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Deb Affleck

Art is an integral part of my life- as an active creator and also as an observer. I am a photographer. When I am photographing what has grasped my attention, I go into another world - one of many possibilities which can be alternatively filled with light and hope and conversely filled with shadowed darkness and raw emotional pain.

Generally, my painting work is that of an expressionistic and abstract informed style. In this field, I experience an almost transcendental state.

Another element of my art process is that of others viewing my works and also how “they� experience viewing and looking at them; thus giving another dimension of inspiration to me.

My various health experiences (depression/CFS) can often lead to a limiting of my ability to engage and communicate with myself, others and life in all its generalities. Art enables me to live beyond such potential constraints. In fact, my art allows me to translate many of the limitations into opportunities and eventualities that may never have come my way in different circumstances.

I am at a fortunate time in my life that I am now able to focus on art creation.

I am continually learning art processes, and am eager to do so.

Bush City

Bush Rural


Death Stalks the Corridors of Sorrowing Silence

Death in my hands

deb affleck  
deb affleck  

my artwork in 2011, up to September