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One day in a Train....(Part 2) ......Eight years have been passed away from that train incidence and that “Telephonic relationship”. We just met once in life in a train and that for 5-6 hours only even it‘s hard to recall her clear face. I heard somewhere true love never dies and probably that’s why still Pinky stays in my heart in some corner. The Present, 2013 Mumbaiiii.......the most happening city of INDIA, being the financial capital, the city has its own style of living. Mumbai has a transfusion of various communities, following different religions and customs. Despite the fact that people have adapted themselves to the contemporary lifestyle, accustomed with gizmos and gadgets, they are deeply enrooted in the traditional values and principles. The people are God-fearing and respect their religion, but it doesn't mean they are orthodox. If they enjoy going to their places of worship, they equally enjoy going to pubs & discos. Like any other big cities on the planet, the people of Mumbai live a fast-paced life. They are dedicated towards their work and at the same time, leave no excuses while enjoying parties and festivals. In short and snappy terms, Mumbaikars are really nice people, who are living fast life, yet taking pleasure in each and every moment. Mumbaikars are known for their ‘BINDAAS ATTITUDE’. So how can be myself alone in this vibrant city? J Matunga, where most of the Bengali families resides. Although I am not a Bengali guy but I have a cultural weakness towards this community so I preferred to stay there. I stay in a 1RK flat (1room+Kitchen) and Dhruva da stays next to my flat. Mr. Dhruva Jyoti Banargee (Dhruva da) got married 2 years back but still he stays alone in a 1RK flat and he is like my elder brother cum good friend. We both have different working sector but still we love to talk to each other after office time till midnight and have drinks together on weekends ......kind of small party at our flat. Sometimes being childish in nature, I asked about baudi (Dhruva ‘s wife) but as usual I don’t get any convincing answer from him. Only one thing I know about her (Dhruva’s wife) that, her name - Rani and she is through highly depression. Dhruva usually visits Kolkata once in a monthly for 3-4 days and again come back to Mumbai. One day while having conversation with Dhruva, I said, “Dada, I understand Rani baudi is suffering from highly depression diseases but she is your wife, you shouldn’t leave her alone with your parents..after all she is a human and her heart expect some love and time in return. Let her realize that you are the one who loves her most and more than anyone...might be one day will come when Rani will be all right”. When I was advising Dhruva da, we both were full drunk but Dhruva catched my word and promised to bring his wife to Mumbai. 10-15 days later, while coming back from office, I heard some noise from Dhruva’s flat. I rang the bell and one gorgeous lady wearing a Saree opened the door. She was the prettiest woman I had ever seen. The Pink saree was adding to her beauty. For couple of seconds I lost somewhere in her big black eyes at 1st sight, it reminded me some old attached strings ... before I could speak anything, Dhruva said “ helllooooo Debu...”. I entered to the room, and found a very nice ambience in the room. The interior of the room was drastically changed, it was deeply cleaned, bottles were filled with water, sofa cover was changed, bed-sheet and pillow cover were matching with window

