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SEPTEMBER 18, 2015



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message from the convenor vassilis tsipopoulos

Dear debaters, It is now only 100 days until the start of Thessaloniki WUDC 2016, and we wanted to share with you some of the exciting things we have accomplished in order to make this the best WUDC possible for all of you. Everyone in the Org Com is working extremely hard to ensure that this Worlds is going to be of the highest quality. This hard work is producing amazing results, as you can see in this report. I am very proud of all that we have achieved so far, and of everything we are still working on. I feel really lucky to have assembled such a great team of individuals who selflessly volunteer their time and who give their all to organise this tournament. They are what makes this otherwise exhausting work so satisfying for me. They allow me to be absolutely confident that this WUDC will be a unique experience for each and every one of the participants as well. There are two other very important issues that make this work one of the best things I have experienced. Firstly, we are able to spread debating, which we all love so much, in our country. As someone who has been debating for 12 years now, I have always been puzzled and saddened by the fact that debating remains relatively unknown in Greece. I believe that the organisation of WUDC in Thessaloniki goes a long way towards changing this, and for this I have to thank the international debating community for giving us this opportunity and for participating. Moreover, we in the Org Com feel that WUDC, apart from being the biggest and most prestigious debating competition in the world, is also a very big event in its own right. As such, we feel that it has to give back to the community that supports it. For this reason we are working with NGOs that deal with issues of homelessness, poverty, human trafficking as well as human rights and equality. I am very grateful that we are able to help our country, which is in need, through doing something we love. I am even happier for these accomplishments because of the context in which we have had to work. As I am sure you all know, the circumstances that recent economic and political developments in Greece have created are far from ideal. However, these difficulties that we did not, and could not, anticipate at the beginning of this endeavour, have forced as to be more creative and more determined than ever. Ultimately, WUDC is a debating competition and it is organised for all of you. I am certain you are all as excited as we are about the upcoming tournament. We are very much looking forward to seeing all of you in Thessaloniki in 100 days’ time, and we sincerely hope that you will enjoy participating in WUDC as much as we are enjoying organising it.

Vassilis Tsipopoluos Convenor


message from the tournament director Katerina karadimitri

Dear debaters of the world, When two years ago we took on the momentous task of organising WUDC, we could not have predicted what would follow. At the time, we were clear on the facts: we were a team that shared a passion for debate; we had extensive organisational experience; and we enjoyed unprecedented support from our institutional partners in Thessaloniki, who welcomed our proposal with great enthusiasm. All of this is just as true today as it was two years ago. What has undoubtedly changed is the political and economic context in the country. Over these past few years, in Greece we have been experiencing what is often referred to as an economic crisis. The reality is that this crisis spreads far wider than the economy, into education and society overall. I’m sure you have read about the declining living standards, the social unrest, and the financial instability. As Greek citizens, we follow the developments closely, and as is expected, we have all been affected by them. Feelings of being in limbo, of insecurity, of injustice are part of our reality. Organising WUDC became undoubtedly more complex, and we were faced with new realities no one – including us - could have predicted two years ago. Because of this new reality in Greece, organising WUDC became an even more personal bet for all of us: to prove to the world debating community that Greece is not just about the crisis. It is also a place where people still love sharing what the country does best: its hospitality; its food; its culture. It is a place where young people work hard, with passion, to create something new. We are very pleased to say that, in spite of all the challenges we are facing, we are on schedule. Every time a challenge comes up, we discover a new way to push our limits even further and come up with new ways of overcoming it. Our team is growing, with new members who bring experience and willingness to work hard. We have only one goal: To make Thessaloniki WUDC 2016 a great experience and celebration for the debating community, for Thessaloniki, and for the country. What follows in the next pages is proof that what awaits you is a comprehensive, interesting and fun experience. We have taken all the necessary steps to ensure the high quality of the core of the event, while at the same time enhancing it with a strong community aspect and a strong presence in Greek press. We are convinced that Thessaloniki 2016 will be a great vehicle for the core principles of the debating community: multiculturalism, openmindedness and global understanding. We are looking forward to welcoming you here on the 27th of December.

