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January, 2012

THE ONC INFORMER Cleveland News Booklet!


OFFICE NET CENTRAL ‘Workspace without the Overhead!’ Office Net Central, “Workspace without the Overhead”, is just that; a business atmosphere for the Independent Worker, which allows them the opportunity to rent workspace, as opposed to having to individually lease an entire building. Co-Working offers individuals the space and atmosphere needed to focus on building their businesses, while being surrounded by others doing the same. The energy, creativity, and networking that flow in this setting make people more efficient and successful. The increase in Self-Employment is a rising trend nationwide, and we want to offer help and hope during these tough economic times, to those opting to become entrepreneurs. Networking is an important part of building a business, and Office Net Central will help by having business contacts stationed in the shared location, and by bringing others in from hosting seminars, workshops, and having continual events on the premises. Additional services at Office Net Central are Computer Repair, Virtual Mail, Virtual Admin., Advertising, Notary (State of OH), and Printing. Our goal is to supply whatever needs possible to those starting, working, or growing their business. Whether one needs a Private Office, a Personal Cubicle, Table Space or a Conference Room rental, Office Net Central can be their answer. We have a cubicle station for anyone needing a computer to go online, at an hourly rate. Amenities of Wi-Fi, Copier, Fax, Printer, and shared Kitchen Café, are all-inclusive to making our location a special, stylish, and comfortable place for Business Success. DEE J. PERRY (CEO)




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ZANZIBAR- A UNIQUE RESTAURANT Zanzibar Restaurant in Shaker Square is a different type of restaurant. The food and atmosphere are worth the experience. The proprietor has been in the restaurant business most of his life. His mother is Angie, of Angie’s Soulfood Café, well known in Cleveland, for years. Zanzibar is a spinoff of Angie’s & Carolinas Southern Cuisine, a previous restaurant they owned. Zanzibar has taken foundation items from the Soul Food menu and introduced them to a larger market with an American Contemporary flavor. Angie provided the foundation of some of her best recipes, and Chef Tony from Zanzibar added his touch, creating the fusion style that takes these dishes to another level. When Zanzibar’s proprietor has an idea, he consults with the chef, and the new dish is created. Zanzibar has wonderful food, and a great chef! A customer, Debra Price says, “A good restaurant is determined by the quality of the food, and the cook. Zanzibar is excellent in both. I love their food!” An example of how basic southern food is given a fusion style at Zanzibar, is in their #1 dish, the Soul Roll. This is similar to an egg roll, however, stuffed with collard greens, black-eyed peas, chicken, and black beans. Their Turkey Chops are fried or smothered, just like Pork Chops. Then, there is the delicious Collard Greens with Artichoke Dip. Whatever food you get from Zanzibar will be different from the norm, and pleasing to the mouth. Zanzibar’s “All You Can Eat” Sunday Brunch is from 11 am – 4 pm. The owner will be opening another restaurant, Jezebels Bayou, featuring New Orleans styled dishes, on Larchmere, very soon. Angie’s Soulfood Café is currently in two different locations: Harvard & Lee shopping center, and 39th & Superior. At Angie’s, the quality of food and cook are excellent too, of course! Come on…let’s eat!

UPCOMING EVENTS @ ONC: Super Bowl Party, Feb. 5, 2012

Valentine’s Day Meet & Greet, Feb 14, 2012

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CLEVELAND’S BEST, SING-OFF Cleveland was proud to have two excellent singers in this past season of “The Sing-Off”, on NBC. This program, seeks out, and features the best a capella groups from all over the United States, to compete for the top prize of America’s Vote, a Sony Music Contract, and $200,000. Cleveland’s own Reginal Bowens and John Kenniebrew were in the group “Afro Blue Vocal Band”, who came in 4th place in this season’s “The Sing-Off”. They both attended Howard University in Washington, DC, and were part of “Afro Blue”, Howard’s Premier Jazz Ensemble. “Afro Blue” was founded in 2002 by Professor Connaitre Miller, and requires an audition for acceptance.

Reggie, (Reginal Bowens), pictured above, graduated from the Cleveland School of the Arts in 2005. After that, he attended Howard University, and received a Bachelor’s degree in Music, with a concentration in Business, and a minor in Jazz Piano. Reggie’s family is musical. He started playing piano at the age of 6, and began playing in his Grandfather’s church, Morelight Missionary Baptist Church, at 11 yrs. old. Reggie’s father is the Minister of Music at Imani Church. His father Reginal, mother Deborah and brother Ramone are all excellent singers, along with himself. Reggie is truly blessed to be able to play music by ear, read music, sing, and write music. Another gift that Reggie has is Perfect Pitch. Whereas most groups used pitch pipes or phones to get their beginning notes, Afro Blue got their notes solely from Reggie. Because of his expertise in music, Reggie was the primary person for arranging the songs selected for “Afro Blue”. The arrangement team consisted of 4 people from the group. Reggie said he and the group always follow a

rule that Ms. Miller taught them at Howard Univ., which is “Pray before you write any music”. This helped them arrange and show their unique style in every song they sang. The other Clevelander, John Kenniebrew, is a graduate from Cleveland Heights High School. Another member of this group, Danielle, is from Cincinnati, OH. The entire group consisted of 10 Howard Univ. “Afro Blue” members, from different parts of the country. This ensemble changed their name to “Afro Blue Vocal Band”, once selected to compete in the show.

The opportunity came after “Afro Blue” performed with the a capella group “Take 6”. Cedric Dent, one of the “Take 6” members, referred them to The Sing-Off. They auditioned in June 2011, and were accepted a week later. They began the contest July 20th, stayed through Sept. 15th, and returned after Thanksgiving for the Finalé and Reunion episodes. This season consisted of 16 a cappella groups. One group was eliminated each week. There was no lip synching, no back up bands, and no safety net. Each group had beautiful harmony, and Reggie was consistently commended for his base parts, by the judges, when “Afro Blue Vocal Band” performed. “Afro Blue Vocal Band” had a unique soulful jazzy sound and style, and continued to “wow” the audience weekly. They consistently showed their stamina, talent, and determination to give an exceptional performance, by working through the stress of learning new songs,

arrangements, and choreography every week. Reggie says, “The experience was overwhelming, and exciting!” Since placing 4th, doors have opened to the group, and individuals for other musical opportunities. With Reggie being the musical genius that he is, requests for doing song arrangements, playing the piano, and singing are constantly coming his way. He currently works at The Music Settlement in Cleveland, as the Assistant Director for the Cleveland Boys Choir, Outreach Coordinator, Department of Music, and he plays piano for the mega Word Church, in the city. One of the favorite arrangements that “Afro Blue Vocal Band” did in “The Sing-Off”, was “A Change is Gonna Come”, originally done by Sam Cooke. The arrangement by them is currently being played on Internet Radio, Bonnerfide Radio. Congrats, Cudos, Pride, and Joy for “Afro Blue Vocal Band!”


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OFFICE NET CENTRAL, LLC “Afro Blue Vocal Band” pictured with the winners, “The Pentatonix”

13212 Shaker Square, Suite #100 Cleveland, OH 44120

Great Job, “Pentatonix”, #1 Winners!

Tel: 216-229-3002 (Call us to advertise in this bi-monthly publication.)


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