanes while turning. Informational and directional signs will be posted at various locations. Please use caution as traffic patterns have changed.

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Issue 19 march 26 27, 2014 safety flash