Katerina Karadimitri Tournament Director


patron It is our great honour to have the Mayor of Thessaloniki, Mr Yiannis Boutaris, as the Patron for Thessaloniki WUDC 2016. Mr Boutaris has been the Mayor of Thessaloniki since 2011, and has repeatedly been recognised as one of the most successful Mayors both in Greece and internationally. During his time in office he has overseen a series of development projects in the city, and is renowned for his work alongside civil society organisations and his outward looking approach to support the local community.

institutional Partners City of Thessaloniki: Thessaloniki WUDC 2016 is being organised under the auspices of the City of Thessaloniki. Thessaloniki is historically one of Europe’s oldest and most multiethnic cities, widely considered as the cultural capital of Greece. It is truly unique in the sense that it intricately marries its thousandsyear-old multicultural heritage and the architectural marvels with its Roman, Byzantine, Ottoman and Sephardic Jew history. We are working closely with the municipal authorities to ensure that all participants get to experience this unique city to the maximum, and enjoy the best Greek hospitality on offer. Region of Central Macedonia: Thessaloniki WUDC 2016 is being organised under the auspices of the Region of Central Macedonia. With a population of almost 1.9 million, Central Macedonia is the second most populous in Greece, and most visited region by tourists. We are working closely with the regional authorities, who have been extremely supportive of this event, and wish to ensure all participants experience the best the region has to offer.


Thessaloniki Concert Hall: The Thessaloniki Concert Hall is at the heart of cultural and social activities in the city, since its inauguration in 2000. Through our partnership, we have secured the most prestigious venue in the city for the Grand Finals of WUDC 2016, as well as venues for pre-Championship events, including press conferences. HELEXPO: The HELEXPO Exhibition and Convention Centre in Thessaloniki has a long history dating back to the 1920s, and is the largest organiser of exhibitions, conferences and cultural events in South-East Europe. It is home to the annual Thessaloniki International Fair, which celebrated its 80th anniversary this September. Through our partnership, we are delighted to have secured their venues for landmark events of WUDC, including the break rounds on the 2nd of January, and the Opening and Closing Ceremonies.    American Farm School: The American Farm School of Thessaloniki, Greece, is an independent, non-profit educational institution founded in 1904 to serve the needs of Greece and the surrounding Balkan areas. Today major educational divisions include the Primary School, Secondary School, the Perrotis College of Agriculture, Environment and Life Sciences, and Adult Education and Research. The American Farm School will provide the venues for the three days of preliminary rounds on the 29th-31st December. University of Macedonia: The University of Macedonia is a modern, extrovert, flexible and dynamic institution with ten undergraduate academic departments covering top scientific fields. We are grateful for the continued support of the University, the first institutional partner to join Thessaloniki WUDC 2016, who have been by the side of the Organisation Committee since the first stages of the bidding process.


finance & fundraising Our finance and fundraising teams have been working hard to ensure that the tournament will run smoothly and efficiently.

meet the team themis markidis

george kotsaras

Finance Director

Team Leader

antonia sarametidi

konstantina zarafeta

vassilis goumas

message from our finance director Given the turbulent economic and political climate in Greece, our priorities have revolved around two fundamental needs. The first is to make sure that regardless of what could have happened with the Greek banking system the registration fees received would be safe; and second, to make sure that we maximize what we can offer to all participants. To mention but a few of our moves, we have made sure that payments to subcontractors were carried out ahead of time, but only after looking into their finances and making sure that they were solvent and any down payments would not be jeopardized. Furthermore, we made sure to break the main account into additional smaller ones that would be well below the bail-in limit if that were to happen. And the list goes on. Gladly, as things are normalizing it seems that our precautionary steps and plan Bs will not be called to action. Nevertheless, to the best of our ability we have tried to be proactive and not to allow ourselves to be surprised by the constant developments. As of this very moment we retain the same confidence in the success of the tournament that we had on day one, before Greece and the world decided to give us a collective heart stress-test! We are allowed this confidence because we have finalized or scheduled the payments of key contractors, specifically housing, debate and socials’ venues, catering and transportation. We look forward to meeting you all in Thessaloniki, and are very grateful for your patience, support and understanding over the last few months. Themis Markidis Thessaloniki WUDC 2016 Finance Director