screen. I was seeing the room like 1st time coming there & then I turned back , saw Rani baudi is holding a glass of water. I was not at all thirsty but after seeing that lady i couldn’t say NO to her. With each passing day, got attached to Rani. In fact Dhruva used to ask me to talk to Rani baudi and crack some jokes so that she would be able to get-out of that Depression diseases soon and needless to say, Dhruva had a strong faith on me and he knew that I can’t see her wife in other angle. One day I met Rani in her flat and that time Dhruva had gone to market for taking some vegetables. I sat on the sofa and Rani was cooking in the kitchen and simultaneously was talking to me loudly from there. But as usual I was busy with my GF-Facebook J on my blackberry). Rani came and said “hey wat r u me...” I said that I am giving comments on my story written in face book and chatting with friends. For a curiosity, she asked me which story? I explained her that I usually write some stories based on my past life and try to make alive my old love in those stories. Story writing is not my hobby but it’s my passion. With a pleasant voice, Rani said “WOW” and she expressed that she had also written some story in her school time but after that she fall in love with a boy and that boy took away all her freedom to live life/love/passion/hobbies. Now Rani is a Dysthymia patient. (Dysthymia is a disease and in medical science it means a patient suffering from high depression. It occurs more often in women. Many people with dysthymia have a long-term medical problem or problems such as anxiety, alcohol abuse, or drug addiction. Most people with dysthymia will also have an episode of major depression at some point in their lives) I could see her eyes were full of tears while saying all her past. I asked Rani, “Do you still remember him?.. What will you do if he again comes in your life? .. Her tears rolled down on her face and she said, some questions need not to be answered and yes if I will get him again, don’t know whether he would recognize me or not but I will hug him and will take him with me forever far from here and she cried loudly. Atmosphere was full of sad and depression so for a change of mind I said “ Baudi could you please help me” ?? I want to write a sequel of my story but somehow I am not getting any thread to continue it, please help me writing this story.... She wiped out her tears and said me OK but 1st you tell me your story and I will try to add my experience into that to make a sequel. I took a long breath and started my story, closed my eyes to visualize my PINKY (Indrani Sengupta). Somehow I deeply entered into that story and started with that letter in my wallet written “Indrani Sengupta” with a phone number and so on....I couldn’t control my emotions, tears started falling from my closed eyes. I opened my eyes & saw Rani was crying too. Somehow I managed my tears and asked her, “Why r u crying”.. She remained silent and then said “Your’s a heartbreaking love tale, Simple, honest and touching” thats why I am crying because a lonely heart can understand the feeling of pain”

She reiterated the same questions i asked her, “ What will you do if you will get her again in ur life “? I pretend to be silence and then said, I will give a tight slap on her face because sometimes I feel breathless with her memory and I need to live a stress-free life. Her memories has ruined my life..and I brokedown :’( Rani came near to me and hugged me tightly, she kissed on my forehead and tried to control my emotions and slowly whispered “Don’t cry.. Everything gonna alright”. The warm of that tight hug of Rani gave some pleasure to my heart for that moment. Suddenly, the door bell rang and Rani asked me to wipe out my tears and to sit comfortably on the sofa & she went to open the door. It was Dhruva. He entered the room. I was very upset that time so I took a permission from Dhruva da to leave to my flat . While leaving Rani said loudly, “Take rest and I will write the 2nd part of this story for you”. Next day, my boss asked me to go to Delhi for some urgent official work for 2 days. I came to my room and saw Dhruva da’s room was locked. So I sent a sms to dada saying that I am leaving to Delhi tonight and will be back after 2 days and within 2 minute got a reply from dada ,”watching movie at multiplex and happy journey..” Very next day late evening when I was at Delhi, Dhruva da called me.. Dhruva – Debu, when are you coming back to Mumbai ? Me – Dada, tomorrow evening. I will be landing at airport post lunch then will be heading to my office directly from there and will be back to home at night. Dhruva – Okay.. I have asked Sagar Travels for 2 tickets to Kolkata for day after tomorrow, so while coming back from office, please collect that ticket from Sagar. (Dhruva usually book all his train ticket from Sagar travel which is on the way from my office to flat) Me – Why ? (With a confused voice) Dhruva – Rani is not well, she needs doctor check up and she doesn’t want to stay here anymore. She is behaving very strangely from last 2 days... Me – OK , while returning will collect ticket from Sagar and will discuss in detail at home.

Next day evening around 8pm, I collected that ticket from Sagar Travels and gave a call to Dhruva da that I have collected the tickets and will be reaching home in 1 hour. Dhruva da in a low tone replied, We just left from the room and going to airport now , Rani has cut her vain of her left hand, was crying whole the day and I have no idea, what disturbed her suddenly that she doesn’t want to stay in Mumbai . I asked Dhruva to have a word with Rani but he said that although Rani was near to him in taxi but she was in a deep sleep and informed me that Rani has written my story and has kept inside the letter box outside my flat door.

