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omething old

o mething new

Swelling hopes... Tidbits from then are impressions of now, bundles of colourful dreams that follow, A cup of joy a pinch of fear, a bit brown a lot of yellow

Something old something new


the thought... A glimpse of India to capture and a flood of Indianness to be set free. Rendezvous with age old traditions and eyes on new needs A path that saunters though numerous hearts in pursuit of a better life


Something old something new

inspired... Experiences lashing out of every corner. Stories told and untold , captures the heart in the bond. The touch of the hand upon the soul. Several bloggers, enthusiasts and their perceptions tumble out emotions and beliefs and ensures my determination to go forth and achieve.

Something old something new


stepping out... A little work a little play. A bit of chit chat, a cup of chai! Little opportunities and big success! Challenges to come and resources to explore. Everyday a bit more. . . 3

Something old something new

retrospection... It was all a whirlwind the first couple of days. I needed to look within and ask what I want to achieve and give back. Apprehensive for a moment. I thought I was misplaced.

Something old something new


think again... Dabbling in colors buried in papers, day after day! Cutting sticking relooking and, looking A successful product range is what we get, Sustainable simple and pleasing ‌


clicked... The product at focus and all else aside. Beautiful and functional Shots compositions angles and more. For all eyes to see. Click click click and enthralled !!!


explore & more... Mystic aiyyanar horses in Urpetti, vibrant baskets of palm, gold wrapped painting of Tanjore. I set about exploring and connecting . Crafts and the hands behind their success.


all eyes... Events exhibitions clients and more. Convincing them is the responsibility Attracting them the chore. Displays should soothe the eye Being prompt the way to go!


Something old something new

beautiful life... There was more to the journey than meets the eye. A family, some stitches and a difference to be made. Self sustaining and improving in pursuit of a better life.


Something old something new

new ideas... Went home to some of the most talented Indian artisans. Relooked revised shared and found simple solutions and happy endings. 16

Something old something new

out of line... I needed to push myself over the edge go that extra mile. Unlearn and untangle myself from the already done already known . A fresh look at how to make things happen. 18

Something old something new

highs & lows... Days come and go. Tides are also high or low But steering on, steeled determination to go To explore, achieve Surpass and more.

Something old something new


Sojourning through highs and lows of an adventure might not be easy. But dont give up ! Grab opportunities and challenges and turn things the new way round. Walk till the edge, look further and go beyond. Live a day at a time and strive to make it better. a design collaboration

matsyacrafts+ National Institute of Fashion Technology, Chennai

something old something new  
something old something new  

An experience in overcoming challenges. A story about opportunities and determination.