Updates regarding independent adjudicators Ensuring we can serve our promise to cover the travel expenses of the Independent Adjudicators, as decided upon by the Adjudication Team, and to do so in a timely and smooth way was always of the utmost importance to us. To guarantee this, we are working with a Plan A. And a Plan B. We really are committed to making this work! • Plan A: compensation in cash on the day of arrivals, during registration, as has been traditionally done at WUDC. We expect this plan to be the one we will use, since all projections indicate that all capital controls will be lifted in November, following the completion of the stress tests of the Greek banks and their subsequent recapitalization, if necessary. In case the capital controls did remain in place, the legal framework allows for every physical and legal person who has received funds from abroad to petition the Committee for Bank Transaction Approval to allow withdrawals above the limit currently set by capital controls. In case this is not possible though, we have a plan B. The legal framework also allows for every physical or legal person who has received funds from abroad to transfer any and all of these funds abroad. • Plan B: We will transfer the funds to the bank accounts of Independent Adjudicators in early December, so this money will be available to them by the time they arrive in Greece.

money matters We’re sure you’ve heard of the capital controls imposed on Greece, and the stories of long queues at ATMs. The queues are now long-gone, as everyone has found their pace and capital controls have been relaxed. More importantly though: • There are no restrictions – and never have been - on withdrawals in Greece for holders of foreign debit/credit cards. So you can arrange your finances as you would at any other time – you don’t need to bring more cash, just in case!

sponsorship Following a few turbulent months over the summer, when all companies understandably put any discussions about sponsorships on hold, we are now delighted to move forward with the final stages of our fundraising plan. We are currently in advanced negotiations and ready to announce a series of sponsors: • Planning to sign a Memorandum of Understanding very soon with McKinsey & Co. • Sponsorship by the Greek advertising company West S.A. • Sponsorship in kind by the Greek design company Pixelworks S.A. • Advanced negotiations with a wide range of companies, on a local, national and regional basis


registration meet the team louiza moti

angeliki filippatou

harry mystakelis

petros paraskevopoulos

Team Leader

Over the last six months, the registration team has been in constant communication with all Institution Representatives, answering your questions and handling the registration process. We would like to thank everyone for their cooperation during this time! Some important things to note: • On arrival, you will find the registration team on the first floor of Capsis Hotel. There you’ll receive all the materials and information you need for the tournament, including your badge and room key. Registration will be open around the clock on the 27th and 28th of December. Please note that every participant must register individually. • Every morning, registration will take place on the buses to the venue to avoid long queues, using your personalised barcode on your badge.

Final registration phase: Individual Registration Opens: October 1st Closes: October 31st Who should register? All participants that will represent their Institution. Debaters, Judges, Observers Independent Adjudicators How is it done? Step 1: Every Institution Representative will receive in their email on October 1st a form where they will submit the names and emails of each participant from their Institution that will come to Thessaloniki. They should know which debaters are in Team A, B or C of their Institution. Step 2: Each individual will receive an email that will invite them to submit a form with all their personal information. That includes: full name, dietary preferences, room preferences, their flight details (if they have booked their flights already), whether they want an airport pick up. Debaters will be asked to submit information on their language status as well.


What if we didn’t have our trials yet? You have until October 31st to organise them and choose who is going to represent you at Worlds. What if my Institution misses the deadline? Keep reminding your representative so you won’t miss it! The form will close on October 31st and will open only on request and for data changes or for teams that might be allocated later on.

Do you need a visa to travel to Greece? If you are attending Thessaloniki Worlds, please visit the website below to check if you need a visa to enter Greece: • In case you do need a visa, apply at the nearest Greek Embassy or Consulate as soon as possible • If you need an invitation letter for your visa application, please email us at:

10 10

logistics The logistics team is our super-team! They are looking after all aspects of the event, and working to ensure the smooth running of the Championship to make the experience memorable for all. Over the last months, the logistics team has been working on the venues, the transportation, the food management, the accommodation as well as the social events of the Championship.