I said, “ Happy journey, please give me a ring after reaching Kolkata. He replied “Yes sure” and hung the call. Around 9:15pm that evening, reached my room, took that letter kept from my letter box . I was so tired from last 2 days directly jumped to the bed and switched on the TV for watching NEWS. With curiosity, I opened that letter to know, how would be the 2nd part of my story “One day in a train”.... The letter goes like this....... Days Pass by Somehow but nights are a wagon of pain Injuries may healed with time but marks will always remain Restless on my comfortable bed I toss and turn & try to sleep but thoughts are bulking my head and have formed a huge heap..... Tearing me apart, breaking me at the seams... The darkness of my life is more visible in the dark....!!! Here I am speaking my heart and trying to give it a voice…… ......I was in a dream world and everyone including my parents, my friends were advising me to come back from the day dream but I never listened to them. All my friends were calling me crazy but I was crazy for your love. What is love? It is one of the most difficult questions for the mankind. Centuries have passed by, relationships have bloomed and so has love. But no one can give the proper definition of love. I might not define the meaning of LOVE in couple of lines like a philosopher. But ask me what LOVE is...ask me how LOVE hurts...ask me how to live a life alone being in LOVE...ask me how I have waited for my LOVE in lonely nights... ask me how many nights have seen my eyes in tear without my LOVE...ask me how I sacrificed my life for LOVE...ask me how I hurted myself for LOVE.... Love is Caring.. Love is Attractive.. Love is Attached.. Love is Committed.. Love is Intimate..Love is unconditional. Love is not Manipulation..Love is not Compromising..Love is not Violent..Love is not just meant for sex..but never ask me What i got after all ??? LOVE is nothing but a word of 4 alphabets for have never ever tried to feel the emotions behind these alphabets...LOVE might be a feeling of few minutes of physical satisfaction for you..If

you could have felt the meaning of real LOVE then you would not have left me alone in the mid way. I waited night after night for you. I promised not to take my meal until you call me...I stopped drinking water until you come back..I cried night after night alone in the dark corner of my room.. I lost my mom in childhood or else my mom would have understood my feelings better. Dad sent me to uncle’s house for higher studies and for a change in mind. I joined the classes but got addicted to alcohol and smoking because those were the only things that were controlling me to get out of this dream and my pain. I accepted alcohol as a substitution of you and alcohol never allowed me to stay away from him. I got my rewards of my love. One-day I found myself in a Govt Hospital, my dad and uncle around me, doctor declared that I have been suffered from “Dysthymia”. Today I am not alone because Dysthymia is with me who reminds me your memories repeatedly and my better-half who has married to my name only. He sacrificed a lot for me who just wanted to give me LOVE in return. From last 2 years we were not staying together, he usually comes to me and whole night we talk on the roof under the open sky. Today I am a married woman but I don’t have a kid although our marriage is of 2 years. It doesn’t mean that we have some medical’s because I have never spent close intimate moments with my hubby till date. I have never allowed him to touch me closely so far, it’s because I always think, I am made only for you and no one can take your place in my life...I am still searching you but you were lost in this world somewhere at some corner. Still I had a faith that one day you will come and will take me with you far from here. But yesterday I woke form my dream and realized that my LOVE doesn’t exist anymore. It has become a word of a English dictionary. I asked you what you will do if you will get your LOVE and you replied that you will give a tight slap because you want to live a stress-free life. I have no patience anymore....I had hurted myself many times earlier and now I don’t have energy to endure your slap... My wish was to hug you whenever I will meet you and to hold your hand to go far with you forever. I hugged you but unfortunately couldn’t go with you because time has changed you a lot. You only want to see and search your love in fictitious story not in real life. I promise, I will never ever come and try to interfere in your life again ... Goodbye ... :( ......... After reading that letter, I was just shivering and was speechless. My whole body was sweating and sweating drops were falling from my forehead. My sudden reaction was “ Oh Shit... god noooooo.. i missed her once again” I took my phone and tried to call Dhruva but his number was not reachable, might be he was inside the flight that time. I kept on calling 10-12 times in next half an hour but each time one auto reply was coming “The number you have dialled is out of reach”...I was absolutely blank that time not sure what to do... I noticed the train ticket envelope from Sagar Travels was lying on my bed. I took and open that envelope and it was written..

Indian rail way... Mumbai CST - Haworah Express ... 18th Feb 2013..3:25PM Passenger 1 – Mr. Dhruva Jyoti Banargee – Age 36 – Seat S8 ,11 Passenger 2 – Mrs. Indrani Sengupta – Age 27 – Seat S8 , 12


To be continued....

Not all love stories are meant to have a perfect ending. Some stay incomplete. Yet they are beautiful in their own way.

One day in a train (part 2)  

This is the 2nd part of that cute love story of deb's real life...

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