meet the team aspa georgakopoulou

manios dimitrakakis

Accommodation & Transportation

Team Leader

alexandra karsanidou

george lydakis



polychronis bakomitros

antonis podiotis

haris samaras

victor forlidas

Food & Beverage


Socials & Events


frosso tsipopoulou

Rania kalyvi

Socials & Events


accommodation All participants will be accommodated in three hotels. Capsis Hotel will be the main hotel, used exclusively by WUDC participants. Additional rooms will be provided in the Vergina Hotel, right across the street from Capsis, and the Holiday Inn, next to Capsis. • All hotels are within 1 minute walk from each other, and will be providing the same services regarding meals and other provisions. • The hotels are in the centre of the city, making it easy to walk to a wide range of restaurants, bars, shops and cultural and historical sites. • Room allocations will be done according to any preferences expressed by participants in the Individual Registration phase, aiming to keep delegations in the same hotel. • All hotels will have an information desk throughout the Championships, with a 24-hour desk located in the lobby of the Capsis Hotel, and members of the org com staying in all three hotels.

11 11

Capsis Hotel Monastiriou 18, 54629, Thessaloniki, Greece Capsis Hotel Thessaloniki is the biggest city hotel in northern Greece and has recently gone under a complete renovation. The hotel’s 407 rooms and 18 versatile meeting venues will easily accommodate the 900 participants that will be staying in this hotel. Capsis is also the venue for several events during the Championships: • Registration on the 27th-28th December • Welcome drinks on the evening of the 27th December • Women’s Night on the 30th December • New Year’s Eve / Break Night Party • Council meeting on the 1st January • Semi-finals on the 3rd January

Vergina Hotel Monastiriou 19, 54627, Thessaloniki, Greece Vergina Hotel is equipped with everything a modern hosting environment requires, and will accommodate approximately 300 participants.

Holiday Inn Hotel 8 Monastiriou Str.,546 29 Thessaloniki, Greece Holiday Inn Thessaloniki combines the experience and quality of an international chain hotel with the surprising Mediterranean temperament and the famous Greek hospitality, offering to its guests the ideal solution for their staying. The Holiday Inn will accommodate approximately 200 participants.

We are very pleased to announce that we have secured the following provisions for participants during their stay: • Early check-in on the 27th December and late check-out on the 4th free of charge, to ensure you have access to your rooms on arrival. • Significantly reduced prices for room bookings if you wish to arrive before the 27th December, or wish to stay until the 6th January. Prices range between 22-30 EUR per person per night, depending on the room type. • Free Wi-Fi access in all hotels. • 10% discount on the Laundry Service. • A specially designed drinks menu with discounted prices (approximate prices: soft drinks €1.5, beer 330ml €2, glass of wine €2.5). • Fully accessible venues for people with restricted mobility, including specially adapted guest rooms (must be requested during the individual registration phase).


the venues We are very proud to be working with the best institutional partners in Thessaloniki, who will be hosting key events in their excellent facilities, giving participants an opportunity to experience the city throughout the Championship. All our venues: • Are within a maximum of 30 minutes from the hotel and of each other, keeping transportation times to a minimum • Provide free Wi-Fi, to ensure you can stay in touch with friends and family back home • Are fully accessible for people with restricted mobility and have all the appropriate facilities

Thessaloniki Concert Hall – Grand Finals Venue The Thessaloniki Concert Hall, truly committed to its purpose, has risen to a major component of the city’s economic and cultural vitality, creating ever-growing perspectives. Designed by the contemporary Japanese architect ArataIsozaki, it is one of the signature buildings along Thessaloniki’s waterfront. The “Friends of Music” Hall is designed to host large-scale productions, with a seating capacity of 1400, and will be the venue for the Grand Finals of the Championship on the afternoon of the 3rd January.

HELEXPO Conference Center – Various Events HELEXPO is the biggest conference venue in Greece and in the broader region. It is located in the heart of the city, and will be the venue for three key events of the Championship: the opening ceremony, the break rounds on the 2nd January, and the closing ceremony.

13 13

American Farm School – Preliminary Rounds Venue The American Farm School is one of the largest educational institutions in Thessaloniki, starting with a kindergarten, and going all the way up to a College! It will be the venue for the three days of the preliminary rounds of the Championship. • Less than 30 minutes from the hotels, using the city’s ring-road to ensure minimum traffic, and hence guaranteeing minimum transfer times every day • 3 announcement rooms will be used, to ensure all participants have access to a comfortable venue • All debate rooms are within a maximum of 7 minutes from any announcement room • All buildings are strictly non-smoking, but are within easy access of designated smoking areas • The campus shop will be open throughout, so you can find fresh produce from the school’s farm, including juices, dairy products, snacks, and wine produced in their vineyards!

Transportation Daily transportation: • Transportation to all Championship venues and events will be done using coaches. • Recognising the importance of minimising waiting times, whilst getting 1500 people on coaches, our team is developing a full boarding and rotation system which will be available in your welcome bag, the notice boards in the hotels, and through the app. To and from the airport: • A team of volunteers will be stationed at the airport throughout the arrivals and departure days. In order to provide you with the best support on arrival, please inform us in advance through the individual registration form of your flight details. • The first option for participants is to use the city bus which runs every 20 minutes from the airport to the city centre. The cost is €2 for a full ticket and €1 for a student ticket, and tickets can be purchased on the spot. This bus will drop you off approximately 5 minutes from the hotel. • The second option for participants is to use a coach, provided by our coach company at heavily reduced prices. The cost per person is approximately €9/two way trip, and will drop you off and pick you up from the hotel. If you wish to use this option you must indicate so on your individual registration form. To and from the train and bus stations: • The hotels are conveniently located within 5 minutes of the train station and 20 minutes of the bus station. If you arrive by bus or train, our volunteers will meet you at the station and walk you to the hotel. • A WUDC desk will be set up in the stations throughout the arrivals and departure dates. The exact location of the desk will be sent out to all participants in advance of their arrival.

14 14

Food & Beverage We believe that having access to good quality food, in sufficient quantities, is incredibly important – especially when you’re tired and stressed. Thankfully, Greece is renowned for its high quality ingredients, and Thessaloniki is the food capital of Greece! We are working hard to provide as much food as possible, as often as possible. All menus have been designed to give you a taste of the local cuisine, whilst also keeping in mind that we are catering for a wide international audience who are familiar with different flavours. •All meals will provide options for all special dietary groups. Please inform us of this in advance, through the individual registration form. •Thessaloniki has a long history of being a multicultural city, and we are working closely with different communities to ensure access to kosher and halal food in all venues – the hotels already cater fully for kosher and halal, and we are committed to achieving the same in all venues. •All breakfasts will be provided at your hotel. It’s a buffet breakfast – with the same food available in all hotels – offering a wide selection of pastries, spreads, cooked breakfast, cereals, fruit and salads. •Within a few minutes from the hotels you will find some of the best food the city has to offer, and at very reasonable prices. From Greek tavernas, where you can enjoy the best of our cuisine from a sit-down meal to 24-hour sandwich shops that offer a wide range of snacks, meaning that there are options for everyone. In your welcome bag you will find information on suggested places to visit, including a range of shops where we have secured discount on food and drinks for all WUDC participants throughout the Championship! •Throughout the days of the preliminary rounds we will be providing small snacks from our sponsors, but you can also find additional snacks on the campus shop for very reasonable prices. Below you will find a list of the meals, as they stand at the moment. This is our minimum commitment – not our ideal plan. We are working hard to maximise the meals provided, but we are ready to commit to the following: 27th December

• No lunch provided. • Dinner provided for all participants at the hotel (buffet lunch).

28th December

• Lunch provided for all adjudicators attending the briefing (buffet lunch). • Dinner provided for all participants at the Opening Ceremony.

29th December

• Lunch provided for all participants at the American Farm School (packed hot meals). • Dinner provided for all participants at the hotels (buffet dinner).

30th December

• Lunch provided for all participants at the American Farm School (packed hot meals). • Dinner provided for all participants at the hotels (buffet dinner).

31st December

• Lunch provided for all participants at the American Farm School (packed hot meals). • Dinner provided for all participants at Capsis Hotel during the break night party (finger food).

1st January

• Lunch provided for all attending the council meeting (buffet lunch). • No dinner provided

2nd January

• Lunch provided for all attending the break rounds at HELEXPO (packed hot meals). • Dinner provided for all participants at the hotels (buffet dinner).

3rd January

• Lunch provided only for all speakers and adjudicators in the semis and finals at the hotel (buffet lunch). •Finger food provided for all participants at the Grand Finals venue. Dinner provided for all participants at the Closing Ceremony.

15 15

Aristophanes, the most famous ancient comic playwright once wrote: “When men drink, then they are rich and successful and win lawsuits and are happy and help their friends. Quickly, bring me a beaker of wine, so that I may wet my mind and say something clever”. We cannot promise that everyone will be rich, and we do think this is a gender neutral effect. But we are working hard to ensure that participants have access to the beverages of their choice throughout the tournament. In cooperation with our fundraising team, we are aiming to secure sponsorships in kind for the days of the preliminary events, to provide free juices, soft drinks, tea and coffee during the day. In any case, you will be able to purchase those for very reasonable prices on campus. Our special reduced prices in the hotel bars mean that you can enjoy beverages at very reasonable prices (not at all what you would expect from hotel prices!). The opening and closing ceremonies will include free soft drinks and wine for all tables, as well as a cash bar if you wish to buy something different. The NYE / break night party will include an open bar. Don’t worry, we have warned them what to expect – they’ll be fully stocked.

Events & Experience Even though we understand that the debates are at the centre of WUDC, we also want to make sure you have a good time, and get to experience the city. This is why: • We are bringing elements of the city’s culture to all big events, including the opening and closing ceremony, creating a mix of old and new, tradition and modern city culture. This way you get to experience the city without having to leave the Championship venues! • Whenever you have free time, you can chose from a wide range of free activities that are taking place in the city and have been arranged through our partners, or follow our tips from the welcome pack and go for a walk! • On the 1st January, participants can chose to attend an organised tour to important sites in the broader region (additional discounted fee to be paid directly to the tour operator – information on this will be available soon). • A range of parties and socials are being organised in venues around the city, in partnership with local community organisations, and with participation from local artists.

16 16 16

IT Our IT team is working hard to ensure that all the tournament’s needs – from the equipment in the tab room, to the livestreaming of the debates – are covered.

meet the team artemis semenoglou

achilleas yfantis

Team Leader


george aggelopoulos

chiara karadimou

dimitra akourou

nikos ouranitsas

george stefanidis

george prionistis





Tech Equipment


TAB - NEtworks - registration The tab programme that will be used is Tabbie2. The IT team is working with the tab masters to finalise the e-ballots and e-feedback process and to fully equip the tab room. The IT team is working on finalising the internet networks on all key venues, to maximize coverage that caters for the needs of the tournament, and to maximize the free internet access for participants. The registration process has been fully developed from the IT end, with individual QR codes on all badges to speed up the process every morning.

WUDC APP The Thessaloniki WUDC 2016 App is in the last stages of development. The app will include push notifications; information on the schedule, the hotels, key venues and the city; and even a mini-translator with common Greek phrases! The app will be available to download before the tournament, and is compatible with android, iOS and Windows.

17 17

Livestream Throughout the preliminary and break rounds, 3 rooms per round will be livestreamed contingent on the consent of participants. The IT team is working in partnership with Radio Mof Stream Team.

Mof Stream Team Finalists in EUDC 2012 Belgrade, Belgrade Open 2013, Global Youth Forum 2013 in Galway, German Greek Public Debates 2013, Skopje Open 2014, Arandjelovac Open 2014, EUDC 2014 Zagreb, European Debate Cup 2014 Strasbourg, Thessaloniki Open 2014 (in streaming), Radio MOF established itself as the best partner you can get for promotion of your debate community. Radio MOF was created as a medium that is an open radio station for the promotion of the youth, cultural and creative community, and since 2012 with the first official video broadcast from the European University Debate Championship in Belgrade became a well-known promoter for the debate community in Europe. Friendly, professional, modest, Radio MOF always tends to bring quality and innovation as your trustful stream partner. Find out more on

18 18

volunteers meet the team penny sapouni

matina amarioti

stefania athanasiou

thodoris dounias

panagiotis podiotis

maria roussi

Team Leader

Our team is working closely with a growing network of volunteers who will be the backbone of Thessaloniki. By the end of this process, we will have recruited and trained approximately 200 volunteers, mostly from Thessaloniki but also from other parts of Greece. These volunteers will be working on all aspects of WUDC – from picking you up at the airport, doing registration, and setting up rooms, to being the runners and the support staff at the information desks, if you need their help. • We are recruiting from a wide range of local and national networks of young volunteers, who all share the same enthusiasm as we do for debate and international events • Over the next two months we have scheduled a series of training sessions, to ensure all volunteers are fully briefed and ready to welcome you in Thessaloniki and all our venues

19 19

community projects meet the team eleni pouliou

nagia kastrenopoulou

Team Leader

In Ryan Hyde's book and movie the concept “Pay It Forward” is described as an obligation to do three good deeds for others in response to a good deed that one receives. In this way, the practice of helping one another can spread geometrically through society, at a ratio of three to one, creating a social movement with an impact of making the world a better place. In the org com, we believe that all the participants and our partners have done a good deed for us by giving us the opportunity to host this unique event, and we want to ensure that we will maximise the positive impact of WUDC 2016 on the local and global community. Acknowledging the current economic and social crisis around the globe, and in particular in Greece, our community projects team is working to develop a network of partnerships with local and international NGOs. The work of the Community Projects team so far includes: • Working closely with the Shedia magazine, which is sold by homeless people in all Greek cities, as one of our media partners • No food should go to waste, which is why we are determined to ensure that at this tournament every clean portion of food that is leftover will be distributed with the assistance of local NGOs to people in need • Ensuring that NGO representatives, such as our partners from the No Project – a global educational campaign to increase awareness regarding human trafficking amongst young people - have a presence in all key venues. From their booths, they’ll talk about their work, and increase awareness on issues that affect the local and broader community. • Preparing art exhibitions and performances for the socials from our key NGO partners

20 20

communication & media meet the team angelos emmanouilidis

barbara savvidi

Online Communication


martha ostiouni

Maria zoe papaioannou

Social Media

Public Relationships

Media & Press We are very happy to be working with a large network of local and national media partners, who are already running pieces on the event and will be covering it throughout the Championship. This coverage will be key in spreading debating in Greece and generating the excitement for more people to try it out! Our media partners so far include: • TV stations: Mega Channel (national), TV 100 (local) • Printed press: Kathimerini (national – English version available), Makedonia (local) and Shedia (national) • Radio stations: Athina 98.4 (local), Radio Thessaloniki 94.5 (local), FM 100 (local), Focus Radio 103.6 (local) • Websites:, (English version available),

Online Communication Both before and during the Championship, the online communication team is working hard to make information on WUDC as accessible as possible – for participants and the international debating community that is following from home. Over the last few months, they have achieved a lot: • The website ( has been gradually re-launched, with frequently updated information. The final, fully updated version of the website will be live by the end of September. • We now have an active account in all the major social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Instagram), disseminating key information about the Championships. The Social media team will be working around the clock during WUDC to ensure that your friends and family back home have live updates from the Thessaloniki.

Offline Communication We are working closely with graphic designers and comic artists to develop the branding and offline communication of the Championship. • “Add Art”, a team of graphic designers and comic artists based in Thessaloniki, are working with us on several projects, including a TV spot, a comic strip about debating for our media partners Shedia, and a photo exhibition in Thessaloniki. • Our graphic designers, Pixelworks, have developed the creatives for the Championship, and are working on all design productions.

21 21

support team kallina basli

petros papalianos

The support team is specifically dedicated to consulting and helping to the members of the Organising Committee. We have recruited two of the most experienced Greek debaters who are offering their insight and helping us deal with any challenges as soon as possible. We are in the process of staffing this team, which will include more members of the Greek and international debating community, with extensive experience of running large events, including previous WUDC and EUDC competitions

debating comes home On behalf of the Thessaloniki WUDC Organising Committee, we are looking forward to welcoming you all on December 27th! Our website is being updated with our extended CVs for you to check them out. In the meantime, please contact us with any questions or feedback.

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update from our ca team The Adjudication Team We are very proud to present the Adjudication Team for Thessaloniki WUDC! You can find more details on all members of the team on our website at The Adjudication Team will be updating you by the end of September on the appointment of ACAs and the CA teams for the Masters and Public Speaking competitions.

manos moschopoulos CA


john mckee DCA


chris bisset DCA

josh zoffer DCA

tasneem elias DCA

Deadlines – Independent Adjudicators The third, and final, round of Independent Adjudicator applications is ongoing and will close on the 30th September. To apply visit: To read the IA policy visit:

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